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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story/Chapter 04

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This is a sub-page of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story.

The US version calls this chapter "Moving On" while the UK version calls it "Next Destination".

Beginning of Chapter

US Europe
The Beast: Listen, up, roaches! We're low on supplies, so it's time to swarm a village! Take what ya want! Steal what ya want! Kill who ya want! There's no law but The Beast's law! No prisoners! No mercy! Gwar har har har! Drakov: Listen to me! We need to steal more! We need to attack more villages! Whatever you want to take, it's yours! Har-har-har!!! And remember - we take no prisoners!
Lin: Sir, the mayor was right. Those raiders are camped at an old army base. That's probably where they scavenged their weapons and vehicles. Lin: The bandits' base is where the Laurentian Northern Legion used to be stationed. The bandits must have armed themselves with the weapons which were stored there.
Brenner: They lack the discipline of a comptent army unit, but not the fighting skill. O'Brian: Seeing how they do battle, it's obvious that they know what they're doing.
Lin: Agreed. And we know there are former soldiers and mercenaries among their number. Lin: Right. There must be former soldiers or mercenaries among their number...
Brenner: They may have been fellow soldiers once, but they're just a pack of dogs now. Let's put them down before they do any more harm to the survivors. O'Brian: Whoever they once were, they are mere bandits now. It's time to get them!
Will: Captain Brenner! All units have been deployed, sir! Ed: Captain! All units have been deployed!
Brenner: Good. Still no sign of the enemy? O'Brian: Good. But still no sight of the enemy?
Will: No, sir. But this dust prevents us from seeing much of anything. Of course, it keeps us hidden too, so I guess it's not all bad! Ed: No. But with this cloud of dust, the enemy won't be able to see us either.
Lin: My training was in reconnaissance and intelligence. Leave this to me. All units, move out! Lin: My training was in reconnaissance, so leave locating the enemy to me. Now, let battle commence.

Middle of Chapter

US Europe
Rubinelle: Scount unit Bravo reporting. Visibility is poor, and we've lost visual contact with the enemy. I can hear something out there... I think they know we're here, sir. Laurentian: This is the Advance Infantry unit reporting... Visibility is very poor. We have lost all sight of the enemy. But there is a real danger that the enemy knows our position...
Lin: Understood, Bravo. Get somewhere safe. We're on our way. Lin: Understood. Time is not on our side. We will begin our advance.
Rubinelle: Watch the woods, sir. I think the raiders are hiding there. Laurentian: Roger that. The enemy is hidden in the woods. We need to stay alert...
Lin: The flare unit is ready to fire. Lin: Is the Flare unit ready to launch the flare rocket?
Will: Oh! We studied this at the academy! Flares can help reveal enemy positions in poor-visibility conditions. Ed: Flare rocket? We studied this at the Laurentian Military Academy! When visibility is limited, firing flares can help reveal enemy positions.
Lin: Smart kid. Maybe you'll be some help to us after all. Aim the flare anywhere you think the raiders may be hiding. This unit could be the key to our victory today. Lin: Right. Locating hidden enemies with flares gives us a huge advantage. Aim the flares at where you judge the enemy to be hidden. Mastering the use of the Flare unit could be the key to victory here.
Lin: Get those foot soldiers into the mountains, now! Lin: Position units on the surrounding mountains.
Will: Into the mountains? Why? Ed: On mountains? But why?
Lin: Did they stop teaching basic recon tactics at the academy? Infantry and mech units can see farther when stationed on mountains. Lin: They didn't teach you this? It's one of the basics of reconnaissance work. Infantry and Bazooka units can see further if stationed on mountains.
The Beast: Surprise, little man! The Beast is coming out of his cave! Drakov: Har-har-har!!! They didn't see that coming! Wipe them out!
The Beast: No one attacks The Beast in his own home! No one! Swarm, roaches! Show no mercy! Drakov: Gaaargh! They think they can attack our base, do they?! Let's give our visitors a welcome they'll remember! Show no mercy!
Will: Scout unit Bravo has been hit! Ed: The Advance Infantry unit has been hit...
Lin: I'm trying to raise them on the radio... Bravo, do you read? Over. Lin: I'm trying to get in radio contact. Can you hear me?
Laurentian: Scout unit Bravo reporting! We're taking heavy fire! We can't continue the mission! We have to retreat! Rubinelle: This is the Advance Infantry unit. No fatalities, but we've taken heavy damage. Cannot continue mission...
Lin: Understood. Double-time it back to base, soldier. Lin: Understood. Return to the base by the route we decided on.
Laurentian: Roger that, sir! Rubinelle: Roger that. We're heading back...
Lin: Pay attention, Will. Remember that soldiers are a precious resource. We know there is risk in war, and some casualties are inevitable. But it's our duty to get as many of them home as possible. Lin: Ed, always remember that your soldiers are a precious resource. Of course you must send troops into harm's way and risk is unavoidable... But we have a duty to get everyone we can back alive and earn their trust. Now, let's get on with the battle!

End of Chapter

US Europe
Mayor: You did it! You drove off those savages! Mayor: You did it?! You defeated them?! Can it be true?!
Brenner: I don't think they'll bother you again. O'Brian: Mission accomplished. Those bandits won't be troubling you again.
Mayor: Thank you, Captain Brenner! I think my village can sleep soundly tonight. Mayor: Thank you, Captain O'Brian! Thanks to you, we can sleep soundly again...
Brenner: I'm glad. Now let's talk about your side of the bargain. We drove them off. Now you need to provide Will and the other civilians with shelter. O'Brian: Now, about our agreement... We fulfilled our side of the bargain. So make sure Ed and the other civilians hve adequate food and shelter...
Mayor: I didn't agree to that. Mayor: ...Agreement? I don't recall agreeing to anything.
Brenner: ..What are you doing? We saved your village. You promised to take in the civilians. O'Brian: ...What?! You said that if we accepted your one condition, you would give shelter to Ed and the others.
Mayor: I said nothing of the sort, Captain. All I said was that if you scared off those savages, then I would CONSIDER it. Isn't that right, people? That's what I said! Your mayor is a man of his word! Mayor: I think you jumped to the wrong conclusion. I said nothing of the sort. All I said was that if you took care of those bandits, I would think about it again. Am I right, everyone? I'm not a liar, am I?
Civilian: Yeah! That's right! That's what he said! Civilian: That's right! That's all he said!
Brenner: I don't believe this! O'Brian: ... ... ... ...
Mayor: Captain, please! Control yourself! Even you can see that this "bargain" of yours affects my entire village. I may be the mayor, but I do not rule by fiat. We are civilized men, after all. We will come to a decision in due course. Until then...you must be patient. Mayor: You must understand, Captain O'Brian, that this is an issue that affects the whole village. It's not something that we can decide on without proper consultation of every villager. We will decide in due course. Please be patient until then.
Brenner: Why, you double-crossing-- O'Brian: Why, you...!
Mayor: You have only yourself to blame for your anger, Captain. If you misunderstood my words, then the fault is yours alone. I have done nothing wrong. Mayor: Why are you reacting like this? What have you got to be angry about? You simply misunderstood my words. I have done nothing in the least wrong...
Brenner: I see. O'Brian: ... ... ... ...
Mayor: Will you threaten us now? Will you let your guns take the place of your honor? Perhaps we should have taken our chances with the savages! Mayor: Don't tell me you are threatening me! So you are letting your guns do the talking? You're no different from those bandits...
Brenner: ...No, Mayor. I won't threaten you. I won't do anything to unnerve these people that you pretend to care for. O'Brian: I am not angry. And I am not threatening you. It's just that I'm remembering you as you were only a short time ago.
Mayor: Wh-what? How dare you! Mayor: Wh-what?
Brenner: I remember you. I remember how you were. Scared. Alone. On the verge of death. Do you remember your words to me when my men gave you food and shelter? "I will save others as you have saved me, Brenner." "I will construct a village where all can live in peace and rebuild their lives." Do you remember that? Or did I misunderstand your words again? O'Brian: You were on the verge of starvation. I can still recall your words when I gave you food... "I will save others as you have saved me. I will build a village where we can live in peace." Do you still remember that? Or have you decided to forget?
Mayor: Who are you to say such? You're a killer! A soldier! A relic of the past! I give these people peace. I give them hope. You give nothing but horror and death! Mayor: How dare you speak to me like that?! I am the Mayor of this village! Who do you think you are?!
Will: Captain Brenner! Ed: Captain, it's okay.
Brenner: ...Will? O'Brian: Ed...?
Will: Sir, I know you have our best interests at heart, but it's OK. Look, I know it might be safer here in this village, but I don't want to stay. I want to serve with you, Captain. You and the battalion. Ed: I know you have our best interests at heart. But you don't have to worry anymore. I am sure that if we were to stay here, it might as well be safer for us... But I want to stay with you, Captain O'Brian. You and everyone in the Legion.
Brenner: Out of the question, Will. It's too dangerous. People who truck with us don't live very long. You're young. Your life is ahead of you. O'Brian: Ed, that's not an option. It's just too dangerous. Stay with us and you'll be caught up in battles again. You have your whole life ahead of you...
Will: Please, Captain. Please. Let me stay. Let me fight with you. Ed: Captain O'Brian, I am a soldier just like you. Let me fight alongside you.
Brenner: Honestly, I don't seem to have much choice. And I admire your courage... All right. Lin! Will! Prepare to move out! ...Good luck, Mayor. I think you'll need it. O'Brian: But... It looks like I have no choice. You're brave, I'll give you that. Sorry for the trouble, Mayor. Lin, prepare to move out!
Will: Hey. How's she doing? Ed: Hello. I'm here to see how she's doing.
Woman: Oh, Will! Thanks for coming again today! She's going to be very pleased. Woman: Ed, thanks for coming again today! I know she'll be very pleased.
Will: I hope so. Sometimes, I... I just don't know if she even gets it. You know? Ed: I hope you're right. It's still so hard to communicate with her.
Woman: She looks forward to your visits, Will. When you're here, she is bright and cheerful. Otherwise, she seems a bit...sad. Woman: But I know she looks forward to your visits. When you stop by to see her, she seems to brighten up a bit. The rest of the time, she looks a little lost and lonely.
Will: Really? Ed: Really? Is that true?
Woman: Really. But don't worry about it. We'll take care of her. She's going to be OK. Woman: Yes, it is true. Ed, I know that you are a soldier... ...and you need to keep your mind on the job. Please don't worry too much about her...
Will: Um... Hi. How's it going today? I... brought you something! I hope you like it. Ed: Ummm... I brought you something for today. I hope you like it...
???: A flower? ???: A flower?
Will: Yeah. Well, it's not a real flower. It's plastic. You can't find many real flowers anymore. I found it while I was on a recon mission a few miles over. Ed: It's not a real flower. It's just plastic... I picked it up during a routine scouting mission...
???: It's... It's beautiful. What do you call it? ???: A flower... It's beautiful... What type of flower is it?
Will: Huh? Oh, I don't know. I'm not much of a flower... scientist...guy. Let me ask Lin. Ed: I think it's called a Catleia. That's what First Lieutenant Lin said.
???: No, I wait! I remember... This is a Cattleya isabella. It's a natural hybrid of the orchid family. Cattleya... Yes, that's it! That will be my name. I will be named after this beautiful flower you brought me. My name is Cattleya! ???: Catleia... Catleia... I will be Catleia! That will be my name! I'll be named after the flower you brought me...
Will: Uh...Cattelya? Wow, that's...that's uh... That's kind of hard to say, actually. How about we call you Isabella? That's really pretty. It fits you better. Ed: Catleia? That's a great name!
Isabella: Isabella? Oh! I love it, Will! I'm so happy! Catleia: Do you really think so? I'm so happy!
Will: Yeah? Oh, good! I think it suits you. Ed: Catleia! It really suits you!
Isabella: Thank you, Will! Catleia: Thank you!
Lin: Boy meets girl. Boy gives girl flower. Boy names girl. ...What's wrong with this world? Lin: It sounds like you two are having fun.
Will: Lieutenant! Um...what are you doing here? Ed: Yes... ...First Lieutenant Lin?! What are you doing here?
Lin: I've been here. The whole time. Juuuust keeping an eye on you. Lin: I've been here all along. I'm just keeping an eye on you...

Miscellaneous Text


US Europe
The Beast: GYYYAAAAA! They defeated me! This ain't happenin'! The world is over! Why do these do-gooders care what we do?! I'm The Beast! No one says no to me! Not even a bunch of soldier boys! I'll be back, losers! And I'm gonna kill every last one of ya! Drakov: Gaaargh! They defeated us... This can't be happening! Why did they attack us?! With the world destroyed, we did what we wanted... We stole what we wanted, we attacked who we wanted... And then those do-gooders came along... But I won't let them win! Gaaargh!


US Europe
Lin: Fall back! All units, fall back! Captain Brenner... I failed. I'm sorry... Lin: Captain O'Brian, I'm so sorry... I'm so sorry I failed you...
Brenner: Lin? Are you there? ...Lieutenant Lin, respond! LIIIIIIN! O'Brian: Lin! Are you there?! Lin, respond if you can hear me! Are you there...?!

Victory Page

US Europe
Lin: I never miss a thing. Lin: On the battlefield, I never miss a thing.