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Hi! This is a list I'm making as a sort of dump of things to be added that don't have full pages yet. Sort of a "I know there is something here, but we need to work on it" type of things. These pages don't even have articles; if they did, this would be better with something like Template:Investigate and/or Template:Todo.

If you know of something in a game that's not here but don't have enough knowledge to write about it (and there's no article, or the article really sucks) feel free to add something to the list here and hopefully somebody can look at it.

Items on this list should be removed whenever they've been sufficiently documented and article-ized, with any remaining information put as templates.

Link's Awakening sums it up best:

Here is your
Make all the red

There is a prerelease equivalent here.

To do:
Remove article-ized content, move content to article pages where applicable


Multiplatform Games

  • Battlefield 4 probably has some early content that might be worth poking around in. Also, don't forget the "Alpha" and "Beta" Prototypes for it. Revisional differences aplenty.
  • Bayonetta has quite a few things:
    • An unused animation lying somewhere on the disc for the Shuraba weapon. Hideki Kamiya, director of the game, says that said animation has the sword's hilt open when the weapon is fully charged, making the pulsating heart inside it fully visible.
    • Several duplicate and placeholder models, as well as some test shapes.
    • Fake credits courtesy of "Lumen Sage Productions" that aren't used anywhere in the game.
    • Test audio files that consist entirely of Japanese speech, probably recorded by one of the Platinum Games employees.
  • Marvel VS. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds apparently contains empty character file references to Frank West and Dr. Octopus, as well as a plethora of sound clips which go completely unused, including a light hit KO clip for Zero, a few alternate lines for Dormammu, and a VERY overdramatised death cry for Galactus amongst numerous more. The update, Ultimate Marvel VS. Capcom 3, also features an unused theme intended for an Okami-centered stage, which may or may not have other remnants on-disc.
  • Medal of Honor: Frontline and Medal of Honor: Rising Sun have "tons of unused models in the game's folder. Most of the models are in .bsp extension"
  • Rayman Origins is said to have unused dialogue. The dialogue gave the game more of a plot, but the developers cut it for unknown reasons. There is also a really epic rock tune floating somewhere on the disc that was meant to play in a scrapped boss battle where the Magician revealed himself to be Mr. Dark's apprentice/biggest fan. The real encounter with the Magician in the final has the player merely chase him down.
  • Resident Evil: Revelations has two widely-available demos. The "pilot" version included in Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D appears to be an early prototype. The "trial" version that is downloadable on the eShop, also has some interesting differences. It may be easier to look for unused content in the Windows port, rather than the original 3DS or the remake consoles.
  • Ride to Hell: Retribution The game basically is a debug menu.
    • There's also evidence that the PC version was going to include a completely new DRM system named Silverlink
  • Soldiers of Fortune II: Double Helix was altered in the German version to make all the humans robots.
  • Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed is said to have incomplete character data for Billy Hatcher. He was meant to be playable, which explains why he does not appear with his friends at Chilly Castle and why he doesn't appear as a hologram at Race of AGES, but his data was never completed because the devs couldn't come up with a good vehicle design for him.
    • The console and Vita versions also have incomplete, unused data of the PC-exclusive characters.
  • Street Fighter IV (the original edition) contains 3 unused voice clips by the announcer. 2 of which were "Dee Jay Wins! and "Thunder Hawk Wins!", implying that both characters were planned to be playable before Super Street Fighter IV, while the other was an ominous warning about the "character colour" changing.
    • To add on to this, Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition features unused animations for a number of characters, including a command throw for Dan, a very early kicking throw for Ken, 3 unused Super concepts for Abel, a down MK body splash for E.Honda, and a ridiculous amount of unused concepts for Oni. It's highly likely that many of these (save for Oni's content) are present in the original Street Fighter IV, a video showing all of them is here: [1]
  • Super Smash Bros. (Wii U, Nintendo 3DS) was shown to feature a brand-new look for the Bumper, with a very detailed backside...which players would never be able to see in-game. Provided it doesn't get removed, document this (Screenshots available on Miiverse and possibly the SSB website)
  • Doctor Who has lots of games officially licensed by the BBC (as well as unlicensed games), there has got to be some unused stuff here.
  • Flappy Bird is a famous repetitive mobile game that was "mysteriously" removed from app stores, must be worth checking. There is an iOS and Android version and a few updates/revisions from the original version.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode I has 3 prototypes and some of the features from the prototypes were used in mobile versions of the game, among other platform differences.



Apple II

  • According to programmer Steve Baker, Sporting News Baseball has "hidden secret pics and animations, but it’s been so long I have forgotten the 'keys' (to activate them)."

Mac OS Classic

  • Quinn - replacing ConnectPanel.nib with DebugPanel.nib will open a debugging window when clicking Connect to Server.
  • SimCity 2000 has some unused sprites for a parachute jumper; these are apparently exclusive to the Macintosh version of the game. See here.

Mac OS X

  • Angry Birds has some unused graphics, leftovers from other versions and unused text. Investigate what DebugConsole.lua does.
  • MilkSnake has unused text from here. Breaking the game (how?) gives you a million points.
  • Osmos has some unused text.



  • Lots of Easter eggs in various games (mostly developer messages) can be found here.



  • The Atari 5200 BIOS has the message "copyright atari" in the ROM. Is this used?
  • Lots of Easter eggs in various games (mostly developer messages) can be found here and here.




Atari ST

  • These pages mention some hidden messages in several Atari ST games.


Commodore 64

  • This thread from 2008 mentions a lot of unused things in various C64 games (sprites, hidden messages, other crap). Someone with better knowledge of old C64 games than me should check this thread out (I only code the C64, I don't play it...). The guy who ran The Games That Weren't has a blog post about this, plus more.
  • A tape loader used in various games (Sanxion, Mega Apocalypse, etc.) apparently contains the string "HACKERS FUCK OFF AND DIE" (of course this doesn't show up in most/all of the cracked versions that have completely different loaders). By extension, the string probably appears in a number of different games. I wonder how that should be handled?

Commodore Plus/4


  • Ambermoon is the sequel to Amberstar RPG, and you could invite some of the developers into your party inside the cheatroom.



  • Commander Blood has some unused movies and graphics that would later be used in the French-only sequel Big Bug Bang.
  • Curse of the Azure Bonds seems to have had several changes through it's versions, the most noticeable one I can recall is the removal of music in the title screen on the later versions.
  • Jazz Jackrabbit has possibly unused boss levels with definitely unused abusive messages outside the level boundaries.
  • Laura Bow in: The Dagger of Amon Ra has a handful of unused sprites and animations, such as one of Laura vomiting.
  • Leisure Suit Larry 6 has some preliminary backgrounds, and Leisure Suit Larry 7 has some unused graphics in general (even in the demo version).
  • Lemmings has lots of demos with a single new level, exclusive to that demo. Also if I'm not wrong, the last level is exclusive to each system, so the PC and Amiga versions have a different last level. Also the version can be checked using "VERSION" as level code, but for some reason the earliest version of the game won't recognize it. Maybe they didn't plan to make newer versions?
  • Lemmings 2: The Tribes has a demo version that clearly dates to an earlier stage of development and has a number of scrapped features. (There also seems to be an Amiga demo that is slightly further along.)
  • Mega Man 3 has unused graphics.
  • Pac-In-Time has leftovers from Fury of the Furries.
  • The VGA remake of Quest for Glory has some leftovers from the EGA version.
  • Quest for Glory II has some unfinished backgrounds and unused sprites.
  • Quest for Glory III has a few unused sprites.
  • Quest for Glory IV has some unused voices, an unused music track and some unused graphics.
  • Redneck Rampage has at least one instance of a hidden message (eg. Down the blocked-off road in the first level; "Did you really think there was something here?").
  • The VGA remake of the first Space Quest game has some unused graphics and revision differences.
  • Space Quest IV has a prototype version floating around. There's also a few unused graphics, at least two of which were seen in the prototype.
  • Torin's Passage has a fair amount of unused stuff
  • X-Com: UFO Defense has at least an early demo showing the original title (X-COM: Terran Defense Force). Also the several versions and releases of the original game may show various changes.
  • Shadow Warrior has an unused earlier sprite of the dying Master Leap, indications the dog statues were supposed to be a fourth key type among other, typical unused stuff in the .GRP file similar to Duke3D. It also has a self-labelled "beta" 0.90 version that was leaked which contains remnants all the way back to 1995, as well as early/unused versions of pretty much every map in the game.


  • Pretty much every Humongous Entertainment game ever made.
  • Games developed by ImaginEngine always seem to have unused graphics.
  • Every game bundled with Windows Vista and 7 have a debug modes which can be enabled with registry tweaks.
  • Every MSN Zone game bundled with Windows XP and ME has commented out text in the config file. There is also data for a debug menu containing two items: Event Spy and DataStore Viewer.
  • What does changing fDebugWindow="0" in any of the Living Books games' decription file (*.512 or *.LB) do?
  • Age of Empires II may have unused graphics, and there's an alpha version.
  • Anodyne has some demo leftovers within the AIR archive (see ".gitignore", "index.html" (references a "Seen.swf"), and "META-INF\AIR\application.xml")
  • Atari: The 80 Classic Games has several unused games.
  • Civilization II has the unused Plumbing tech, and entries in CITY.txt for the Incas and Arabs, which aren't available civilizations. Also, content available for scenario building (a "Modern Alt." city icon in CITIES.gif, extra unit slots and designs) which aren't used in the main game. (All of this is in at least the MGE version, and probably other releases.) Note that the PS1 version already has a page.
  • Doom 3 has an E3 alpha that had been floating around for ages now. Lots of different things to check out.
  • Colin McRae Rally 2005 has a lot of test files and test tracks to check out.
  • Dungeon Keeper 2 has an unused, but functional, spell named 'Invulnerable'.
  • Dracula II: Ascension has a test.sav in the game files.
  • Eastern Mind: The Lost Souls of Tong-Nou has some unused video files, some not even related to the game. There might be more unused data, but it's unconfirmed. (The .DXR files need to be opened to confirm if there is any unused data.)
  • Eversion has some unused eversion levels pre-1.7.3, as seen in this video. Using a level editor shows that there might be one more...
  • Eye of the Beholder was rushed, leaving a clearly unfinished ending, and some items and level sections which apparently were going to be used on the full ending. There is a fan patched version (v1.9) which restores a bit of it.
  • Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel has weapons, missions, perks, and miscellaneous items.
  • Final Fantasy XI has unused spells and levels. Example.
  • Gold Box games in general (these are the old SSI D&D games such as Pool of Radiance). There are several debug line commands as seen here. It is curious that some of them serve to skip the copy protection, yet were left on the commercial versions.
  • Grand Prix Manager 2 has leftovers from GPM1 and a developer note about some in-game pictures, as well as a text file containing references to a helmet editor for GPM1, and planned support for car damage.
  • Gunbound has a few prototypes lying around somewhere.
  • The Hall of Tortured Souls (hidden game in Excel 95) has a picture of the developers accessible by doing a 180 degree turn and typing EXCELKFA
  • Iji: an early build was released on March 21, 2011 as part of Scrap Pack 2.
  • Island Xtreme Stunts has a cheat mode and a cheat menu.
  • Ishar when played on DosBox 0.74 gets a weird glitch, it shows a language selection screen which shouldn't appear, as far as I know this game is only in English. Were the translations scrapped? Are they just currently lost but the English version contains files for other languages?
  • Knights of the Old Republic 2 has lots of unused content in general (the ending's a good place to start) and definitely needs an article.
  • LEGO Creator might have some unused voice samples. It also contains a partially unused copy of Superscape 3D Control 5.51, which will only launch as an ActiveX control.
  • LEGO Stunt Rally has some unused track pieces.
  • LEGO Universe has unused NPCs and music, and possibly more. There are also multiple prototypes of this game.
  • Mario's Game Gallery was rereleased as Mario's FUNdamentals. There's also a version with a different menu.
  • Mark of the Ninja has debug and test level folders in data-pc\levels.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance has placeholder texture for Otacon's full-body model (found within *cdrom.img\face\f04a\,"\f04b).
  • Odium (aka Gorky 17 for you crazy Europeans): I've only taken a quick glance at the game files. There was lots of commented-out dialogue and some removed enemies, but I haven't played that game for so long... There's definitely unused goodies to find in there, though.
  • Re-Volt has some pretty interesting stuff in leaked source of it.
  • Saw has some unused content, like some unused player characters and Dr. Gordon's scrapped appearance.
  • Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator
    • Unused items.
    • Debugging functions.
  • Shank and Shank 2 have debug and test level folders in data-pc\levels.
  • Shrek 2 has a few unused textures and a test map (Entry.unr).
  • SimCity 3000 has unused music from SimCity 2000.
  • The Urbz: Sims in the City apparently has unused accessories.
  • Street Fighter X Mega Man features an unused theme for Yang's stage, from a period early in development before Yang was replaced by Chun-Li as the resident Chinese representative.
  • SuperTux has some unused graphics.
  • Sveerz - extracting the .SWF from the game's executable and decompiling it reveals unused logos of several game publishers and unused text. The final frame of the .SWF is a button test.
  • Temple of Elemental Evil: A Classic Greyhawk Adventure: being a Troika game, a number of things got cut in the rush to market on top of general buginess. Examples include the children of Hommlet and the Snake Pit in Nulb. These are restored in the "Circle of 8" mod series.
  • Terrordrome - not finished yet, but demos (v2.5, 2.6, 2.7, and 2.8 as of October 2012) can be found on sites such as Mediafire with differences. Official site here.
  • Tobe's Vertical Adventure has unused enemies and test levels.
  • Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness has lots of unused voices, including some for a tutorial. There are also unused items.
  • Trial version of Touhou Youyoumu ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom has version differences.
  • Tux of Math Command has lots of major version differences.
  • Unreal Tournament 2004
    • There are a shitload of unused models from a very early Gears of War, back when it was called Unreal Warfare. Models, textures, propaganda poster textures showing early COG designs, you name it; it's there. All of them are viewable in the editor, so it should be easy.
    • An unused Onslaught ladder for SP exists. Check it out and see what levels are in it and how playable it is.
  • Welcome To Ponyville: Act 1 has tons of unused graphics and voice clips. As well as a few developer notes in the game's LUA files.
  • Worms 3D has a couple of weapons that only appear in some versions, or don't appear in any version or... or something like that. Examples include the Ming Vase, Concrete Donkey, and Mega Mine.
  • There are some unused soundbank speeches in Worms 2, Worms Armageddon, and/or Worms World Party (needs more research).
  • Poker Night 2 may have unused audio, these unused clips have already been found.
  • U.B. Funkeys had some Funkeys that were unintentionally unplayable, including Dot's Rare and Very Rare variations, Normal and Rare variations of the regular Paradox Green Funkeys, and Bandit.
  • Zoo Tycoon has unused sound effects, version differences, and a prototype.
  • World of Warcraft has thousands of unused items, objects, spells and zones, it also has a prototype/alpha.


Xbox 360

  • Because Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts spent so many years in development hell and changed from a platformer to a car game, it should probably be checked.
  • Game Room has some unused graphics. Also Game Pack 12 was supposed to include Sunset Riders, but it was never added.
  • Wheel of Fortune has a ton of unused voiceovers that likely also apply to the 2012 PS3 version (due to THQ's bankruptcy in December 2012, these are unlikely to be used in DLC).
    • Puzzle categories that are rare (Headline; Fictional Family shortly before it was merged with Fictional Character{s} into simply "Character{s}"), haven't been on the show in years (Best Seller; What Are We Making?), or never existed on the show (Classic Rock; Where Are We Going?). Among these are eight former categories well-known for offering cash bonuses, including Next Line Please, Where Are We?, Who Is It?, and Slogan. It should be noted that the categories present in the game are taken directly from the show's official category list, given to contestants...which is clearly outdated.
    • Variations on "Sorry. All the consonants are gone and no one solved it. That money will go unclaimed." This is used in the Wii U version if everyone has less than $250 and cannot solve the puzzle, though.
    • Wheel dollar values that either don't exist ($475; $4,000; $10,000) or have not been on the show in decades ($275; $2,000).
    • Intro voiceovers of "Something seems strange. Have we been here before?" and "Well, now this brings back some memories.", labeled PAT_BANTER_INTRO_RETRO. (These might be used in the "1980s set" DLC, though.)
    • All of the above sound files are Pat's. Vanna's sound files contain explanations for a minigame called "Pick One", and mentions both Circle Pads and Analog Sticks; this may indicate that a 3DS version was in the works at some point.

Windows Phone 7

Windows CE



  • Lots of released prototypes from Lost Levels
  • All Night Nippon: Super Mario Bros. may have leftovers from Super Mario Bros. The Lost Levels, as it runs on the same engine.
  • Not known but a request (from andlabs): does the Famicom version of Choplifter contain any removed references to Sega? It's closer to Sega's 1985 arcade version than any of the other versions.
  • Dragon Power had some changes compared to the Japanese and French versions.
  • Doki Doki Panic probably has unused stuff other than the smiley sprite.
  • Excitebike contains two options on the Design menu, Load and Save, neither of which are operable in the NES version. Apparently they were intended to be used with a storage device that never saw the light of day (possibly a tape drive, seen in early NES mockups). Both options are fully programmed and would function as intended if this device were present. The loading and saving system was added to the 3DS 3D Classics version. In addition, the Load and Save options are completely absent in the Animal Crossing version.
  • Jeopardy! has an unused Coca-Cola logo, much like Wheel of Fortune. GameTek's other game show titles might have unused stuff as well.
  • Kid Icarus has a lot of FDS -> NES differences. This has most of em, but there seem to be a lot of different FDS wavetable-enhanced sound/music like with Zelda/Metroid judging by the TAS I watched, assuming the sound effects in the 3DS 3D version are the FDS ones. (Rather likely, since the noise when you put Kid Icarus: Uprising is a jingle that matches the 3D version and not the NES version.) Also, apparently they fucked up the password system on the Virtual Console port?
  • Lunar Ball (NES) - this NSF - is track 15 used? (Pointed out to andlabs in IM by Sik, who "had that game since I was 3 years old".)
  • NES Control Deck Test has lots of unused graphics. (Note: This is not the same cartridge as Control Deck Test Cartridge.)
  • Solstice has lots of content in two YouTube videos, showing development of the game itself: here and here.
  • Super Mario Bros. 2 (Japan) has a few differences between the original FDS version and the GBA (Famicom Mini) version. Namely, the load times in the GBA version were shortened (such as when loading World 5-1, World A-1, and the ending sequence) and the GBA version requires the player to press B + Start on the title screen to enter World A-1 instead of A + Start as in the FDS version.
  • Totally Rad has a LOT of regional differences not yet in the wiki.
  • Ultima III has some unused NPC sprites, including a jester.
  • Yo! Noid has major regional differences.
  • Do any of the following have debug modes? This follows from my (andlabs') observation that early Now Production games (at least on the NES and Genesis) all have debug functionality left in:
  • Wrath of the Black Manta has an entirely different soundtrack and graphical style from its Japanese version, Ninja Cop Saizou, among a few other differences.
  • Paperboy has regional differences.

NES (Unlicensed)

Game Boy (Color)

Game Boy (Color) (Unlicensed)


  • Aero the Acro-Bat 2 has unused text strings starting at $05CB70: LIVES ON LIVES OFF and ENERGY ON ENERGY OFF, which were used for a cheat in the Genesis version. There isn't any code left that points to these strings, so the functionality probably no longer exists.
  • Aretha - gedowski documented some of the debug mode here.
  • Art of Fighting has regional differences.
  • BioMetal has regional differences, including an odd one with the soundtrack (US/EU versions have an SNES-chip version of 2 Unlimited's "Get Ready" joke).
  • Clock Tower
    • Some unused items.
    • "Changed" graphics like the below, at least one of which is the hole in the wall where Jennifer's dad is.
  • CutThroat Island PAL version has French, German and Spanish languages, but no language select option anywhere? USA version, too?
  • Famicom Tantei Club: Part II
    • We need to figure out read that text; Tomato told me about it long ago, but I never found it.
    • There's a lot of "changed" graphics using sprites in some places; e.g. a background clock replaced with a sprite one.
  • Judge Dredd has a preview version from CES 1995, with several stages and other things that were deleted from the final, as well as various other changes.
  • Mortal Kombat has a few leftover tracks from the arcade release which don't end up used at any point in the game.
  • Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World may well have unused World and/or All-Stars stuff, or possibly removed some from either half to make room.

SNES (Unlicensed)

Nintendo 64

  • Command and Conquer supposedly has a debug mode, but I can't get it to work. Anyone with better dexterity wanna give it a try?
  • Conker's Bad Fur Day has two prototypes.
  • Donkey Kong 64 contains a number of bonus game layouts and concepts which don't appear to be used in the final game. Codes and footage can be found here:
  • Jet Force Gemini is supposed to have some kind of test map. Also, there's a kiosk demo that has some differences from the final.
  • Mario Kart 64 allegedly contains unused coding allowing A.I. racers to drift and a symbol warning players about stray bombs.
  • Mario Party appears to have an unused 2 note jingle, although it's unknown whether this is actually unused or if it's just a glitch in the audio engine.
  • Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber has a bunch of unused stuff; some can be found in this GameFAQs guide.
  • Superman has a prototype, some remnants in the final game from said proto, some textures supposedly taken from GoldenEye 007, and given how much of a cesspool the game is, it most likely has more stuff.
  • Tommy Thunder (unreleased) has a build date and hidden concept art from a completely different game inside the ROM.
  • Turok 2: Seeds of Evil has an awesome demo version. There's a good article on it here.
  • Wheel of Fortune
    • The Surprise wedge appeared in prerelease screenshots and the instruction booklet, but isn't present during gameplay. It might still be in there, just dummied out.
    • Possibly other stuff; this was GameTek's last Wheel game, released seven months before the company closed down, and there are quite a few weird things with it (likely-incomplete list here) that may suggest the game was released in an incomplete state.

Game Boy Advance

Game Boy Advance (Unlicensed)

  • Digimon Adventure has an unbeatable final boss (is there an unused ending?) and unused graphics for transforming into Greymon.



  • The console itself had some early plans for the Virtual Console. Maybe there's more hidden things in the Virtual Console files?
  • Plenty of games re-released on Virtual Console have revision differences.
  • Arc Rise Fantasia
    • Ten(!) test rooms that need to be file swapped to work.
    • The US version actually added more voice acting for battles.
  • Castlevania Judgement
    • Initialization test text.
    • Leftover menu/HUD graphics from Naruto: Clash of the Ninja - Revolution.
    • Early stage copies.
    • Placeholder graphics.
  • The Conduit has a test room only accessible through private online multiplayer and cheat devices, as well as a early version of Sanctum, and a debug mode. Also, leftovers from the scrapped LAN multiplayer exist and can be undummied out.
  • Doc Louis's Punch-Out!! has music for when Doc Louis is knocked down, which goes unused since he instantly gets knocked out after losing all of his health.
  • Donkey Kong Country Returns apparently has an unused 4-player mode and [unused music].
  • Fire Emblem Wii has much more regional differences that I can think of.
  • GoldenEye 007 has unused maps, including an untextured port of the original Dam geometry from the Nintendo 64 game.[3]
  • Kirby's Epic Yarn has plaintext setting files on the disc which suggest a lot of debugging options left in the game.
  • Kirby's Return to Dream Land contains a number of death screams for Magolor which don't appear to have been used.
  • It is said that early in Madworld's development, the second boss, Jude the Dude, was going to be killed in a different way than from how he is killed in the final version. Check to see if the files from the original death are still there.
  • Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Winter Games also has several unused/unplayable characters.
  • Mario Sports Mix has lots of unused models and textures.
  • Monster Hunter Tri has many unused icons.
  • Nicktoons MLB has Rocko from Rocko's Modern Life as an unused character. All is data is still there and may still be playable if hacked in.
  • No More Heroes and No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle have censored violence in their Japanese and European releases.
  • Pokémon Rumble has text and data for a debug menu.
  • Sonic and the Secret Rings has some test files and some test videos (maybe not unused).
  • Sonic Unleashed contains an unused and inaccessible 1-Up box object in the Werehog tutorial level in Apotos, retained from Sonic 06.
  • Super Smash Bros Brawl has a bit of stuff which hasn't been documented yet: an unused laughing animation for Diddy Kong, text suggesting that online variants of Boss Battles and a totally new mode called the "Brawl Slipspace" were planned, a few scrapped audio clips for pretty much every character, a possible scrapped variant of the intro...
  • Tales of Graces has dummied-out artes: Sophie's Final Fury and Blast Heart, and Cheria's Innocent Shine and Meteor Storm. Either playable or sound-only, there is a huge amount of them. There also seems to have traces of a certain "DEVD," thought to be a missing character (much like PAT in Vesperia). It has also revisional differences.
  • Wacky Races has a test track and an errordummy.txt to check out.
  • The Wii series:
  • Wreck-It Ralph has some test rooms. Check if they work.
  • A small number of demo discs (very small, almost definitely under ten) were produced. Some of these are "Activision Exclusive Playable Demo Disc" with demos of Big League Sports, Dancing with Stars: Get Your Dance On, Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Monkey Mischief, and Shrek's Carnival Craze; individual discs for Boom Blox, Help Wanted: 50 Wacky Jobs, Monster Hunter Tri, Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Rooms: The Main Building and Sonic and the Secret Rings, more than one Skyward Sword.



  • Use Powersaves, RAM dumping and game files that are floating around the internet to look for content
  • Animal Crossing: New Leaf had several DLC and Holiday exclusive furniture for different regions of the game, but the furniture can be traded and even bought (if available in the catalog) in other regions of the game. As mentioned, there are Holidays that are exclusive to different regions and normally can't be seen outside of them, but they can be seen in-game by visiting towns that are celebrating the Holiday. (list of items)
  • Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion - it's painfully obvious they scrapped the whole Alice in Wonderland world, plus some levels here and there (link). There is bound to be at least unused spritework, but until we can peek inside 3DS ROMs we can't say for sure.
  • Mii Maker has regional differences.
  • Nintendo Video also has some regional differences.
  • Pokédex 3D has version differences (Pokédex 3D Pro)
  • Swapnote has some regional differences and revisional differences from updates. (The SpotPass termination may also count, because the app stealthily removed various SpotPass-related features and references.)
  • New Super Mario Bros. 2 appears to use the New Super Mario Bros. Wii engine, so it may have leftover objects.
  • Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies has regional differences (check if a translated version of the quiz DLC exists in international versions).
    • Check for differences between the Japan-only cartridge version and the international download-only versions.
  • Rusty's Real Deal Baseball has regional differences.
  • Style Savvy: Trendsetters has revision differences.
  • Tomodachi Life has several regional differences between Japan, North America, and Europe, plus revision differences (Version 1.1)
  • Even more patches:
  • To be discussed: non-patch updates for download-only games
  • Various games have downloadable demos, which sometimes have differences from the final game for the sake of length constraints and simply to show off various aspects of the game. Whether or not these should be covered is debatable, as it's unclear whether or not some of these are actually prototypes.
    • Bravely Default's demo could probably be covered as a whole other game, however, considering the fact that it is a whole other game.
  • Murasame Castle (which goes by a bunch of different names) was localized for 3DS Virtual Console. Check for differences.

Wii U

  • To be discussed: updates for download-only games
  • Jeopardy! and Wheel of Fortune very likely have a plethora of unused images and such for the online gameplay features they trumpeted in promos and even on the boxes but never actually delivered. Also, given that these were THQ's last games before filing for bankruptcy a few days later (probably why they suggested the consumer pay $20 more for inferior products), they might have some other unused stuff that may overlap with those of the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions.
  • The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD may have some debug controls, used to create the "The Misadventures of Link" miniseries on Nintendo Video.
  • NES Remix and its sequel (naturally) have Famicom-related regional differences.
  • Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze originally had a glitch which had a rare chance of not unlocking 3-4: Scorch 'N' Torch after completing 3-3: Frantic Fields. A patch was released that fixes this glitch, which is labeled as Version 1.1.0.
  • Wii Fit U has had three patches. The current version is 1.3.0.
  • New Super Mario Bros. U has had three patches; 1.1.0 added Miiverse functionality, 1.2.0 gave in-game posts for New Super Mario Bros. U their own Miiverse community, and 1.3.0 allows the game to receive the New Super Luigi U DLC, and compatibility with the Wii U Pro Controller. There is also a disc that includes New Super Luigi U & New Super Mario Bros U. Maybe NSMBU has bits from its DLC and vice versa, as well as leftovers from previous entries in the series.
  • Super Mario 3D World has an unused song portion?


Master System

  • The Sega Master System BIOS has a prototype.
  • Alien 3 supposedly has an unused Fox theme like the Genesis version (according to Tiido/TmEE anyway).
  • Rampage, due to being unreleased in Japan, has unused FM music and sound effects, because non-Japanese SMS units do not have FM built in. However, the FM music can be heard in an SMS emulator with FM enabled (set region does not matter), or on a real Japanese SMS by means of a region adapter.


00038A:60     (bypass checksum)
FFED84:30     (set game mode)
0065B6:4E71   (nop out rts blocking the menu)
Not sure if it is used or not or if it has an effect as pressing start after disabling the RAM code just brings you back to the menu, so I have to see if it's supposed to come from elsewhere by disassembling all the game's code :/
    • I'll probably remember this by tomorrow morning but: Final Blow has the red Taito logo; it's loaded to VRAM (also I have to see how strings are stored in that game; it looks like the game can pick and choose characters to load and where?)
    • Feng Kuang Tao Hua Yuan has a block of either unassembled helper code or compiler assembly output, not sure which... but the present dump is not from the original cart, but from a mainland China(?) "rereleasse" so I'll wait until we can get an authentic dump
    • Simple sound test codes... documented in the manual or not?
      • Mahjong Cop Ryuu - A+Start on title screen
      • Party Quiz Mega Q - A+B+C+Start on title screen
    • Crack Down - Japanese characters loaded in title screen? there don't seem to be any in the intro or on the title screen... or anywhere in the game...
    • Rugby World Cup 95 appears to have each of its functions suffixed by the function's name (like a symbol table but scattered throughout the ROM). Also "Dave Was Here!"
      • There's a flag that if set to nonzero, the game loop will enter an endless loop that cycles through each of the big-board animations that can show up; check at $13DA and loop immediately afterwards, checks -$6EA1(a5) where a5 is $69C (yeah it's one of those games)
      • Turns out many, if not all, of the Extended Play Productions games have these symbol setups...
    • Hellfire: "M2612 SOUND REAUEST TABLE "/"ERRORS=0000"/" 0221 END"
bah it's located in the sound driver
      • Also
pietro@pietro-laptop:~/ida_linux$ bgrep '0D 1E 0D 0E' Hellfire*
Hellfire (Europe).md: 000120f5
Hellfire (USA).md: 000120ff
for the hard ending text... but the EU version wasn't Seismic...
While investigating the M2612 thing:
00012BAE  67 76 30 3C 00 E1 22 3C  00 03 E0 00 34 3C 04 06
00012BBE  4E B9 00 00 5F 84 70 02  22 3C 00 03 69 A0 34 3C
00012BCE  03 F2 4E B9 00 00 5F 84  30 3C 24 06 32 3C 23 9A
00012BDE  74 0E 76 0E 4E B9 00 00  65 5C 23 FC 00 01 25 6C
00012BEE  00 FF 00 9A 4E B9 00 00  60 70 30 3C 00 10 22 3C
00012BFE  00 01 25 6C 34 3C 00 40  4E B9 00 00 5F 10 30 3C
this is nonsense for Hellfire (begins with a conditional branch to noncode, calls the middle of functions at non-entry points, and the last call jumps inside an opcode)
...and is only in Hellfire (only in JP version)? something's not right here
not in arcade versions
    • Pac-Attack: are the credits immediately after puzzle mode?
    • shobiz found a lot of stuff in Quackshot
    • Jantei Monogatari has a button code on the main menu that seems to affect the starting state of the game in some weird way that I can't tell
    • Janou Touryuumon has a region check... that reports that it only runs on NTSC Genesis (instead of the correct NTSC Mega Drive)
    • Eliminate Down: A+B+C+Start during the minigame goes back to its title screen... is this documented?
    • Mega SWIV: word $80 is used as a flag to do something when you get hit by a bullet, but what?
    • Rainbow Islands Extra has a title screen cheat code: Up B Down Left C A A* B** C***. The last three buttons are so marked because you can stop at any one of those and only get the effects of the buttons you pressed. I *think* A makes you faster? I don't know... The code is checked on the main menu too. None of them appear to be related to infinite continues.
      • B button: [00:18] <Mister_Argent> Hey, i just tried that RI cheat code. i started off with Double Rainbows, but i don't know if that's normal for extra mode or not.
    • King Colossus: down up up down right left right left on the game over screen continues -- is this in the manual? even if it is, an additional right right is at the the end of the code, but the game stops after eight button presses
    • Mega lo Mania/Tyrants: Fight Through Time:
; not the actual addresses as the data is copied to RAM
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF0162 aSelect:        dc.b 'select',0
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF0169                 dc.b '-----------------',0
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF017B aToPlaceIn:     dc.b 'to place in',0
[03:06] <andlabs> seg001:00FF0187 aBuildingPorts: dc.b 'building ports',0
[03:07] <Flygon> I don't recognize the term 'building ports', though
[03:08] <andlabs> I wouldn't know
[03:08] <Flygon> Unused string?
[03:08] <andlabs> it's in the list
[03:08] <Flygon> Indeed
[03:08] <Flygon> Hmm
[03:08] <andlabs> so unless the specific index to get to that string is never loaded, then
[03:09] <andlabs> I would need to find out which bytes are loaded into the code to look up strings
[03:09] * Flygon should consider creating a Mega-lo-Mania fan-forum x3
[03:09] <andlabs> if the one that indexes that port string is never used... that string is unused and we have a mystery
[03:09] <Flygon> Indeed
[03:09] <Flygon> Good thing only one of the developers are dead...
[03:09] <Flygon> They appear quite cooperative to fan questions
[03:10] <andlabs> check the author
FAQ has no mention of ports...
      • The Japanese version has bits and pieces of SNASM68K left in it
      • The later European version has, in its ROM header, a serial number field that indicates a CD version was in development? I need to check Sega CD headers
    • Mary Shelley's Frankenstein has an actual symbol table? (as opposed to Rugby World Cup 95)
    • Bonanza Bros. seems to have text for a stage select
    • Mega Bomberman - word at $2D8 in US version - if changed to a nonzero value, the CRAM is altered on every main loop cycle to show something (CPU usage debug?)
    • Socket
[22:54] <GenesisFan64> don't forget the unused song, B G M 19
also various Unknown labels in GF64's disassembly
    • Pat Riley Basketball (at least the JP version) has a Sound and Animation Test; the sound part works but not the animation...?
    • Double Clutch has a cheat code it checks for right at startup! ...but my patch codes to hang the game when it checks the variable it sets when the cheat code is activated don't seem to do anything... does it happen when not in a race? I would need to beat a race to find out...
    • Find FRUITMEISTER I in an earlier Eurocom Genesis game (have t wait for SeanieB to finish changing Sega Retro hard drives before I can get a list)
No luck finding it in The Jungle Book (Genesis), all pause cheats are accounted for. TODO: check RNC (compressed) graphics --JLukas 22:28, 30 April 2013 (EDT)

Genesis (Unlicensed)

Game Gear



  • The Sega Saturn BIOS has revisional differences.
  • Spot Goes to Hollywood has a level select.
  • Dragon Force, Battle Arena Toshinden URA, and D-Xhird have debug modes that can be accessed without Action Replay codes. The D-Xhird debug code is accessed via a D-Pad input during the Takara logo, but what is it?
    • Andretti Racing has a rather fantastic hidden menu that allows you to adjust your fuel amount, number of laps, enemy AI and even the centrifugal force to make slipstreaming easier or trigger incredible crashes where your car flips as if there is no gravity!
    • NASCAR '96 has a debug menu that lets you alter many aspects of the game and play in Wireframe mode.
    • Wipeout 2023 (aka Wipeout 2) also has a debug mode which lets you play in Wireframe mode, as well as many other cool alterations.
    • Super Tempo has text relating to a debug mode, but methods to access said menu haven't been looked for yet/found.




  • Bounty Arms is an unreleased action game whose demo apparently includes screens and graphics never seen otherwise.
  • Bust a Groove has plenty of regional differences, such as removing cigarettes and changing a character who originally had a blackface/ganguro design.
  • Bust a Groove 2 also has plenty of regional differences, such as endings only in the Japanese version (which are all in English, with Japanese subtitles).
  • Chocobo Racing has at least one world changed.
  • Crash Bandicoot has unused "Time Crate" graphics found in VRAM.
  • Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back has a prototype, as well as some regional differences just like the rest of the series.
  • Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped has a demo of a later (but not final) build, and regional differences.
  • Crash Bash Has a few demo disks floating about, not to mention a cheat code in said demo disks that allows access to the full prototype with Homer and Bart Simpson as placeholder mugshots.
  • Crash Team Racing has a review copy containing several differences.
  • Croc: Legend of the Gobbos has both a tech demo and a prototype floating around.
  • Dragon Ball GT: Final Bout allegedly contains at least 3 or 4 unused themes, some of which may be remixes from the old Butouden series.
  • Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko has a prototype version with many differences on several Eidos demo discs - Volumes 4 (SLUS-90051), 5 (SLUS-90065), and 6 (SLUS-90074).
  • Granmaster Saga has a debug menu hidden in the US and Japanese versions.
  • Incredible Crisis has unused minigames and probably more unused content.
  • Metal Gear Solid: An unbelievable amount of content is absent from the page. The SLPM-80254 pilot disk contains a LOT of intriguing things, including a completely different theme for the intro, a number of cut items (including flippers, anti-diarrhea medication... and dog food) a sound layer that mimics MSX2 audio outputs, cut sounds, unused animations for both the genome soldiers and Snake, a primitive Codec icon for Snake, completely different cutscenes... a lot! Most of it can be found [here], but there's likely to be a LOT more both on the retail disc and on the pilot!
  • Rayman has some unused graphics and stuff.
  • Rascal Racers, ATV Racing, XS Airboat Racing and Miracle Space Race all have leftover graphics from each other (mostly copyright screens and track preview images).
  • Silent Hill - yes, I know there's a page on it, and I know what I said at the top. There's a whole lot of stuff buried on the disc, though...some found, some not.
    • There are some demo discs floating around that have different layouts for some things.
    • Some unused areas on at least the Midwich School map, and probably others knowing this game. Some of them are documented in a YouTube video (named "midwich.wmv", I think? It's really badly done though). It would be nice to have 3D models of these areas ripped, since it'd be clearer than in-game.
  • Spot Goes to Hollywood has a level select.
  • Spyro the Dragon apparently has some unused music tracks. There also exists a prototype with extensive differences from the original as well as a early script, but only one person is in possession of it and refuses to leak it online. He has, however, documented the differences rather extensively in a playthrough of the build. There is also a text file filled with poetry from literary greats such as Shakespeare, not to mention being voiced by a female with extra dialogue for charging and gliding in the Japanese version.
  • Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage has poetry in text like Spyro 1 and 3. It also features an unused music track which may or may not be exclusive to EU versions, limited developer instructions (complete with very out of place profanity), an unused guidebook logo for Dragon Shores as well as dialogue and guidebook data corresponding to an unused orb mission in Shady Oasis (a harder variant of the "save the hippo's siblings" orb with 15 instead of 8)
    • In addition to all of THAT, the level Glimmer has an outro cutscene which under normal circumstances many players won't even know about, as it requires you to obtain the Talisman and leave the level via the ending portal twice. Should it be documented?
  • Street Fighter EX 2 Plus supposedly has unused/unfinished modes, including Survival. The late Kao Megura has codes to access them in his guide on GameFAQs.
  • Tekken features an unused 3-frame memory card icon, portraying a crudely drawn Kazuya head. Some of the graphics in the Galaga minigame may also be loaded but not actually used.
  • Tekken 2 contains leftover hit effects from the arcade release (a green splodge), as well as an unused title screen background presumably used at promotional events prior to the game's arcade release.
  • Tomb Raider printf's this on startup. The site is in the wayback machine
Lead Coding. Paul Douglas
Additional Coding. Gavin Rummery,Jason Gosling
Additional PSX Coding. Del Leigh-Gilchrist, Dude Howe
Lead Artist/Animator. Toby Gard
Artists. Neal Boyd, Heather Gibson
.....Email the Creators....
  • Tomb Raider II has the following message in the exe, unreferenced. Dude is Dude Howe from the first game, aka Andrew Howe. There's also an earlier build ID'd as 'Release Version 1.1' from September 1997. It purportedly has all the levels, but the US final has a 'playable.psx' level file that it doesn't have.
Dude greets: Shroomz, Bag, The Menzie, Nagra, K-Comm, Snake & McBain of EZ-o-Ray... Mail me at
  • Tony Hawk's Pro Skater has a prototype version floating around the net with quite a few differences to the final

PlayStation 2

  • Pretty much every NIS game ever:
  • Bloody Roar 3 has a debug mode that is only in the Japanese version.
  • Bloody Roar 4 contains the entire Renderware SDK!
  • Bully has one character that was probably cut early in development, as only an untextured model called TO_Gas_SA exists in world.img.
  • Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex: these primitive videos could likely be documented in a pre-release article, they display a LOT of early assets for the game as well as displaying a clear use for the debugging tools already documented.
  • Crash Nitro Kart has alternate player icons in other regions.
  • Crash Twinsanity - this was created by someone with these helpful links.
    • Twinsanity also contains a collection of unused dialogue as well as a dummied out theme for Classroom Chaos which both appear to be NTSC exclusive.
  • Dark Cloud has a dummied Shell Ring, and others and it includes a Debug Menu for Dungeons.
  • Dark Cloud 2 has a debug mode. More info on the game's talk page.
  • Dragonball Z: Budokai features unused audio clips intended for the World Tournament mode which imply 3 extra characters were planned. There are also rather significant differences between US and European versions of the game, the latter lacking a dub track and featuring a totally different (and unintentionally hilarious), far more literal translation from Japanese.
  • Dragonball Z: Budokai 2 contains a few regional differences, particularly an extra Dragon World stage and an extra costume for Frieza referencing Neko Majin Z in Japanese versions.
  • Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 has an INSANE amount of unused audio, hundreds if not thousands of voice clips being scrapped, but left on the disc! Most pertain to Dragon Universe, in which every character was intended to have their own story, but there are a few other cases, including 5 unused character announcements in the World Tournament mode, an unused piece of music intended for Dragon Universe, a full set of Japanese Goku voice clips, a (presumed) test voice and more to come!
  • Dragonball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 2 contains yet another unused sound clip referencing a nonexistent character, this time being one of Bojack's "Galaxy Soldiers". The game also contains a few unused fanfares, as well as a totally replaced soundtrack in international releases and an allegedly unused theme: [6]
  • Final Fantasy X
  • Gran Turismo 4
    • has regional differences
      • different cars
      • different License Tests (i.e. S-16)
      • different music (not 100% sure)
      • maybe more
    • check this page for some unused stuff
  • Gran Turismo Concept (2001 Tokyo is the Japanese version, 2002 Tokyo-Geneva is the European version. There's also Korean version)
    • different cars? (Mazda Atenza/6 Touring Car)
    • Castrol logo in Toyota RSC Rally Car
    • unused cars in 2002 Tokyo-Geneva (New Mini Rally Car, Razo 350Z, etc. Hashiken NSX is just NSX LM Road Car with a different name)
  • Gungrave There's a big possibility Gungrave may be a reworked version of the cancelled Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke game. It's even designed by Yasuhiro Nightow, Trigun's creator/designer.
  • Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban has a debug mode and an unused level.
  • King of Fighters: Maximum Impact has a fun stash of unused voice clips, such as Yuki and...ANDY BOGARD!?
  • Kingdom Hearts has removed content from all games.
  • Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty has a demo/trial edition that came with ZOE, with a cheat cart you can use the FAMAS that was shown in early videos/screenshots but ended up being cut from the final version and more [7]
  • Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has some unused sound files for the early version of the torture scene.
    • and a dev menu. Instructions (and pre-made save files) can be found here
  • Mortal Kombat Deception contains an unused voiceset intended for Young Shujinko, implying he may have been programmed to learn the moves of other fighters, and may have possibly been fully playable at one stage.
  • Oni has lots of removed content. Sadly I can't find the page which would show some of it. Also the images from the loading screen hint at a completely different plot.
  • Prince of Persia: Sands of Time has debugging text located in DATA\PRINCE.BF but currently cannot be decompressed. Check if it's in th ePC version which can be decompressed.
  • Ratchet & Clank has a lot of changes between the demo and final, and there is a vessel in the final (on the Drek's Fleet level) which can only be entered with cheats. Probably worth noting is the enemy behavior (especially the Blarg Space Commandos from Orxon) from areas of the Clank-playable sections which cannot be visited normally.
  • Ratchet & Clank 2 has a suspicious-looking island on Planet Dobbo that was possibly an early ship-landing area.
  • Ratchet: Deadlocked (aka Ratchet: Gladiator in Europe) has some unused audio files plus a prototype.
  • (andlabs TODO) Sega Ages 2500 Tetris Collection appears to have a System 16 version of Bloxeed that we otherwise don't know about (it was released on System 18 in Japan and System C internationally)
  • Shadow of the Colossus has unused scenes and cut content. Sample video.
  • Sly 2: Band of Thieves has a demo version that has its differences, as well as an unused health bar graphic. There is also a near-complete unused episode.
  • Spyro: A Hero's Tail contains a ridiculous amount of test rooms, one of which features the exterior Hogwarts map from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (GameCube/PS2/Xbox).
  • Spyro: Enter the Dragonfly: I'm aware this game has a page (2 actually) on the wiki, but they're both in dire need of reorganisation. There's also a number of unused audio which hasn't yet been uploaded on the wiki. Here's [a sample ].
  • Tales of Destiny has Blue Earth and Swordian voices for all attacks. and many more unused sound files. Also, Tales of Rebirth and Tales of Destiny 2.
  • Tekken 4 contains data for a playable invisible fighter. There are also quite a few internal references to a character known as "Force", implying plans for another character similar to Crow from Tekken 3. On an interesting note, the VS character select screen (Quadra) was apparently a scrapped theme directly from Ridge Racer V.
  • Tekken 5 features a test theme known as "test_bgm_aif", which is literally ripped straight out of Steve's Tekken 4 ending. Quite a few "testmap" strings can also be found in the coding, presumably for the Devil Within mode.
  • The Legend of Spyro: Dawn of the Dragon features at least a few instances of cut dialogue for the Dam level between Spyro and The Hunter referencing his fear of water. The Legend games are relatively unexplored so chances are more cases of unused audio may exist on the disc.
  • TimeSplitters 2 has multiple demos [8]. There's some info on the game's notes page.
  • True Crime: Streets of New York City has a easily accessible (via button combo) debug menu that has all sorts of switches and options to document.
  • Ty The Tasmanian Tiger has some unused voice clips.
  • WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw 2006 has a partially-deleted wrestler (0x54) that uses the British Bulldog model but a unique entrance/moveset that looks like Maven's. Also, unused announcements for Maven and other wrestlers.
  • World Rally Championship: Rally Evolved has a debug menu.

PlayStation 3

  • Quite a few PS3 games have debug menus that can be activated by running a PS3 CFW in "DEX mode" or using a debug CFW as can be seen in this post.
  • Bayonetta apparently contains unused animations and coding, intended for at least one of the swords.
  • Some of the BlazBlue series needs work. BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger and BlazBlue: Continuum Shift feature a plethora of unused in-fight dialogue which can be heard in each game's respective Gallery mode, corresponding to scrapped move concepts, scrapped character interactions (such as Tager apologizing to Kokonoe and going "his own way") and numerous more. This is just what's been found on disc without hacking, there is very likely to be much more within the files.
  • BlazBlue: ChronoPhantasma has a Library Mode and a Gallery which were both completely dummied out of international releases.
  • Dragonball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi apparently contains unused voiceovers for Goku, intended for the giant battle with Janemba.
  • Gran Turismo 5 has unused cars and parts, which later were completely removed due to abuse, plus a debug menu (the debug menu is in Gran Turismo 5 Prologue too).
  • PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale featured a rather intriguing development history, and the developers claimed Abe and Dart were intended to be playable but forcefully cut. There may be leftover data pertaining to these facts on-disc.
  • Ratchet & Clank: A Crack in Time features an unused theme which sounds like a briefing of some sort.
  • Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One contains at least 2 unused pieces of music, one intended for when a ship capsizes, and another corresponding to Terrawatt Forest.
  • Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus features an unused track, allegedly intended for "trans-travelling".
  • Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has unused Star Wars textures.
  • Siren: Blood Curse sadly got all the gruesome scenes from the European and Japanese version heavilly toned down for the US version that was released only for download via PSN due to strict restrictions by SCEA.
  • Tales of Graces f (also the Wii version) has an obscenely-high amount of voice clips, including a few for unused Artes.
  • Tales of Xillia - see above, and here.
  • Tekken Tag Tournament 2 has an unused music cue for the Namco Bandai logo.


PlayStation Vita


Neo Geo

Neo Geo Pocket


Adobe Flash


  • Some of Gamevil's games detect if your device is rooted (similarly to Deus Ex: The Fall on iOS) and prevent themselves from launching.


  • Center Court a prototype of Passing Shot has numerous differences.
  • Congo Bongo and Zaxxon, much like Donkey Kong, both have unused Ikegami Tsushinki logos.
  • Dangun Feveron supposedly has several unused music tracks.
  • Dragon's Lair has unused animations and a prototype.
  • Gradius has one unused song, and Gradius III has three unused songs (Gradius I level start, Gradius II high-speed level, and a fanfare).
  • Gokuyou Parodius has unused music in the MAME ROM.
    • In fact, all the Parodius ports are usually different from each other. Parodius Da!: Shinwa Kara o Owarai e has the most noticeable of cuts, with two whole levels disappearing in various ports. I can't remember which game, but Konami chose to change the BGM of a level from "That's The Way I Like It" to avoid copyright.
      • The music change was in Jikkyou Oshaberi Parodius. It was left intact in the console versions but changed in the PSP version to "Brilliant 2U" from DDR.
  • Ketsui: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi has a few unused announcer voices - 'Just a couple more shots!', 'Please continue!', 'Game Over.'.
  • Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter has more unused graphics and voice clips.
  • Marvel vs. Capcom has some graphics and voice clips. Plus, several Asian version differences.
  • The Metal Slug series - so much stuff here.
  • Someone figure out how the Mortal Kombat games compress their graphics so we can sift through them? Please?
  • Mortal Kombat II contains a hitbox viewer, as well as potentially numerous more debug tools to be documented.
  • The Punisher has unused graphics and an unused bonus stage.
  • Samurai Shodown V has extensive regional changes - from cutscenes to proper endings.
  • Star Gladiator contains a couple unused (test?) characters.
  • Street Fighter III: New Generation has unused voice clips.
  • Street Fighter III: 2nd Impact also has unused voice clips.
  • Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike also has lots of unused voice clips.
  • Tapper has revisional differences.
  • Time Crisis has an unused song?
  • Time Pilot has revisional differences.
  • andlabs' list:
    • Borench contains leftover copyright text from Bloxeed; need to see if it contains the full code for the screen
    • Space Harrier also has the bin-chan used too many colors error
      • Dynamite Dux might have a different one: "OBJECT COLOR BANK OVER"? "OBJECT COLOR ENTRY OVER"?
    • Wrestle War has an anti-piracy message in plaintext which is probably used but ("COPIED AND SOLD WITHOUT"...)
    • Dynamite Dux (again): "SELECT COURSE BY LEVER"?
    • Viewpoint has lots of debugging stuff? "H-POS %04x Z %04x" "V-POS %04x X %04x" "WALL-L %04x R %04x" "SHILD  %02d" "KEY RECORD FULL"?
      • Racing Hero (same programmers) too; also AB Cop?
    • Thunder Force AC: Is SELECT BY JOY STICK PUSH ANY BUTTON TO RECORD TIME part of the name entry?
    • Crack Down has a sound driver test? "Sound Note Oct Level 0123456789ABCDEF"
    • The Irritating Maze: "You are died ! Time Up !! " ?
      • "IDAXAN"? (multiple) This is probably just an opcode but who knows
      • " DENGEKI IRA-IRA BOU"... isn't it Denryu Ira-Ira Bou
      • OH BUT THERE ARE SOUND TEST STRINGS! Since the game never had a home port and the MVS service mode doesn't have a sound test...
      • "COMING SOON"? (multiple)
      • "SILENT@MODE"? "POSITION CHECK ROUTIN"? repeated Stage Select/Course Select strings for when starting a game?
    • System 18 Bloxeed: "SEGA PRESENTS"/"SPECIAL THANKS TO GOD"/"AND EVERYONE ELSE !!"? (consecutive in ROM) "GOOD"/"DESUNE!"/"BONUS"? (together, but not immediately consecutive)
    • After Burner II:
      1. The hidden messages (different ones) are there, and people have gotten them to show up, but we don't have a definite clue as to how written down
      2. Is there a way to play versions of the music with melodies? Some of the home ports have melodies added to Final Take Off (Commodore 64, PC Engine, etc.) but here's a version of the arcade song with a melody that sounds very FM-y?
    • Tetris (Sega) and Flash Point - "OVERFLOW" in the RAM/ROM checks?
      • Flash Point:
    • Namco System 2 games (search for Now Production continues):
      • Assault uses " RIDDLE OF RUBY " as a startup check string... is this significant in any way? there is no game by that title...
    • Cameltry: investigate word flag at beginning
    • Hebereke no Popoon: "END_OF_DATA_SECTION." and strings related to cutscenes and character names? and then " CHR TEST" near the beginning of the ROM where there is a copy of the test mode strings?
    • Peter Pack-Rat: in ROMs 146 and 147 (interleaved bytes), stored with the credits:
  • used?
  • X-Men VS. Street Fighter contains an unused theme present on the OST and within the game's test menu. Additionally, having both players select Apocalypse and then ending the fight in a draw results in "X-MEN VS STREET FIGHTER COMING SOON" message during continue screen.

BBS Door


Handheld LCD

  • According to the TVTropes page, there's some Dummied Out Tamagotchis on the Tamagotchi ROMs. Look into that, and also document the debug menus on some of the Tamagotchis.
  • TamaTown Tama-Go has unused graphics from a factory test program.



Magnavox Odyssey2

NCR Decision-V

Nokia N-Gage


Panasonic JR-200U

Philips CD-i

Plug & Play

Sharp X68000

  • Gradius has a sound test.
  • Lots of Easter eggs in a lot of games (mostly developer messages, images and sound test). How to access them can be found in Japanese cheat pages here.
  • Metal Sight apparently has an unused song; or at least that's what the description of MDX/System Sacom/Metal Sight/METAL02.MDX in mdxo_mxdrv_complete.ra_ seems to imply. The file doesn't work with either mxdrv or mdxplay... (TODO try the Windows-based players)
  • D-Return - the following in mdxo_mxdrv_complete.ra_ are marked unused:
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET31.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET35.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET36.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET37.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET38.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET34.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET33.MDX matches
Binary file ./NOP/D-Return/D_RET32.MDX matches
  • Genocide 2 - mdxo_mxdrv_complete.ra_ marks the following as unused:
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_29.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_25.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_28.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_27.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_24.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_31.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_30.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_26.MDX matches
Binary file ./Zoom/Genocide 2/GENO2_23.MDX matches


  • Blazing Lazers and Devil Crush - is sound 40 ever used?
    • Alien Crush, Cyber Dodge, Cyber Knight, Xevious: Fardraut Densetsu - do they have this sound?
  • Lady Sword - hidden developer diary in the script - translation in the readme for the translation hack.


  • 10-in-1 has some unused text. Check to make sure that it wasn't added in by whoever dumped the ROM.

Watara Supervision

  • Most Thin Chen Enterprises games have unused content, including:

WonderSwan Color

  • Final Fantasy has an unused naked bald guy in with the class select sprites, hinting at a possible use for that dude stored with the orb graphics in the original game.
  • Final Fantasy IV is where the enhanced variants of the unused graphics in Final Fantasy IV Advance originally came from. It might be worth looking into whether the debug features in that port originated in this version, since they only cover the original game.