Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf (PlayStation)

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Title Screen

Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf

Developer: Adrenalin Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: April 8, 1999
Released in US: October 31, 1998
Released in EU: 1998

BonusIcon.png This game has hidden bonus content.

The PS1 version of Tiger Woods 99 PGA Tour Golf is your typical golf simulator...that's what they want you to think, anyway.

Hidden South Park Episode

Present on the first 100,000 copies of the disc is the file ZZDUMMY.DAT, which is a QuickTime movie containing the uncensored version of the South Park pilot episode "Jesus vs. Santa". The episode was apparently sneaked onto the disc by someone at EA, and according to the metadata it was converted four days before being added to the disc.

EA recalled these copies of the game a few months after it was released, calling the episode "objectionable to consumers". The PC version does not contain this file.

(Source: IGN, Kotaku)