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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story/Chapter 02

From The Cutting Room Floor
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This is a sub-page of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story.

The US version calls this chapter "A Single Life" while the UK version calls it "One Life".

Start of Chapter

12th Battalion Base Camp/Independent Legion Base Camp

US Europe
Brenner: You've got permission to leave camp, Will. Don't wander too far away. O'Brian: Ed, take care when you leave the camp. I don't think you should wander too far.
Will: Sure thing, Captain Brenner. Ed: Yes, Captain!
Brenner: I'm glad you've recovered enough to be up and about. O'Brian: You think you've recovered enough to travel?
Will: I've got you to thank for it, sir. Ed: Yes, thanks to you and everyone in the Legion.
Brenner: Well, don't push yourself too hard. And be careful. This area's not safe. O'Brian: Still, you should take it easy. Don't overdo it.
Will: Yeah, I... I know. Ed: It's just...
Brenner: What's wrong? O'Brian: What is it?
Will: The world really has changed, hasn't it? This ash is everywhere. The sky is dark. It's like a never-ending twilight has fallen. Even the ground is coated in it. I've never seen so much gray. Ed: The world has changed so much. I can't get used to it... The sky is full of ash, and it's always dark...
Brenner: Ashes to ashes... O'Brian: Ah yes, the ash...
Lin: When the meteors struck, huge clouds of dust and ash filled the sky and blocked out the sun. We haven't seen a single ray since. Lin: When the meteors struck, a vast cloud of dust and ash filled the atmosphere. It blocked the sun, and even now no rays of sunlight can break through it.
Will: When will the sky return to normal? Ed: When will the sky return to normal?
Lin: Years? Decades? Who can say? Lin: It will take a number of years. Perhaps even decades...
Brenner: Don't make that face, Will. We'll be OK. As long as there's life, there's hope. O'Brian: Don't make that face, Ed! As long as there is life, there is hope...
Will: As long as there's life... Ed: There is hope...
Brenner: Right. The world we knew is gone, but we can't give in to despair. Someday things will be set to right. We'll have peace, and the life we had will return. That's what I believe. That's why we must help everyone we can. O'Brian: That's right. The world we knew is gone, but we must not give in to despair. Peace will return. The sun will return. The life we had will return. This faith is what drives me to continue seeking survivors to help.
Will: Um... Ed: I think I understand...
Brenner: Keep it simple--never give up. If you can do that, anything is possible. Got it? O'Brian: Don't give up and one day all your hopes will be realised. Never forget that.
Will: Got it! Ed: Never give up...
Brenner: That's the spirit! Now let's get to work. Lin, I want recon units canvassing the area. O'Brian: You've got it! Now, we have work to do. Lin, begin preparing to search the surrounding area.
Lin: Yes, sir. Lin: Yes, Captain.
Brenner: No, I don't think so, Will. It's too dangerous. O'Brian: No, it's too dangerous out there. Stay here in the base camp...
Will: Oh, c'mon! Look, I know I'm still just a cadet, but that doesn't matter! I can drive or search or wash dishes or whatever. I just want to help. Ed: Please take me with you! I know I didn't even complete my cadet training... ...but I still want to do whatever I can to help you.
Brenner: You've got spirit, I'll give you that. OK, you're in. But if anything happens, get your tail back here. You're too weak to fight yet. O'Brian: You're determined, I'll give you that. Okay, you're in. But if things look dangerous, you'd better run. Don't think about fighting.
Will: Yes, sir! Ed: Yes, Captain!

Ruined City/A ruined city in Northern Laurentia.

US Europe
Will: Hey! Are you all right? Can you hear me? Ed: Did you find anyone?
Rubinelle: Hang it up, kid. We're too late. He's dead. They're all dead. Laurentian: There's no one here... They're all...dead.
Will: No... Ed: Not again!
Rubinelle: All these towns are the same. No survivors anywhere. Laurentian: This town is the same as all the others. There's no trace of any survivors.
Will: That can't be true! There have to be people out there who need our help. What if Captain Brenner had given up on me? We have to keep looking. Hello? Is anyone there? Ed: But there must be people out there who need our help... People struggling to hold on, just like I did. That's why we have to keep looking... Is anyone there?
Rubinelle: Move it, kid! Mission's over! We got raiders coming. Let Captain Brenner step in and take care of the hostiles. We stay out here any longer, and they'll be sizing us for body bags. Laurentian: The search has been called off. Those bandits have regrouped. We have to get out of here and let Captain O'Brian deal with them. It's not safe to stay here any longer. Let's move!
Will: Captain Brenner always says to never give up. Ed: No, let's keep searching for a little while longer. Remember what the Captain said: "Never give up hope".

Middle of Chapter

US Europe
Brenner: All nonmilitary personnel, fall back! This is now a combat zone! Get that tank up there and block the road! Keep that artillery safe! O'Brian: All civilians are to fall back! We'll deal with this... Block the enemy with the Tank and defend it with the Mech Gun!
Lin: Captain, the tank's main cannon is out of ammunition. We can attack with the tank's machine gun, but it's far less powerful. Lin: Captain, the Tank's main cannon is out of ammunition. It has a secondary gun but it is much less powerful...
Brenner: Then that's what we do. Get up there and open fire! Be sure to check the attack range of both enemy forces and your own. O'Brian: We have no choice. We'll have to use the secondary gun to attack. Be sure to check the strike range of both enemy forces and your own.
Lin: That's an artillery unit, a powerful indirect-attack unit. Take care of it. Lin: The Mech Gun is an indirect attack unit. Learn how to employ it.
The Beast: Gwar har har! You ain't getting away this time! You hear me, soldier boy? You and that punk kid are gonna pay! Drakov: Har-har-har!!! Get ready for payback time! We're going to take no prisoners!
Will: Hey! There's someone over there! Hold on! I'm coming! Can you hear me? Hold on! Ed: Look! Over there! Someone needs our help! Can you hear me? Are you okay?
Rubinelle: Is she alive? Laurentian: It looks like a young girl...
Will: I... I think so. Her breathing is really faint. Come on! We've got to get her back to camp! Ed: Her breathing is very faint, but she's still alive. Let's take her back to the camp.
Rubinelle: It ain't worth the trouble, kid. I doubt she's long for this world. Laurentian: Is it worth the trouble? I doubt she's going to pull through...
Will: I'm not giving up! If you won't help, I'll carry her myself! Ed: We have to help her! We can't just give up on her!
Rubinelle: Are you serious? Laurentian: But...!
Will: Hey! Can you hear me? Give me a sign, will you? Ed: Can you hear me? Answer me!
Rubinelle: That's it! I ain't sticking around to rescue a corpse! Laurentian: We've been here too long already! I'm going to get back to base.
Will: I know there's not much to see, but you can't give up. You're alive, you know? And where there's life, there's hope. Ed: I don't think you'll like what you see. Things aren't looking too good... But you're alive. And where there's life, there's hope...
???: ... ???: ... ... ... ...
Will: Yes! You heard me! You're alive! Ed: You're alive!
???: P-please tell me... Who are you? ???: P-Please tell me... Who are you?
Will: I'm Will. I'm with Brenner's Wolves. What's your name? Ed: My name is Ed. I'm a cadet in the Laurentian Army. Who are you?
???: I... I don't know. ???: I-I... I don't know...
Will: What do you mean? Ed: You don't know?!
???: I... I don't remember. I don't remember anything. ???: I don't know... I don't know who I am... I don't remember anything...
Will: OK, OK, don't worry. You've been through a lot. Everything's going to be fine. Just come with me. Ed: You've been through a lot. I'm sure your memory will return. But until then, you should stay with us.
???: ...All right. What's happening? ???: Stay with you? Are you sure? I understand. Wh-What's going on?
Will: Don't worry, you're safe. You're with the Rubinelle Army now. Ed: Don't worry. You're safe. You're with the Laurentian Army.
???: Rubinelle... Rubinelle is one of the two main countries on this continent. At the last known date, the army employed 1,296,973 men. ???: The Laurentian Army... One of the armies of the two main nations of this continent... It is an army of 1,296,000 recruits.
Will: What the... How do you know that? Ed: ...How do you know that?!
???: Rubinelle and its neighbor have been at war for a century. Despite several armistices, the fighting has never truly ended. Ten percent of Rubinelle's GDP is expended on weaponry and research. The last recorded assessment of its military strength was "Excellent." ???: Since the last century, Laurentia and Zephyrus have been at war... Despite several armistices, the war was never brought to a conclusion... Expenditure on new weaponry rose as high as 7% of Laurentian GDP... Laurentian military strength was rated as A-Grade at the last assessment...
Will: Where did you learn that? Ed: How do you know these things?!
???: I...I don't know. I don't understand. ???: I-I don't know. I d-don't understand...
Will: Yeah, OK... Let's talk about it later. Right now we have to get back to camp in one piece. Ed: We'll talk about it later. For now, our priority is surviving the enemy's onslaught...
???: All right. ???: Okay...
Lin: All units! Study the terrain, and use it to your advantage. Like ammo and food and everything else in this world, fuel is scarce. Avoid unnecessary movement, and keep an eye on your fuel gauge. Lin: All units, check the surrounding terrain. You can use it to your advantage. Just like ammunition, fuel is limited. All units, avoid unnecessary movement. Watch the fuel gauge!

End of Chapter

12th Battalion Base Camp/Independent Legion Base Camp

US Europe
Brenner: You OK, Will? O'Brian: Ed, are you okay?
Will: I'm fine, sir. But the girl we found... I don't know. I fond her unconscious near some ruined buildings. Ed: Yes, Captain. I'm fine. But I'm a bit worried about her... We found her in a ruined building. She was unconscious.
Brenner: Good work bringing her in. O'Brian: You did well to bring her back alive.
???: ... ???: ... ... ... ...
Brenner: What's your name, sweetie? O'Brian: What's your name?
???: Um...I don't know. ???: I-I don't know...
Brenner: You don't know? Listen, kid, I-- O'Brian: What do you mean, you don't know?!
Will: Captain Brenner! Let me explain... Ed: Captain O'Brian, let me explain...
Brenner: She lost her memory? Is that what you're saying? It's not surprising, with all that's happened to this world. Sometimes I wish mine was gone too. O'Brian: I see. So she's lost her memory. With the shock of all that's happened in the world, it doesn't surprise me...
Lin: There's more, sir. It seems the girl has detailed knowledge of our army. I would be interested to know where she obtained her information. ...Very interested, sir. Lin: According to Ed, she has detailed knowledge of the Laurentian Army. I would be interested to know how she obtained this knowledge...
Brenner: Easy, Lin. She's a survivor who needs our help, not an enemy combatant. Will saved her, and we're going to see that she gets someplace safe. Clear? O'Brian: All I know is that she is a survivor and she needs our help. Ed saved her life. Now take her somewhere safe.
Lin: Sir. Lin: Yes, Captain.
Brenner: She's your responsibility now, Will. Stay with her, and see that she's taken care of. O'Brian: Look after her, Ed. She's been through a lot.
Will: Understood! Ed: Yes, Captain!

Miscellaneous Text


US Europe
The Beast: GYAAAAA! NOT AGAIN! How did those dirtballs survive? This ain't over, ladies! You ain't seen the last of The Beast! Drakov: Gaaargh! Not again! How can this be happening...?! I will have my revenge! I will destroy you all!


US Europe
Will: I'm sorry, Captain. You saved me...and I've let you down... Ed: I'm sorry, Captain O'Brian. You saved my life, and now it's come to this...

Victory Page

US Europe
Brenner: Make sure the civilians are cared for. O'Brian: Check that no civilians were harmed.