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Title Screen


Developer: Krisalis Software
Publisher: LEGO Media
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: April 18, 2000

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
CodeIcon.png This game has unused code.
CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
ItemsIcon.png This game has unused items.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
SoundIcon.png This game has unused sounds.
TextIcon.png This game has unused text.
DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

NotesIcon.png This game has a notes page
PrereleaseIcon.png This game has a prerelease article

To do:
  • Unused graphics and 3D models, which currently can't be viewed.
  • There's an unused level map called and a ride description file called ICMOBJEDIT.ODF. Figure out how to load them, if it's still possible.
  • Level objective script commands that aren't used by any of the scripts in the final game (some of these are used in Template.txt).
  • A few more unused speech files.
  • This article and its subpages could use some cleanup.

LEGOLAND is a theme park simulator based off of the successful LEGOLAND theme parks. During the game, you have to manage a LEGOLAND park and satisfy the park inspector and your many customers. It was one of Krisalis Software's last games, and it has a lot of unused content.




Unused Text
Who is Tilly?
Unused Audio

Unused Level Objective Script

To do:
Document what the script would have done, if it worked.

An unused level objective script from 1999 remains under the name Template.txt. It unfortunately doesn't work due to calling a level map that doesn't exist. To see the full script, check out the notes page.

Unused Dialog

I can't select anything if you don't give me anything to select!

In the game's executable there is an unused dialog box labeled "Select a registered element". It is currently unknown if it can be displayed in-game.

Unused Videos

Jonathan Ablebody

These unused videos are identical to the used Jonathan Ablebody videos, except they have black backgrounds. They were likely used to test the game's ability to display video while it's being played. They are also some of the oldest files on the disc, created almost half a year before the game was released.

Difficulty System

There are text strings, dialog and graphics for an age-based difficulty system, much like that of LEGO Chess. It was probably removed due to time or space issues.

Age up
Age down

Age up.

Age down.

To do:
There are two unused graphics, RegAgeUp.lls and RegAgeDown.lls, likely once part of this difficulty system. Put them here when .lls graphics can be viewed.

Unused Rides

To do:
When it's possible, rip the graphics for the Log Flume Drop, Water Works Drier and Rope Climb Ride. An image of the Water Works Drier's ride preview icon would be nice.

Download.png Download LEGOLAND Unused Rides .IPS Patch
File: Legoland-unusedrides.ips (143 B) (info)

Log Flume Drop


Originally intended to be used in levels 3 and 4 as part of the Log Flume ride, this ride attachment went unused for unknown reasons. Applying the above patch to Legoland.res will restore it to levels 3 and 4.

Log Flume Drop!
Add a Water Drop to the Log Flume
Watch out for the Log Flume drop. It's a long way dooooooooooooown.

Water Works Drier


This elephant would have been used to dry up the Water Works. It uses a globe for its ride preview icon, likely a placeholder. Applying the above patch will add it to level 7.

Water Works Drier
Build a Water Works Drier  

Rope Climb Ride

Legoland-Rope Climb Ride.PNG

This ride is part of the castle theme and depicts a medieval obstacle course. Its ride preview icon is a globe, just like the Water Works Drier. For some reason though, the park's visitors can't ride on it. This is possibly because the graphics for visitors riding on it were never created. Otherwise, it still should function perfectly. Applying the above patch will add it to level 2, replacing the Octopus Cafe.

Medium Dinosaur

This would have went along with the other dinosaurs. Its graphics no longer exist.

Medium Dinosaur
Build a medium sized dinosaur

Castle Dummy

This ride uses the roller coaster's data, has no graphics and has "Coaster Track" as its name in-game. It seems to be an early roller coaster track.


An early version of the Adventurers Plane Ride, with a very descriptive name, "PLANE".

Early Hedge

An early hedge, missing its description, graphics and code.

Early Driving School

An early driving school, also missing its description, graphics and code.

Early Driving School Roads

An early driving school road, which is missing its description, graphics and code.

Cheat Codes

To do:
Find out what DIGGER and ILIKETOTRAVEL do.

Note: These cheat codes require that they are typed while holding down the left shift key.

A picture of what the SHOWCAPACITY cheat code shows when you hold the Shift key.

SHOWCAPACITY - Shows the capacity of various things in the park when you hold down the Shift key.

DIGGER - "Set Switch 1".

IMPROVISE - Stop all level objective scripts, convert to Free Play mode.

WELOVELEGOLAND - Instantly beat the level. If it's used on Free Play mode, it will beat a level that the player hasn't beat.

PRAISEME - Show the park inspector's appraisal. If it's used on levels where the Park Inspector doesn't show up (like the tutorial levels), the park inspector will give a good appraisal and you are allowed to beat the level.

HARDASNAILS - Rides never need to be fixed.

COLDHARDCASH - Get 5000 dollars.

DIE - Closes the game.

STOP - Turn off music.

WEST - Play the western music.

CASTLE - Play the castle music.

INCA - Play the Inca music.

EGYPT - Play the Egyptian music.

THEME - Play the LEGOLAND music.