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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story/Chapter 05

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This is a sub-page of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story.

The US version calls this chapter "New Allies" while the UK version calls it "New Ally".

Beginning of Chapter

US Europe
Brenner: We're here. O'Brian: We're here.
Will: There are still some buildings standing. Maybe the people survived too. Ed: There are buildings still standing... There must be people who survived too...
Lin: At first glance, this city seems extraordinarily well preserved. Lin: At first sight, this city seems to be extraordinarily well-preserved...
Brenner: All right. Spread out and look for survivors. Move slow and easy. I don't want anyone to mistake us for raiders. O'Brian: We'll find the local inhabitants. Let's hope that no one misjudges us from our appearance and thinks we're bandits.
Dr. Morris: Hello! I say, you there! Can you hear me? Dr Moritz: Hello! Can you hear me? You over there! Can you hear me?
Brenner: Yes, I hear you. Are you hurt? Do you need assistance? O'Brian: ???
Dr. Morris: Please, my good man! Not one step further! Do you come in peace? Dr Moritz: I represent the inhabitants of Lotra City. Do you come in peace?
Brenner: I do. I'm Captain Brenner. I lead the 12th Battalion of the Rubinelle Army. O'Brian: I am Captain O'Brian, and I lead the 12th Independent Legion of the Laurentian Army.
Dr. Morris: You don't say! Why, that's simply marvelous! Welcome, Captain Brenner, welcome! It is a great honor to have you here! Dr Moritz: Really? That's simply marvellous! Captain O'Brian, you are very welcome! It is our very great honour to have you here!
Brenner: Thank you. Who are you? O'Brian: And who are you?
Dr. Morris: My name is Dr. Morris. I was elected to speak for the free citizens of New Wolfington. Dr Moritz: My name is Dr Moritz. I act as a kind of representative for the citizens of Lotra.
Brenner: Are you in charge here? O'Brian: Which makes you their leader?
Dr. Morris: Oh ho ho! I guess you could say that. I told them I wasn't really the man for the job, but they chose me anyway. I used to be a resident...but now I'm a PRESIDENT! Oh ho! Oh ho ho ho ho ho! Dr Moritz: I suppose you could say that! I don't know if I'm really up to the job, but they chose me! I suppose the main reason I was chosen is obvious! Because I'm just so good looking! Ha ha ha!!!
Brenner: ... O'Brian: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Dr. Morris: Hmm... Perhaps you didn't hear me correctly. I SAID that I used to be-- Dr Moritz: So you don't appreciate my brand of Laurentian humour then? Or perhaps you didn't hear me properly! I'll tell you once more I was chosen...
Brenner: I heard you. My unit is desperately short of supplies. Can your town spare food, medicine, or weapons? We will repay you however we can. O'Brian: We can discuss your reasons for election later. First of all, we need to discuss supplies. Of course, we don't expect this for free. We will repay you in whatever way we can.
Dr. Morris: Supplies, eh? Well, you see... Oh ho! Giving yourself a twenty-one-gun salute, eh, Brenner? Dr Moritz: That should be no problem. We'll... What was that?! I didn't ask for a cannon salute to welcome you!
Brenner: Those weren't my men. I think we're under attack. I suggest you make yourself scarce, Doc. This could get ugly. O'Brian: We're under attack. Find somewhere safe. This is going to turn into a battlefield...

Middle of Chapter

US Europe
Lin: Intel reports that the raiders have regrouped to attack this city. They're tenacious. I'll give them that. Stupid...but tenacious. Lin: Initial reports say it is the bandits. We believed we had destroyed them as a fighting force, but they're back...
Brenner: Stupid can still kill you, Lin. Let's move out! That factory seems undamaged. Can we get it up and running? O'Brian: Let's move! That factory looks to still be in good condition. Can we use it?
Dr. Morris: Oh yes, it works. And that's a FACT! ...Get it? Fact? Factory? ...Ahem! Dr Moritz: Yes, it is fully functional.
Dr. Morris: Countless automated weapons factories were built during the Great War. But I'm sure you are more familiar with that than I am. If you have the materials, you can use them to produce units. Dr Moritz: Countless automated weapons factories were built during Zephyrian wars. I'm sure you are much more familiar with their workings than I am... Although it will cost you, you should be able to produce weapons and units.
Brenner: I've heard of such factories, but I've never operated one. O'Brian: Really? You're sure we'll be able to control the production?
Dr. Morris: Oh ho! It's easy as pie! We just need someone to capture them. If you do so, we will turn control of the factory over to you and your men. We will also provide you with what few troops we have. Dr Moritz: Engineers from the city have repaired the automated systems. In the factories in this area, you should be able to control production. We can also provide you with fully trained, battle-ready troops...
Brenner: That will help. Thank you. O'Brian: That's a big help...
Dr. Morris: I assume I can leave the military decisions to you, Captain? Dr Moritz: Captain O'Brian, can I leave all of the military decisions to you?
Brenner: I think that's for the best. But at the risk of sounding ungrateful, why are you doing this? O'Brian: I think that's best. Excuse this question, but do you really trust us that much?
Dr. Morris: This is no ordinary band of soldiers you command, Captain. Am I right? Stories of Brenner's Wolves have spread across this ruined land. This world is destroyed, yet you devote yourself to helping survivors. The people of New Wolfington saw fit to trust me. I hope I can trust you. Dr Moritz: Captain O'Brian, I have heard a lot about you and your Legion... With the world devastated, you still devote yourself to helping people... In this world where it is no longer safe to fully trust anyone... ...I want to put my trust in you. I hope that is okay.
Brenner: I'll do all that I can. Now get to safety. There isn't much time. O'Brian: I appreciate the cooperation. Now, we have work to do!
Dr. Morris: I would strongly suggest that you move a foot soldier or bike to the factory. Once captured its automated systems will become fully operational. This will allow you to produce more units! Dr Moritz: I would strongly suggest that you move an infantry unit to the factory. Once captured, its automated systems will become operational. Then you can produce more units!
Brenner: Got it! Let's capture the factory! O'Brian: Got it! Let's capture the factory!
Brenner: Infantry, mech, and bike units can capture factories and cities. O'Brian: Infantry, Bazooka, and Motorbike units can capture factories and cities.
Will: The capture is under way! Ed: Capture has commenced!
Lin: You can't capture a factory or city in a single day. You have to keep at it. Select Capture again on the following day to finish the process. Lin: You cannot completely capture assets in one day. Continue in subsequent turns. Select Capture again the following day to progress in capturing assets.
The Beast: Gwar har har! No one makes a fool of The Beast and lives to tell about it! Swarm, roaches! Take what you can, and leave no one alive! Drakov: They think they can make fools of us! But their luck has run out! Show no mercy! Destroy them all!
Will: The city has been captured! Ed: The city has been captured!
Dr. Morris: Good! Restoring power to cities will boost your factory production. You see, factories use hard resources to generate a recalibrated-- Dr Moritz: Good! By restoring power to cities, factory production is boosted. By utilising physical resources obtained in the city, the operational status...
Will: Whoa, wait. What? I'm sorry, I... I didn't understand a thing you just said. Ed: Sorry, Doctor. Could you use simple words?
Dr. Morris: Funds! Capture more cities, get more funds, build more things! Sometimes I'm a bit too clever for my own good. Oh ho ho! Dr Moritz: I'm talking about military funds. Capture more cities, get more funds!
Will: The factory has been captured! Now we can produce more units. Ed: The factory has been captured! So now we can produce more units?
Dr. Morris: Yes, although the kinds of units you can produce are limited at the moment. But I'm sure you'll take what you can get, eh? You can begin production the day after you capture a factory. Dr Moritz: That's right. But the range of units you can produce is limited right now. But even so, the factory will no doubt give your forces a major boost. You are able to begin production on the day after capturing factories.
Lin: This unit has taken damage, but it can be repaired. Position a damaged unit on a friendly city or factory so it can recover. Be smart. Don't push your units too hard. Lin: A unit has been hit. But it can be repaired. Position the unit on your cities or factories and it will recover. Don't push your units too hard. Give them the chance to recover.
Dr. Morris: Ah ha! Success! Now you can produce units in this factory. Select a factory to see what units it can produce. Dr Moritz: At long last, you can produce units in the factory! Select the factory to see the units which you can produce.
(To produce units, move the cursor onto the factory with the +Control Pad and press the A button, or just touch it with the stylus.) (To produce units, move the cursor on to the factory or alternatively touch it with the stylus.)

End of Chapter

US Europe
Dr. Morris: Before all this, I worked as a medical researcher. My days were spent running small rats through large mazes. When the world was destroyed, I dug out of my ruined lab and made my way here. There were so many sick and injured people... I just did what I could. Dr Moritz: Before the meteor strike, I worked as a medical researcher, mostly with lab rats! But when the world was destroyed, I made my way to this city... There were so many sick and injured people. I did what I could...
Youth: We owe our lives to Dr. Morris! He saved us. Youth: We owe our lives to Dr Moritz! If he hadn't helped me, I wouldn't be here today...
Dr. Morris: And I didn't even run them through a maze! Oh ho! Oh ho ho ho ho ho! Dr Moritz: Well, humans are easier to deal with than rats! At least I speak their language! Ha ha ha!!!
Will: ... Ed: ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...
Dr. Morris: Laughter is good for you, you know. You should try it sometime. Dr Moritz: What's wrong? Don't appreciate my Laurentian humour? Feel free to laugh as much as you like!
Will: Um...Heh? Ed: Er... Thank you...
Youth: He's an amazing man, but his jokes are TERRIBLE! Youth: If only he didn't insist on telling those awful jokes all the time...
Will: Dr. Morris, you remind me a bit of Captain Brenner. I was near death when he found me. He saved my life. It's good that there are still people like you and him in this world. Ed: You are like Captain O'Brian... If it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be here. He saved my life. Even with the world in this state... ...there are still those like you and the Captain who want to help other people.
Brenner: ...Yes, but my sense of humor still works... O'Brian: I may have something in common with Dr Moritz, but at least I don't tell terrible jokes. I have some pride, after all...
Dr. Morris: Well you shouldn't make me out to be some kind of hero, Will. I was a selfish man. I entered medicine to satisfy my curiosity, not help people. I'd never even seen a patient before the meteors struck. I guess such situations teach you what really matters, eh, Captain? Dr Moritz: Ha ha ha!!! Well, you shouldn't make me out to be some kind of hero, Ed. I entered medicine not to help people, but to satisfy my own interests in research. I held medical qualifications, but I'd never even seen a patient before the meteors struck. But I suppose that in extreme situations, you learn what is truly important... Do you know what I mean, Captain O'Brian?
Brenner: I know what you mean. O'Brian: I know exactly what you mean.
Dr. Morris: Yes! Exactly! But I fear we have other, more pressing issues to discuss. With your people and my people combined, we have several hundred mouths to feed. However, our supplies are running lower than a snake in a wheel rut! Dr Moritz: It's good that we see things the same way! Now, there's an issue I need to discuss with you. Your Legion and the citizens of this city combine to make a group of several hundred people. Each of these people requires food in order to live. Which means we have a problem...
Brenner: A shortage of food is hardly a joking matter, Doctor. O'Brian: A shortage of food is a very serious matter...
Dr. Morris:Huh? Did I make a joke? Anyway, I think I know how to solve our little problem. But I will need your help... Dr Moritz: But I know the perfect place to go in order to solve this problem... Captain O'Brian, I want to ask you for your help.

Miscellaneous Text


US Europe
The Beast: No! Not again! GYYYAAAAAAA! The Beast is invincible! Drakov: Why?! How?! Not again...
Brenner: Your road ends here, Beast. O'Brian: This is the end of the road for you.
Dr. Morris: Captain Brenner? I'm afraid you'll have to return the units you produced. Automated units only function near the factory where they were made. Stay too far, and you'll be left with useless lumps of metal! Dr Moritz: Captain O'Brian, I'm afraid you'll have to return the units you produced. The unit can only be used in ranged of the factory where they were made. Go too far from area, and you're left with useless lumps of metal.
Brenner: Thanks, Doc. This is a huge help. O'Brian: Yes, I am aware of that. Now we just need to resupply and repair our units.


US Europe
Brenner: No! I failed... O'Brian: I'm sorry! My strategy failed...
Dr. Morris: No! Captain Brenner! Please don't give up! Dr Moritz: C-Captain O'Brian! D-Don't give up!

Victory Page

US Europe
Brenner: Now, where were we...? O'Brian: Now, where were we...?