The Lost Vikings (Genesis)

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Title Screen

The Lost Vikings

Developer: Silicon & Synapse
Publishers: Interplay, Virgin Interactive (EU)
Platform: Genesis
Released in US: May 4, 1993
Released in EU: 1993

MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

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The Lost Vikings is a puzzle platformer made by the same company that would go on to make the likes of Warcraft and StarCraft. It's also available on SNES, GBA, DOS and Amiga.


Extra Levels

The Genesis/Mega Drive version has five exclusive levels that are not present in any other version of the game, bringing the level count up from 37 to 42.

Extra Level 1 (Level 11) - TR33

Extra Level 1 - TR33

A level in Prehistoria that takes place outdoors. Don't confuse this level with TRSS.

Extra Level 2 (Level 18) - SNDS

Extra Level 2 - SNDS

A level in Egypt that takes place outdoors with a few underground bits. There are quicksand pits so you'll need to activate bridges to let Baleog and Olaf across.

Extra Level 3 (Level 19) - TMPL

Extra Level 3 - TMPL

Another outdoor level in Egypt and this one has a large temple to get through. As this and SNDS aren't in any other version of the game, QCKS is the only Egypt level in other versions that takes place outdoors.

Extra Level 4 (Level 25) - RVTS

Extra Level 4 - RVTS

A Factory level. There are massive spike pits in this level that Baleog and Olaf must cross, and Erik has to climb through a ceiling to proceed.

Extra Level 5 (Level 37) - PDDY

Extra Level 5 - PDDY

An indoor level in Wacky World. Has the usual air pumps as well as a gas tank also seen in NFL8.

Three-Player Gameplay

This version also happens to be the only version of any Lost Vikings game to support more than two players if a multitap is used. Gameplay is much like in two-player mode, except that Player 1 always controls Erik, Player 2 always controls Baleog and Player 3 always controls Olaf.

Unused Music

There is an unused variant of the Egypt theme hidden in the ROM.

(Source: Project 2612)