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This is a sub-page of Team Fortress 2.

There's a lot of unused models in here!



These unused flag models are in the same folder as the briefcase used for the flag in the final game. They're based off the flags in Team Fortress Classic.

Those faces, by the way, are those of Robin Walker and John Cook, the creators of TF.

Neutral Briefcase

This version of the Intel briefcase is fully functional, but is not used in any official levels. It was provided solely for designers of custom levels to use. It looks and behaves a lot like the team-coloured Intel briefcases, except that it's grey and both teams can pick it up. The Objective HUD supports One-Flag CTF using this item.

Payload Carts

Within the game files, there are 3 untextured models of unused Payload carts. Two of the models highly resemble a train, albeit scaled down a bit. The third model is based on a concept art image of a Payload cart.

Repair Node

An scrapped replacement for the Dispenser or Teleporter. Would have automatically healed nearby buildings for a while, before stopping to recharge. Cut because it made turtling too easy and slowed the game to a crawl; additionally, having it replace the dispenser or teleporters made Engineer less of a team player. Was fully modeled with no textures before being cut, but it can be seen in its completed form in the Engineer update preview video in the background.


There exists 3 unused skeletons in the game's files; a plain skeleton that does not glow any specific color, a skeleton that glows an orange color, and a skeleton that glows a purple color.


To do:
Make GIFs of turret animations

The original design of Team Fortress 2 appears to have had spawn room turrets; several different designs were created, including a large turret and a mini turret, but none of them made it into the final game. Both models have working animations, so the turrets may have been cut later on in development.


A lightly rebranded Arriflex 435ES movie camera with a highly detailed model. Also exists in Half-Life 2, apparently.

When asked about its planned purpose, Robin Walker said "I can’t quite remember. Might have been something for SFM. Or perhaps we built it when we were tinkering with a prototype of a spectator class who made movies of the match in realtime."


Included as part of the Australian Christmas update. Its intended use is unknown, though it is in the DeGroot Keep materials folder.

Ticket Booth

Included as part of the Australian Christmas update. Its intended use is unknown, though it is in the DeGroot Keep materials folder.

Decapitation Models

Released along with the Eyelander, assumed to be scrapped models that would have been placed at the player's neck, when decapitated by the Eyelander. Only the Soldier's model was included in the VPK, but it is assumed all players would have had their own model, in a similar fashion to Max's Severed Head and Modest Pile of Hat.

Alternate Deathcam UI

Alternate version of the deathcam function. Would have depicted the F5'd deathcam picture landing on top of a pile of other pictures, all of which appear to have been taken from beta versions of the game.

Badlands Models

Within the "materials/models/props_badlands" folder are numerous textures with no associated model, such as textures for a helmet, a jetpack and a laser. While the associated models are not present in the VPK files, intrepid users have located the models and screenshots of them have appeared recently.

Taunt Models

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Get pictures for the models and the textures

In the files for the new models for the taunts added in the Love and War update, three models exist that are left unused. These include:

  • A 3D version of the taunt bundle icon with no textures.
  • An alternate mug model for the fresh brewed victory taunt, coloured red with writing on it that says "V for victory".
  • A serving dish with a skull on it. Underneath the main model there is a towel with missing textures, meaning the model may be unfinished.

There is also some alternate textures for the Fresh Brewed Victory taunt, including a coffee bean texture (with a Windows operating system mouse cursor on it) and two tin can textures.

Source Filmmaker

All the unused content below was found in the Source Filmmaker internal beta, but weren't used in the actual game. (This really should be merged into an article for Source Filmmaker)

Old Fashioned Sentry Gun Model

In the Source Filmmaker internal beta there is an early game model of an old fashioned type of sentry gun with wheels and a brace at the end. The idea of moving sentries around most likely became irrelevant after the Engineer was given the ability to pick up a Sentry.

Pyroland Flower Spy

Appears to be a giant flower with a Spy's face. Despite the model's overall theme and style, it was not used in the Meet the Pyro video.

Comic Book Cover

The comic book cover you never get to see in the Meet the Medic video.

Strange Polaroid Texture

Judging by the image, this texture was likely an inside joke of some sort, or quite possibly meant to be part of one of the Meet the <class> videos. This texture is one of the skins for the model of the polaroid picture used in the Meet the Spy video, among others. The other skins showcase images such as the Spy with the Scout's mother, a grinning Heavy, and the word "NO!" in red marker. The drawing (but not the paper it's drawn on) was later used in the Expiration Date video posted as part of the Love and War update, when Spy pulls Scout's death wish out of a bucket.

Interestingly, Source Filmmaker has a sound cache pathing referencing missing .wav files. A few of them are presumably about Spy getting hit by a car:


Robot Scout Blueprint

In the Engineer update teaser there is a blueprint where a robot hand can be seen. The full texture has been discovered in the internal beta of Source Filmmaker, and it appears to be the Robot Scout.

Halloween Jiggle Test

In models/props_haloween there's a file named hwn_jiggle_test.mdl, which, fittingly enough, serves as a jigglebone test. It's a thin square.