The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

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Title Screen

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask

Also known as: Zelda no Densetsu: Majora no Kamen (JP)
Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: Nintendo 64
Released in JP: April 27, 2000
Released in US: October 26, 2000
Released in EU: November 17, 2000

EnemyIcon.png This game has unused enemies.
GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MovieIcon.png This game has unused cinematics.
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The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask is the ever-so-popular successor to The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Here, Link breaks all rules of time travel to stop a mask from pulling the moon down to earth, or something like that. Between Tingle and the general ambiance of the game, this is truly the creepiest title in the series.

To do:
This site has data about craploads of leftover and unused objects in the game. Someone who knows how to poke around inside the game files should do that and get a pic or two up.



Unused Items
Many unused items, including some leftovers from Ocarina of Time!
Unused Actors, Objects, & Variables
A plethora of unused content.
Ocarina of Time leftovers
Leftovers from the Majora's Mask prequel.
Unused text
Much of this text was removed in the international releases.
Crash Debugger
For when the player really screws something up.
Program revision differences
A large number of differences exist between regions and revisions.
Console Output Strings
Debug printout text and developer notes hidden in the game's code.

Map Select


Just like its predecessor, Majora's Mask contains a map select which allows you to warp to any map. The map select does not differ too much from the one in Ocarina of Time, but it has an additional option for selecting the day.

The non-Debug ROM version of the Map Select will, by default, drop you off in cutscene 00 of each map. The corresponding cutscene will not play, resulting in the interface being disabled, actors and objects being shuffled around, and exits not leading to their correct destinations. This also means that cutscenes with no maps can't be accessed. However, the codes available at the link below allow players to get around this issue.

Further information on Map Select, including codes to enable it and information to navigate it, are available on the Debug ROM's map select page.

Test Map


The Japanese version contains a test map that was removed from the American version. You can get to the test map with the Map Select. It is necessary to set "OPT=" on -1 on any line of the Map Select. The other method is to use GameShark code 801EF462 00FF. The map is exactly the same as the test map from Ocarina of Time, however it actually contains some objects:

  • On the other side of the tower, there's the Stone Tower blocks, complete with switches. The blocks and switches work fine, but the Elegy of Emptiness doesn't, so it's really pointless.
  • A line of pots exists next to the pool.
  • Inside the pool you'll find some Zoras. These appear to be the same Zoras you can find in the water at Great Bay.
  • Also beside the pool, there's a group of birds. These birds were unused and mostly nonfunctional in Ocarina of Time, but work perfectly fine here, and are actually used on the moon (but they're really hard to spot).
  • There's a source of light near the multicolored slope. You can deflect the light with the Mirror Shield if you have it, but there's no target in the vicinity.
  • There are some crawlspaces leading through a wall, as they were used in the previous game. However, Link cannot crawl through them here, possibly due to the feature being removed.

If you leave this map in any way (either by walking off the edge, drowning in the water or getting crushed by the Stone Tower blocks) you end up in the uncursed Southern Swamp next to the boat, with a rather glitchy fade-in.

Unused Textures


This file contains all the actions that appear on the A button.



This action text reads "Navi". It's leftover from Ocarina of Time's early development, when the action button said "Navi".



This text reads "Reel". It is used when Link takes out the Fishing Rod in Majora's Mask (J) 1.0, an item only obtainable through hacking.



This text reads "Hook". It may be a development leftover used when Link had the option to grab onto things with the Hookshot.


This file contains all the text and icons that appear on the game's file select and option screens.

Save x

MM-Texture-Save x.png

This text reads "Save x". Its purpose is unknown.


This file contains various icons that appear on the game's HUD.

Twig Counter

MM-Texture-Twig Counter.png

This twig counter can be seen in prerelease screenshots. Instead of rings, Link used to collect twigs during the Beaver Race minigame, in order to help the Beaver Brothers rebuild their dam. Little Brother still carries a pile of twigs on his back.


MM-Texture-Pink Fairy.pngMM-Texture-Green Fairy.pngMM-Texture-Blue Fairy.pngMM-Texture-Yellow Fairy.png

These cute fairy icons are never seen on the HUD during normal gameplay.

Flat Hearts

MM-Texture-Flat Heart 0-4.pngMM-Texture-Flat Heart 1-4.pngMM-Texture-Flat Heart 2-4.pngMM-Texture-Flat Heart 3-4.pngMM-Texture-Flat Heart 4-4.png

The regular Majora's Mask heart icon is more detailed.


Unknown Character

OoT bump texture Unknown Character.png

This texture also appears in Ocarina of Time. It is one of the last graphics in the ROM. Its use and identity are unknown.

Unused Objects

Crack in the wall

MM romaniranchcrackedwall.png
MM romaniranchprereleased.jpg

A cracked wall decal can be found in some cutscenes of Romani Ranch, this works just like a soft soil spread everywhere. It appeared in a pre-release image.

Unused Animations

Bank Closing

Using a series of glitches, it's possible to enter the West Clock Town used in the credits of the game and then use the 0th Day glitch to see the Bank close. What's interesting to note is that the wooden wall clips into the signs, which may suggest that the animation was made earlier than the decoration. A file named Obj_Shutter at number 0151, is a unused actor that would be related to the closing and opening of the bank. The bank was originally scheduled to open at 10 am and close at 8 pm.

Zelda's Animations

The object Zelda, contains 48 animations, but only 7 are used and 32 animations are leftovers from Ocarina of Time. Left only 9 unuseds animations created for Majora's Mask, but was cut from the final version. The other 32 animations leftover from Ocarina of Time can be seen in the movie alongside.

  • 000654 Zelda with "relaxed arms"
  • 00f250 Zelda turning around with "relaxed arms".
  • 00fdc8 Zelda with "relaxed arms" a little closer.
  • 010334 Zelda raising her hands to play a flute. A model of flute, exists within the object Zelda in Majora's Mask.
  • 0105c8 Zelda finishing playing the flute.
  • 010d50 Zelda playing the flute.
  • 013934 Zelda making a high backflip.
  • 013f2c Zelda prepares for a backflip by stretching her arms out.
  • 014558 Zelda completes a backflip.

Unused Warp-In Effect

Using the code 803FFDCC 0008 and entering a new area causes Link to spin up out of the ground with his Ocarina. While the spin-up part is used when you step on one of the multicolored teleports in the Snowhead trial on the moon, Link doesn't hold out his Ocarina, suggesting this is a possible Song of Soaring alternative.

Unused Scenes

Similar to Ocarina of Time, there are different scenes in the game which are used for various cutscenes. Some of them cannot be seen in the final version.

Romani Ranch, scene 02

Glide64 THE MASK OF MUJURA 13.png

Shows the countdown and zooms away from Cremia and the cow. It also displays two empty messages, and plays the Milk Bar music. If you abort the cutscene, the timer and the target counter appear and Link has the bow equipped to B, just like in the target practice. This strongly suggests another target practice was planned, but was scrapped. Like in the ending, there are three "alien" balloons in a row in front of the stable. As well, there is a carryable box on top of the ranch house which doesn't normally appear up there under any circumstances. Using this same configuration and removing the header cutscene, wait for the night in the first day and into the barn, go back to Romani Ranch and the place is infested with Stalchilds. [1]

East Clock Town, scene 01

Shows the Clock Tower with Cremia, the jugglers, and the scientist from the Marine Research Lab standing next to each other as the camera passes by (even though the scientist is hard to see due to the camera angle). This scene was very likely planned for the ending, but for some reason was not used.

Great Fairy scenes

It seems like the Great Fairy's upgrades were supposed to be accompanied by special cutscenes. However, only two of them are actually finished.

Spin Attack

Shows the Great Fairy teaching Link how to use the spin attack. It's accompanied by text in the Japanese version only:

私の いう通りにするのよ Do as I say
Bを押して 気合をためてから・・ Press B to charge energy, and...
Bをはなす! Release B!
さあ、今度は 自分でやってみて! All right, you try it this time!
Βを押して 気合をためてから


Press B to charge energy, and then release.

今の カンカクを 忘れないで・・

Yes, don't forget this sensation...
大回転斬り を覚えた

Bで気合をためれば 回転ビーム

You learned the great spin attack!

Hold B to charge energy for a whirling beam.
But watch out, your magic meter will deplete.

気合を ためずに やりたい時は

(stick)を一回転させ Bを押す
クイック回転で 効果バツグン

When you want to do it without charging energy

rotate the stick once and press B
for a powerful quick spin!



When you're feeling tired,

you can always come back here.

After the cutscene, you're asked to try it on your own – a feature which would later appear in Twilight Princess.

(translation: Joe, RahanAkero)

Double Health

Link exercising in front of the Great Fairy. There's no text this time, and for some reason you end up as Fierce Deity Link once the cutscene is complete. The text at the end of the video roughly says "Defense has been strengthened / Damage is therefore / halved now."

Double Magic Meter

This cutscene is quite short, the Great Fairy talk with Link about the double magic meter, so you appear in the Fountain of North Clock Town. At the end of the cutscene, you will receive nothing.

Great Fairy's Sword

This cutscene is quite short, the Great Fairy talk with Link about the Great Fairy's Sword, so you appear in the Fountain of North Clock Town. At the end of the cutscene, you will receive nothing.

Learning Magic

This cutscene is quite short, the Great Fairy talk with Link about the Learning Magic, so you appear in the Fountain of North Clock Town. At the end of the cutscene, you will receive nothing.

Great Fairy's Sword in Ikana Valley

In this cutscene, you will receive the Great Fair's Sword in Ikana Valley, but differently. The data is located in the Great Fairy's Fountain scene file at offset 0xFC8C. Link opens his arms and receives the Great Fairy's Sword as if receiving a magic upgrade.

Hidden Intro Cutscene

When you start a new game, you will be presented with a black screen with text and soon appears Link with Epona in Lost Woods. Modifying the video plugin, you can see some camera movements during the black screen.

Unused cutscene during the time travel

There is an animation that is located in the scene header where it occurs the time travel in the Song of Time. During the cutscene, occurs several animations for Link and Deku Link, possibly would be animations test. The cutscene can be found at offset 0x9BA0, in the scene 0x02f41000.

Twinmolds in Odolwa's Room

There is a scene and room setting in Odolwa's Room. Enabling this setting you will fight against Twinmolds. Perhaps this room has been created to be a test room in the past, or a test of cutscene because HUD settings are hidden.

Alternative North Clock Town

An alternative configuration can be accessed easily with the Debug ROM, it's almost exactly like the normal version. There differences in the lighting environment, fog and the sky is green remembering the old pre-release images. Objects as sign and hole are slightly away of the place. In debug ROM, you can not advance to another day because uses the current configuration. The patchway settings are a bit different and somehow you can freeze the game when begins the events of the Blast Mask. An actor of the clock of tower does not exist.

The Chamber of Giants

There are a total of 11 cutscenes not used in this room. Some are repeated, with only 9 different cutscenes. Each cutscene has a own scene and room header, but always having a giant nearby the pillar where Link is, the actors used to generate the giants, uses the variable 0xFE0F instead of 0xFE08 used normally, every cutscene does not contain background music being played.

Type 1: Setup 05, 06, 08, 09

This cutscene is located in the offset 0x509C, 0x563C, 0x617C and 0x671C, has no text, just an empty text box.

Type 2: Setup 07

As type 1, the text box containing text.

  • 0x5BDC

Type 3: Setup 10

As type 2, the text box containing more text.

  • 0x6CBC

Type 4: Setup 11

Contains 5 cutscene in the last scene header this room located in the offset 0xBCCC.

  • 0x725C

Type 5: Setup 11

  • 0x7FBC

Type 6: Setup 11

  • 0x8B3C

Type 7: Setup 11

  • 0x9E9C

Type 8: Setup 11

  • 0xA29C

Older Clock Tower

An official artwork showing what the clock tower looked like before being remodeled.

An older version of the Clock Tower entrance can be seen in North Clock Town. You need to use Moonjump to hover out of bounds to the Clock Tower in the distance, then turn the camera so it shows the southern side (which normally isn't visible at all from North Clock Town).

The entrance looks different; most notably there's a fence and a path leads off to the right, which suggests you could simply walk up to the Clock Tower.

Going west side of town you may see slight differences on the south side of the city. One can notice a wooden railing, Maybe the entrance to the tower is there before. The wall on the left is missing painting and the ramp near the owl statue is a piece of wood instead of bricks.

Grotto Hole


On the path between Mountain and Goron Village, while the area is cursed, there's a grotto hole suspended in mid-air above the area, where you can never reach it. It cannot even be seen unless you use Moonjump to hover over there. Trying to enter the grotto leads to one of the Termina Field grottoes with a bunch of Gossip Stones.

Nabooru in the Iron Knuckle


The model of the Iron Knuckle is almost the same as in Ocarina of Time. As such, it still contains the early version of Nabooru's head inside.

Squares in the Sea of ​​the Great Bay

Southern Part of Great Bay

MM GBSquares1.png MM GBSquares2.png

Located in the southern part of the Great Bay are 17 large squares with the texture of the water, but red and completely inactive. It is possible that these squares are used to measure distance.

Entrance to Great Bay Temple

MM GBSquares3.png

However, there are five squares in place of the entrance to the Great Bay Temple. On the sides of the sea and the center to the location of the Great Bay Temple.

Fierce Deity Link's Sword Beam Effect

As Fierce Deity Link can normally only be used in boss rooms, no other enemies should be programmed to interact with the sword beams he can shoot, however there are a few that do, though do not display the special hit graphics.

Stalchildren are instantly killed by it.

The Dinofol mini-boss takes damage from it.

Gekko takes damage from it, but not when it is ontop of Snapper.

Wizzrobes are not harmed by it, but while it is appearing if you shoot the beam at it, it will make them disappear, avoiding it similarly to Igos' henchmen below.

The Big Poe within the Bottom of the Well and in the Final Day Grave takes damage from it, but only when it's not spinning towards you.

Igos du Ikana's henchmen whom do not take damage from it, but jump backwards and shield themselves from it as if they were being attacked at close-range.

Skullkid atop the Clock Tower will treat it like any other attack (arrows, bombs, ect.) making the hit sound effect and shaking his head and on the third hit saying "That won't do you any good."

The Gerudo Guards throughout the Pirate's Fortress, which get stunned for what seems to be a shorter period of time.

The Cursed Spider Man will get pulled to the ground and shake back and forth when it from the front by it, when hit from behind it stuns him.

Pamela's Father is also stunned by it.

It hits Gossip Stones.

It also slices Signs.

(Source: Lazengann)

Mini Map Placeholders

To do:
replace this youtube with graphic rips of the placeholder maps if possible

The game contains some leftover blank mini maps that were used as placeholders before the real ones were designed.

(Source: fkualol)

The Moon Oddities

When the current day is set to Day 0, the Moon will be higher in the map than it is on Day 1. Can be accessible with code 801EF68B 0000 for U1.0 version.

Day 0 Day 1
MajorasMask-Moon0.png MajorasMask-Moon1.png

In the cutscene where The Giants stop the Moon, it is facing upwards, away from Clock Town, but after that scene the Moon returns to its original position.

Placeholder Song

MM Placeholder Song.png

One unused song can be found at the end of the list of songs used in the Quest Status subscreen. The song is at offset 0x0C8AC27 in the decoded Japanese version 1.0, and may also be present in other versions. It contains 8 notes and is played with A, C Down, C Right, C Left, C Up, C Left, C Right and C Down.

Oranges Box Hidden in Magic Hags' Potion Shop

An box of oranges can be found hidden in the Potion Shop, serving as a seat for Kotake. It cannot be seen during the normal course of the game. It is one of the few examples of non-Hylian writing in Majora's Mask. The box is adorned with text reading "Satsuma Mandarins", written once in kanji (温州蜜柑) and twice in kanji and hiragana (温州みかん).