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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story/Chapter 03

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This is a sub-page of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story.

The US version calls this chapter "Freehaven" while the UK version calls it "The Closed Village".

Start of Chapter

12th Battalion HQ/Independent Legion Headquarters

US Europe
Brenner: OK. See this spot on the map? That's our next destination. It's a small village. O'Brian: We've arrived. This is the village we've been heading towards.
Will: A village? With people? Ed: Village?
Brenner: That's right. The earthquakes and tidal waves destroyed most of the cities, but... In some places, survivors have begun banding together. This village is one such area. Admist the anarchy and chaos, they've come together to reestablish laws and government. O'Brian: After the earthquakes and tidal waves, most cities were completely destroyed. The survivors banded together and formed small villages. Among the chaos and anarchy, they established laws and systems of self-government.
Will: Laws? Why do they have laws? The world's been destroyed. There's no one left to help them enforce their laws. Ed: Laws?! Are there really still laws?! But there are no police left to go around making sure everyone obeys the law.
Brenner: That's why they're doing it on their own. They need some way to create order. No one forced them to do it. It's just natural to try to prevent murder and other crimes. You see, Will? Even in the most unexpected places, humanity shows its inherent virtue. O'Brian: That's precisely why the villages have had to establish and enforce their own laws. No one forced them to do it, but laws against theft and murder emerged completely naturally. That shows that human beings are fundamentally moral creatures...
Lin: Permission to disagree, Captain? It's not proof of virtue. It's simply a survival strategy. A society that doesn't punish murderers is a society where anyone can be murdered. A society of sleepless nights, where people live in fear of everyone around them. When faced with that, it only makes sense to band together and agree to prohibit murder. People are motivated by their own interests. The meteors didn't change that at all. Lin: No, it's simply a sensible tactic for survival. In a world where murder goes unpunished, everyone ends up fearing that they're next. People wouldn't even be able to sleep - they'd spend their time watching their neighbours. That's why they agreed on a law to forbid murder and to punish any transgressors. Human beings are motivated by their own selfish interests. They will never change...
Brenner: They certainly didn't change you, did they Lin? I see you still don't factor in human decency. As for you, Will, you and the girl will be safe once we get you to the village. You're civilians, so they'll welcome you with open arms. O'Brian: You're as rational as ever, Lin. But you never let human goodness enter the equation... Anyway, you'll be safe in this village, Ed. The villagers will be sure to welcome civilians like you warmly.

Freehaven/Sundown Village

US Europe
Civilian: Hold it right there! Identify yourselves! Civilian: Stop! Stop right there! Who are you?
Youth: D-don't try anything funny! We've got snipers watching you! Youth: Don't move another inch! We're armed, you know!
Brenner: My name's Brenner. I'm captain of the 12th Battalion of the Rubinelle Army. I need to talk to your mayor. Tell him I'm here. O'Brian: My name is Captain O'Brian of the 12th Independent Legion of the Laurentian Army. I want to talk to your Mayor. Tell him I'm here.
Civilian: What if you're with those raiders? What if you're here to attack us? Civilian: Maybe they're with the bandits who attacked our village!
Youth: Yeah, I bet that's it! You came back to kill us all, didn't you? Youth: Yeah, they've come back for more! They want to wipe us all out...
Brenner: Listen, we don't want trouble. Your mayor owes me his life. Tell him my name, and I'm sure he'll agree to see us. O'Brian: Listen to me! I'm not here to cause trouble! I once save your Mayor's life. Tell him my name - he'll know me.
Will: C'mon guys! Help us out, will you? Ed: Please do as he asked you!
Civilian: Hey... You're too young to be one of them raiders. Maybe you're OK after all. Wait here! We'll go get the mayor. Civilian: Look - there's a kid with them! It's not those bandits after all. Wait there! We'll get the Mayor...

Freehaven/Sundown Village

US Europe
Mayor: So it really is you. Your weapons and uniforms have my people scared half to death. What do you want, Brenner? we're trying to live in peace. We don't need your kind here. Mayor: O'Brian, what do you want? You scared our villagers witless. We only want to be left alone to live in peace.
Brenner: So it seems. Don't worry, we'll move out as soon as we finish what we came here for. We rescued some civilians a few clicks back, including an injured girl. I want you to take them. O'Brian: I know. We won't be hanging around any longer than necessary. We rescued some civilians, including an injured girl, and I want you to look after them.
Mayor: Things aren't that simple, friend. My village is barely getting by as is. I hope you're not marching in here and giving us orders. I truly don't. Mayor: Do you think it's as simple as that? We're struggling to get by as it is...
Brenner: No one's giving orders. I'm asking for your help. They're just a couple of kids. They're not going to make it out there alone. O'Brian: I'm asking you to help me. These civilians include children. They won't survive unless you are prepared to take them in.
Mayor: And that's not our fault! We didn't make this world, but we have to live in it. That's reality. Mayor: O'Brian, that isn't how the world works. Look around you! Stop ignoring reality!
Brenner: Reality? The reality is that there's nothing out there but cockroaches and corpses. These people survived. They're alive, and it's up to us to keep them that way. O'Brian: I know reality all too well. All I see are death and destruction... But if there are people in trouble, we must do what we can to save their lives.
Mayor: Maybe that was true before, but now? I don't think so. Millions and millions of people are dead. I don't think a couple more is such a tragedy. The more people we have living here, the more mouths we have to feed. We can't afford it. Mayor: Saving lives? That was important once, but not now. Millions of people have lost their lives already. Why worry about a few more? The more people who join the village, the more mouths we have to feed...
Brenner: So you think they're not worth saving? O'Brian: You think these lives aren't worth saving?
Mayor: That's not what I'm saying! We don't want to see anyone die, Brenner. You know that. But you don't know what you're asking. We simply don't have the means to take them in. I'm sorry. Mayor: That's not what I'm saying! We've taken in people in trouble before... But there are limits! This village is bursting at the seams...
Brenner: I see. O'Brian: ... ... ... ...
Mayor: You're soldiers. You can use your weapons to take what you need. All we want is to be left in peace. Now do us a favor, and take your troubles elsewhere. Mayor: You have weapons. You can look after yourselves... All we want is to be left in peace. So don't come here causing trouble again!
Civilian: You heard the mayor! Hit the road! We don't need warmongers in our lives! You read me? Civilian: You heard him! Get out of here! Let us live our lives in peace! We don't need you warmongers here!
Brenner: I read you. Sorry, Will, but it looks like you're going to be traveling with us until we find another village. O'Brian: ...I see. I'm sorry, Ed. It looks like you and the others will have to wait till we get to another village.
Will: Don't worry, Captain, that's fine with-- Ed: Captain, I will stay with you as long as...
Youth: Head for cover! Those raiders are back! Where's the mayor?! Youth: It's th-them! Th-They're back! Mayor, it's them!
Mayor: The raiders? Are you sure? Mayor: What?!
The Beast: Look at this, roaches! Soldier boy's visiting OUR village! Nothing like a nice day of raiding, murder, and revenge! Gwar har har! Drakov: Am I dreaming?! We go out on another village raid and look who we find! Revenge is going to be sweet! Leave no one alive! Har-har-har!!!
Brenner: Of all the luck... O'Brian: They're back...
Mayor: Dear mother of mercy! Look at those savages! You've got to help us, Brenner! They've destroyed every village in the region, and now they've come for us! Mayor: B-B-But what c-c-can we do?! They'll kill us all! C-Captain O'Brian, you've got to do something! Help us! They've attacked all the villages in the area, and they're back for us!
Brenner: All those innocent lives... O'Brian: They keep attacking the innocent...
Mayor: They have tanks! We have sticks and rocks! Please! You have to help us. Mayor: P-P-Please help! They've got tanks and we've got nothing! Do something!
Brenner: All right. Leave them to us. You get your people out of here. Start evacuating! O'Brian: Okay, we'll deal with them. Begin evacuating the villagers!
Mayor: In regards to payment... Mayor: Concerning repayment for helping us...
Brenner: There's no time for that now! Get moving! O'Brian: There's no time for that now! We'll discuss it afterwards!

Middle of Chapter

US Europe
Lin: Captain, we have only five units at our disposal, while the enemy has nine. They enjoy a significant advantage in firepower. Lin: Captain, we have only 5 units on the battlefield. The enemy has 9 units, so we are at a significant disadvantage.
Brenner: Bullets don't win wars. Soldiers do. And I'm betting ours are smarter! O'Brian: Victory is not decided by who has the most units. We have to use our heads.
Lin: The enemy has units in the mountains. That terrain weakens our attacks. Lin: Enemy units are in the mountains. That makes our attacks less effective.
Brenner: We can use the woods and mountain, too. I want casualties at a minimum. O'Brian: We'll use the woods and mountains too! Avoid all needless loss of life!
The Beast: Gwar har har! Is that all ya got? We're gonna slaughter you! Move! I want that dogface's head on a plate! Drakov: Har-har-har!!! Is that all you've got?! This is going to be a lot of fun! Destroy them! Destroy them all! Har-har-har!!!
Brenner: We're still outnumbered, and these scum will fight to the last man. O'Brian: They still have superior firepower and these bandits will fight to the death!
Lin: That's right, sir. I think we'll have to eliminate them all. Lin: Agreed. Our only choice is to wipe out all of the enemy units.
Will: One of the mech units has been hit. It's not looking too good. Ed: A Bazooka unit has been hit. Their condition is critical.
Lin: There's another mech unit. Units of the same type can be joined together. Combining two damaged units will give you one stronger unit. See how the battle unfolds, and join units if you feel it necessary. Lin: There is another Bazooka unit. You can join units of the same type. By combining forces, you can help damaged units to recover. When you judge it to be necessary, experiment with joining units.
The Beast: What are you waiting for? Kill 'em! Kill 'em all! Drakov: What are you waiting for?! Destroy them! Don't let them win!
Brenner: I'm going to wipe you out if it's the last thing I do. O'Brian: You haven't got a chance. Your days of preying on the weak are over.

End of Chapter

US Europe
Lin: We're awaiting confirmation on the enemy withdrawal. Lin: We're awaiting confirmation that the enemy has completely withdrawn...
Will: Sir, they're gone! There's not a raider to be seen for miles! Ed: They're gone! We did it!
Brenner: Good work, everyone. O'Brian: Good work, everyone!
Mayor: Captain, Brenner, I'd like to revisit our earlier conversation. I'm not above reconsidering my position on your refugees. Mayor: Captain, O'Brian. About the issue of allowing those civilians to stay here... I may have been too hasty in refusing to give you a fair hearing...
Brenner: Is that so? O'Brian: I see...
Mayor: It is. However, there is one...condition. Mayor: However, there is one condition...
Brenner: Go on. O'Brian: Condition?
Mayor: As you've seen, we live in constant danger from those raiders. They may well regroup and attack us again tomorrow. Do you really think it's a good idea to leave your kids in such a situation? Mayor: As you've seen, we live with the constant threat of raids by bandits. They may be back tomorrow. We can't guarantee the safety of anyone staying in the village. Do you really think this is the best place to leave the civilians?
Will: Kids? Hey, I can look after-- Ed: Don't worry about me...
Mayor: We know where the raiders' camp is. They've taken over an old army base east of here. Unfortunately, we don't have the weapons or training to go after them. Mayor: We know that the bandits are staying in the former Laurentian Army base to the east. But we haven't got the weapons or training to take them on...
Brenner: I get it. So we wipe out the raiders, and you'll agree to take in-- O'Brian: I get it. We take out the bandits, and in exchange for that you'll...
Mayor: Something like that, yes. If you agree to my proposal, I'll consider your request. Mayor: Right... I will reconsider my decision concerning the matter we discussed earlier...

Miscellaneous Text


US Europe
The Beast: NOOO! Yer gonna pay for this! Head for home, roaches! We'll feast on these fools another day! Drakov: Gaaargh! I can't believe this! You will pay for this! All units get back to the base! You haven't seen the last of us!


US Europe
Brenner: Sorry, Will... I guess this old soldier wasn't able to find a safe place for you...after all... O'Brian: I'm sorry, Ed... I wasn't able to find a safe place for you and the


Will: No! Captain Brenner! I just wanted to stay with you... Ed: Captain O'Brian, you have nothing to apologise for! I just wanted to stay with you and the rest of the Legion...

Victory Page

US Europe
Brenner: That's how the 12th Battalion fights! O'Brian: The Independent Legion fights with honour.