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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story/Chapter 01

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This is a sub-page of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story.

The US version calls this chapter "Days of Ruin" while the UK version calls it "Destroyed World".


US Europe
Our world is destroyed. Our world is destroyed...
Fire rained from the sky. After the meteors struck...
The land burned... ...the land blazed...
The earth shook... ...the earth shook...
The oceans raged... ...the oceans boiled...
The devastation was total. 90% of mankind is gone...
Dust covered the earth, blotting out all traces of the sun. Dust covers the earth, blotting out all traces of sunlight...
It seems impossible that anything could survive. What will come next? No one can answer that...
But amid the destruction, there is hope... But among the destruction, there are survivors...

Start of Chapter

US Europe
Will: Please... Please let me find someone... ...There's no one here. The whole world is dead. HELLOOOOOO!! Help me, please! I don't want to be alone... Ed: H-Hello? Can anyone hear me? There's no one here either... Maybe no one else survived... Hello! Can anyone hear me?!
Will: Wait! There's someone there! Where's my radio?! Maybe I can call them and tell them I'm here... Help me! My name is Will! I'm a cadet at the Rubinelle military academy! Um, do you read? Over. Ed: Over there! There's someone there... If I can just get this radio working... Can you hear me? My name is Ed. I'm a cadet at the Laurentian Military Academy...
The Beast: Gwar har har! Drakov: Har-har-har!!!
Will: ...What's so funny? Ed: Wh-What?!
The Beast: Look sharp, roaches! We got us a live one! And he's just a punk kid. You know the drill! I want his food, and I want his weapons! Leave his corpse where it falls! Ain't no one going to complain! Gwar har har! Drakov: We've found our next victim! Looks like it's our lucky day! Take his supplies and weapons - they belong to us now! And while we're at it, we'll take his life! Har-har-har!!!
Will: No! Don't do this! There are too many of them! I've got to get out of here! Ed: W-Wait! I can't take on that many enemies. I need to escape...
Will: OK...hold on, Will. Focus. Remember your training. What's the first priority in a combat situation? Right! Examine your surroundings, and gauge the strength of the enemy. Ed: Okay, focus. Remember your training at the Academy... The first thing to do in a battle situation is to... ...take stock of your surroundings and gauge what you're up against.
Will: I can't take them on, so I need to fall back. There's a good spot. OK! What next? Ed: Okay, I need to move over there! But what should I do next?

Middle of Chapter

US Europe
Brenner: Give me tactical, Lin. O'Brian: Lin, talk to me...
Lin: I've got a single soldier being pursued by a pack of raiders. The soldier appears to be one of ours. Shall we intervene? Lin: It appears a fellow Laurentian soldier is under attack by a gang of bandits. Shall we prepare to intervene?
Brenner: Do it. O'Brian: Do it.
Lin: Yes, sir, Captain. Lin: Yes, Captain.
Will: Who are you guys? Ed: Who are you?
Brenner: Skip the introductions. Fall back, and let us handle this. O'Brian: Let's skip the introductions. Fall back and let us handle this.
Will: Um... OK. Ed: Okay, I understand.
The Beast: What's the big idea, cogface? This got nothin' to do with you! Drakov: Who do you think you are?! This isn't your fight!
Brenner: It's got everything to do with me. I'm a soldier. It's my duty. You remember what duty is, don't you? I think you used to be soldiers. O'Brian: You made it my fight when you decided to prey on the weak and helpless... You must be former soldiers... Where's your pride?
The Beast: Duty? Gwar har har! Don't make me laugh! This world's dead, soldier boy, and so is your precious duty!! We stopped being soldiers when the meteors hit. We're survivors! This is our time, and there is no law! We rob! We kill! We're kings! Drakov: Pride? Har-har-har!!! Don't make me laugh! Look at the world. It's destroyed! And you talk to me about pride?! We're not soldiers anymore. We're survivors. We obey no laws! We rob, we kill - we live as want! Har-har-har!!!
Brenner: Not anymore. O'Brian: Not anymore, you don't...
The Beast: And who's gonna stop us? You? Drakov: Try and stop me!
Brenner: That's right. Your days of preying on survivors are over. We're going to put you down like the rabid dogs you are. You may have forgotten your duty, but we have not. O'Brian: You attack the weak, steal their possessions, take their lives... ...and all you can do is laugh?! You disgust me! Where's your pride? Your pride as soldiers... And your pride as human beings...
The Beast: Gwar har har! Keep talking, loser! I need a place to aim! Drakov: Har-har-har!!! Have you said enough? They'll be your last words!
Brenner: Move out, Lin. Let's end this quickly. O'Brian: Lin, advance and bring the fight to the enemy.
Lin: Yes, sir. Lin: Preparing to begin the assault on the enemy forces...
Will: This...this isn't like training at all! This is the real thing! Ed: This is the real thing! This is no training exercise!
Lin: Familiarizing yourself with the different terrain types is essential as well. All units have unique specs. Make sure to check the intel on each one. Battlefields can be chaotic, confusing places. If you are at a loss for your next move, there's a way to get advice. Lin: Pay attention to the info about each type of terrain. Each unit has its own unique features. Ensure you check each one's data. When you are at a loss as to how to proceed in battle... ...there is a way to pick up valuable tactical tips.

End of Chapter

A Ruined City in Northwest Rubinelle/A Ruined City in Northern Laurentia.

US Europe
Brenner: You all right, kid? O'Brian: Are you okay?
Will: Yeah, I... I am now. Thank you. My name's Will. I'm a cadet at the academy. ...I mean, I was. Before the meteors. Ed: Yes, thanks to you! My name is Ed. I was a cadet at the Laurentian Military Academy...
Brenner: A cadet, huh? Thought I recognized that jacket. So what happened? O'Brian: You were a cadet at the Academy?
Will: The academy is gone. One minute I was eating lunch and then... Everyone died. Instructors and friends and... everybody. Ed: That's right. When the meteors struck, the Academy was destroyed. I was the sole survivor...
Will: I was buried in the mess hall. I've been digging myself out for... I don't know. Weeks, I guess. I looked for survivors, but I only found rubble and bodies. ...I thought I was the only one left. Ed: I crawled inside a food storage room in the kitchen and somehow kept myself alive... I don't know how long I was there for, but when I finally ventured outside... ...I found only destruction. I thought that no one else had pulled through.
Brenner: You did well to stay alive. I'm impressed. O'Brian: I see. You did well to stay alive...
Will: I didn't want to die. Ed: It was all I could do...
Brenner: I'm Captain Brenner. I command the 12th Battalion, pride of the Rubinelle Army. And this is my second in command... O'Brian: My name is Captain O'Brian. I command the 12th Laurentian Independent Legion. And this is my second-in-command...
Lin: First Lieutenant Lin. Welcome to Brenner's Wolves. Lin: ...First Lieutenant Lin.
Brenner: We've made it our mission to seek out and aid survivors of the disaster. The world is a dangerous place now. I suggest you come with us. O'Brian: We come to the assistance of survivors of the meteor strike. If you haven't got anywhere else to be, you should consider joining us.
Will: Yes, sir! That would be fantastic! You won't be sorry about... Uuurrr... Ed: I would be happy to! Thank you! But it's just...
Brenner: Are you all right? O'Brian: What's the matter?
Will: Sorry. I haven't eaten in a long time. Ed: It's just that I haven't eaten in so long...
Brenner: That was your stomach rumbling? I thought we were under attack. Come on. We'll get you some spare rations. Just don't get too excited. All we have is canned bread. O'Brian: So that's the noise I heard? It was your stomach rumbling! I think we can find some spare rations for you. Just don't expect too much from the flavour! You'll get used to it...

Miscellaneous Text

If a Unit is Damaged

US Europe
The Beast: Gwar har har! That's what I'm talking about! It's blood-and-guts time! We just keep killing 'till there's no one left to kill! Drakov: Har-har-har!!! Direct hit! How'd you like that?! This battle's not going to end until one side crushes the other!


US Europe
The Beast: GYAAAA! Stinkin' soldiers! Head for the hills, roaches! We're outmanned! Drakov: No!!! This can't be happening... Retreat! They've taken out my units!


US Europe
Will: Oh no... After all I've been through? Ed: Darn it! How did that happen?!

Victory Page

US Europe
Brenner: This will teach them to prey on survivors. O'Brian: This will teach them to prey on the innocent!