Game & Watch Gallery 3

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Title Screen

Game & Watch Gallery 3

Also known as: Game Boy Gallery 3 (JP), Game Boy Gallery 4 (AU)
Developer: TOSE
Publisher: Nintendo
Platforms: Game Boy, Super Game Boy, Game Boy Color
Released in JP: April 8, 1999
Released in US: December 6, 1999
Released in EU: March 23, 2000

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.
LevelSelectIcon.png This game has a hidden level select.

To do:
There are some regional differences.

The third / fourth game in the Game & Watch / Game Boy Gallery series.


Classic Mode: Very Hard


This graphic is found with the rest of the Interrupt Save graphics, as it was in Game & Watch Gallery. They still wanted to do a Very Hard difficulty for the Classic Mode, but alas, it's not in the game.

Early Title Screen

An early title screen (likely a placeholder) is still in the game in all Game Boy forms, and can be accessed with the Game Genie code 0C1-F7F-916 or the debug menu (see below). Pressing Start takes you to the normal title screen.

Game Boy Color

Come on. Look at that Wiggler. That's adorable.

Super Game Boy

I... I think it's moving!! RUuunnn!!

Gameboy Gallery 3.
Push Start.
Game Gallery
This ->
Nintendo (Ni)


So many options!

An extensive debug menu remains in the game, almost completely intact! Use the GameShark code 0101A6C0 0101A7C0 or Game Genie code 011-F7F-916 to access the debug menu. Be sure to turn the Gameshark code off when you enter the debug menu. Game, Demo, and Music have their own menus.


What would you like to play?


Select what game to play. That's already apparent. Press A' to play that game.


What difficulty you want. Classic modes have Game A and Game B, Modern modes have Kinoko (Mushroom), Flower (Hard), and Star (Very Hard).


This should set your score, but this doesn't seem to work.


Should set your miss count, but this doesn't seem to work either.


These aren't cutscenes. Well, most of them aren't


Select which Demo you want to see.

  • Title: Placeholder title screen.
  • Game Select 1: Main game selection menu.
  • Game Select 2: Unlocked game selection menu.
  • Mode Select: Difficulty / Modern/Classic game menu.
  • Staff Roll: Credits.
  • G Comer: Gallery Corner.
  • G Museum: Museum.
  • G Present: Gift screen.
  • G Message: Note Board.
  • G Message 2: Message screen.
  • G Room 1~0: Fire museum demo (Crashes game)
  • G Room 1~1: Mario Bros. museum demo (Crashes game)
  • G Room 1~2: Boxing museum demo (Crashes game)
  • G Room 1~3: Greenhouse museum demo (Crashes game)
  • G Room 1~4: Donkey Kong museum demo (Crashes game)
  • G Room 1~5: Life Boat museum demo (Crashes game)
  • G Room 1~6: Spitball Sparky museum demo (Crashes game)
  • G Room 2~0: Egg museum demo.
  • G Room 2~1: Donkey Kong Hockey museum demo.
  • G Room 2~2: Pinball museum demo.
  • G Room 2~3: Balloon Fight museum demo.
  • G Room 2~4: Donkey Kong Circus museum demo.
  • G Room 2~5: Super Mario Bros. museum demo.
  • G Room 2~6: Climber museum demo.
  • G Room 2~7: Donkey Kong II museum demo.
  • G Music: Music Room.
  • Real Title: Final title screen.
  • Fire 1: Reversed layout Fire.
  • Fire 2: Reversed layout Fire explanation.
  • Fire 3: Reversed layout Fire menu.
  • 150: 150 Stars cutscene.


Select what screen you want to play.

  • 00: Placeholder title screen.
  • 01: Main game selection menu.
  • 02: Unlocked game selection menu.
  • 03: Difficulty / Modern/Classic game menu.
  • 10: Classic Egg.
  • 11: Modern Egg.
  • 12: Classic Turtle Bridge.
  • 13: Modern Turtle Bridge.
  • 14: Classic Donkey Kong Jr.
  • 15: Lion.
  • 16: Classic Greenhouse -- Top Screen.
  • 17: Classic Greenhouse -- Bottom Screen.
  • 18: Modern Greenhouse.
  • 1A: Classic Mario Bros.
  • 1B: Modern Mario Bros.
  • 1C: Modern Donkey Kong Jr. -- Screen #1.
  • 1D: Modern Donkey Kong Jr. -- Screen #2.
  • 1E: Modern Donkey Kong Jr. -- Screen #3.
  • 1F: Final title screen.
  • 20: Judge.
  • 21: Spitball Sparky.
  • 22: Flagman.
  • 23: Donkey Kong II -- Top Screen.
  • 24: Donkey Kong II -- Bottom Screen.
  • 25: Credits.
  • 26: Gallery Corner.
  • 27: Museum.
  • 28: Gift screen.
  • 29: Note Board.
  • 2A: Message screen.
  • 2B: Egg museum demo.
  • 2C: Donkey Kong Hockey museum demo.
  • 2D: Pinball museum demo.
  • 2E: Balloon Fight museum demo.
  • 2F: Donkey Kong Circus museum demo.
  • 30: Super Mario Bros. museum demo.
  • 31: Climber museum demo.
  • 32: Donkey Kong II museum demo.
  • 33: Fire museum demo (Crashes game)
  • 34: Mario Bros. museum demo (Crashes game)
  • 35: Boxing museum demo (Crashes game)
  • 36: Greenhouse museum demo (Crashes game)
  • 37: Donkey Kong museum demo (Crashes game)
  • 38: Life Boat museum demo (Crashes game)
  • 39: Spitball Sparky museum demo (Crashes game)
  • 3A: Music Room.


Hey Yoshi

Displays object graphics. Press LEFT and RIGHT to cycle through object frames.


Lookin' good, Mario

Displays contents of the appropriate VRAM bank. No controls here, other than pressing B to exit.


Jammin' tunes, my friend


This should probably set the Music variable on/off, but it never seems to save a value either way.


Play sound effects.


Play music tracks. Hitting Left / Right will automatically play the track you select.


Changes the tempo of the current track. Ranges from 0-F, with 0 being the fastest and F being the slowest.


Game & Watch Gallery 3 Unknown Debug EGG.png

Normally inaccessible from the main debug menu, due to a bad pointer. However, by using the Game Genie code 051-F7F-916, you can start at the Save Interrupt screen. Your current game and information is shown. You can erase the save interrupt by setting DATA CLEAR in the Save menu.


Starts your currently saved game.


Returns to the main debug menu screen.


Game Data management has two options DATA CLEAR and ALL CLEAR. The former will erase your save interrupt status, while the latter will clear your game records, remove all of your unlocked games and delete your save interrupt session.

(Source: BSFree (Cadohacan), GSCentral (nensondubois) for extra info and Game Genie codes.)

Super Game Boy Palette Masking


When Game & Watch Gallery 3 was localized to the US, the SNES controller's A and B-button palettes were not changed to reflect the US blue and purple buttons. Rather than update the palette completely, they forgot to update the attraction attributes, leaving the original code assigned to the palettes visible.

This can be seen by exploiting a palette glitch which involves clicking on the camera icon then waiting for the palettes to change. The easiest way to do this is to pause and exit Classic Flag Man, although it can be done using any game's Classic mode.

(Source: nensondubois)