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Title Screen


Developer: Wizet
Publisher: Nexon Co. Ltd.
Platform: Windows
Released in JP: December 3, 2003
Released in US: May 11, 2005
Released in EU: April 12, 2007
Released in KR: April 29, 2003

AreasIcon.png This game has unused areas.
EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

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This game is still under active development.
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Grinding, grinding, grinding. The staple of a true Korean RPG, now in multiplayer form! Many secrets are to be found in what is perhaps the most successful free to play game in the world.

To do:
Early enemy names, objects, maps, unused items, things abandoned after major revamp patches, numerous prototypes.


Unused Music

File Name Track Sound.Wz Data Notes
Bgm03/Elfwood Unclear where it would have been used. The aesthetic of the music is also completely different any other song in the game, with heavy emphasis on realistic sounding instruments.
BgmJP/Hana Alternate version of the Yume background music used in Showa Town with a different, cheerier sounding intro.
BgmUI/WCSelect Fairly similar to the track CavaBien used in Henesys. Its length and name imply it most likely would have been used at a selection screen of some sort. Perhaps the login, server or character select screens in early development.
Bgm01/WhereTheBarlogFrom Presumably would have been used in the one of the Balrog boss fights, although it sounds like a rearrange of the Perion BGM and fits the aesthetic of the town.

Unused NPCs

Mushroom Shrine

These NPCs exist in the data of GMS, and are partially functional, but have yet to make an appearance outside of the Japanese version where they originated and are now unused there as well.

Npc Name Pic Npc.Wz Data Notes
Perry MapleStoryPerry.png 9110000

Originally transported players from Kerning City to Mushroom Shrine when it was a JMS exclusive area. Replaced by the travel guide Spinel when the area was brought to other versions.

Raimu The Warrior MapleStoryRaimu.png 9110001 Originally a vendor in Mushroom Shrine. Oddly enough, received an NPC title despite being scrapped long before those were introduced.
Mushroom Statue MapleStoryMushroomStatue.png 9110015 Modeled after the Mushroom God the inhabitants of Mushroom Shine worship. Has no dialogue, actions or NPC title associated with it, so it is unknown what purpose it would have served.

Removed Map Data

Beta Free Markets

During beta testing, several towns had dedicated free market entrances and rooms for players to trade in, themed after the town they were located in. When the game was officially released, the free market was removed while it underwent a large revamp, with a universal free market entrance eventually appearing in most towns to replace the individual ones. While some of the maps were modified and recycled into the current free market rooms, the original entrance maps were cut and are now completely absent in the game's client, save for string data referencing them. Interestingly enough, a few of these maps were cut before players even got to see them, due to some areas not being officially released at the time, despite being fully functional in the beta client.

Map Name Minimap Map.Wz Data Notes
El Nath Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 211000110
Rooms: 211000110 - 211000115
Was fully functional in GMS Beta, but off limits to players due to El Nath not being officially released yet. A few players got to see this area due to a glitch with the Happyville event. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms modified and recycled for present-day FM rooms.
Henesys Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 100000110
Rooms: 100000111 - 100000119
Dedicated free market in Henesys was used in GMS Beta. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms modified and recycled into the present-day FM rooms.
Ludibrium Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 220000200
Rooms: 220000201 - 220000209
Was fully functional in GMS Beta, but off limits to players due to Ludibrium not being officially released yet. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms modified and recycled for present-day FM rooms.
Perion Free Market noicon noicon Entrance: 102000100
Rooms: 102000101 - 102000109
Dedicated free market in Perion was used in GMS Beta. Entrance map entirely missing in the data of official releases, rooms were heavily revamped (portals were relocated and platform length was changed) and recycled for present-day FM rooms.

Coke Town

In the Korean servers, there was an event area dedicated to the Coca-Cola® company, likely under sponsorship, in an event called CokePLAY. It was initially only accessible to people who used the cash shop, but was eventually made available to all players before it was removed. It also appeared in JMS for a short amount of time under a promotional campaign. The town never has and likely never will appear in GMS, but despite this parts of it exist in the data, most notably in monsters and NPCs. There is no map data whatsoever in GMS aside from a background effect and strings referencing the map titles, which are fully localized.


File Name Track Sound.Wz Data


Map Name String.Wz Data
Coke Town 219000000
Coke Town Sundry Goods Shop 219000001
Coke Ski Camp 219010001
Coke ValleyI 219020000
Small Alley 219020001
Coke ValleyII 219020100
Coke ValleyIII 219020200
Coke ValleyIV 219020300
Coke Forest of Coke Golem 219020301


Name Animation Mob.Wz Data
Coke Pig noicon 9500143
Coke Snail noicon 9500144
Play Seal noicon 9500145
Coke Seal noicon 9500146
Yeti & Coketump noicon 9500147
Igloo Turtle noicon 9500148
Coke Golem noicon 9500149
Ice Golem noicon 9500150
Coke Slime noicon 9500151
Coke Mushroom noicon 9500152
Coketump noicon 9500153
Coketump Lite noicon 9500154

GM-Reserved Content

Banning Tool

Ruo4fb.png There's data for a banning tool in the client. This is notable because the game masters have a different client than the players with their own text console for banning and such. However, it is known that this wasn't always the case as there was an incident during Beta testing where a player hacked a GM account and wreaked havoc on a few towns, thus it can be assumed that this is a leftover from when GMs accessed the game using the same client as the players.

GM Map

Maple0003.jpg There's a map strictly for GM use in the client. It cannot be accessed by players unless they are brought there by a GM. It is a blank white map that shares its name with the actual town Ellinia. It has two invisible ropes as well as platforms. There are two NPCs here named KIN and NimaKIN who act as GM aides: NimaKIN allows players to level up if a GM authorizes it, while KIN changes a GM's in-game job to the GM class.

Region-Exclusive Content

MapleStory Japan has an exclusive Rock-Paper-Scissors minigame, which is present in the data of other versions and presumably can work, but is not utilized anywhere in-game.