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Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story/Chapter 06

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This is a sub-page of Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/English Translation Differences/Campaign/Story.

The US version calls this chapter "Fear Experiment" while the UK version calls it "Observer of Fear".

Beginning of Chapter

US Europe
Dr. Morris: Tell me, my boy, do you know why it is that dinosaurs became extinct? Dr Moritz: Do you know why the dinosaurs became extinct?
Will: Huh? No, but I bet Captain Brenner does. Ed: Ummm... Captain O'Brian, do you know?
Brenner: Not likely. Lin! Front and center. O'Brian: Don't ask me things like that! Lin, tell us!
Lin: There are many possible explanations. I assume you're referring to the meteor theory? Lin: There are a number of theories, one of which is that there was a meteor strike...
Dr. Morris: Oh ho! Right you are. The theory states a meteor struck the planet millions of years ago. The impact caused megatsunamis upward of 300 feet in height to sweep the globe. The shock waves spawn earthquakes reaching 12.0 and 13.0 on the Richter scale. Pieces of the meteor ignited global wildfires, causing enormous devastation... Dinosars, without the benefit of fireproof surfboards, were ill equipped to survive. Dr Moritz: Right. The dinosaurs may have witnessed the same destruction which we saw. According to this theory, a meteor hit Earth some 65 million years ago. It set fire to huge areas of the planet's surface, causing enormous devastation. Earthquakes of 12 or 13 on the Richter Scale caused tidal waves 100 metres in height. It seems that surfing was not one of the strong points of the dinosaurs...
Lin: Fireproof surfboards? Whatever. The point is, most dinosaurs prished. One day they ruled the world, and the next, they were a few pages in our history books. Lin: Most dinosaurs are believed to have perished because of that catastrophic event. Although they had ruled the Earth up to then, their reign came to a sudden, brutal end.
Will: But we survived our meteors. Ed: But humans managed to survive.
Dr. Morris: So we did, so we did. Cockroaches aren't nature's only durable creature, are they? Three cheers for mankind, and for much smaller meteors too! Ho ho! Dr Moritz: That's right. We have survived. Let's hear it for mankind! Ha ha ha!!! But I still think we've got nothing on cockroaches when it comes to survival skills!
Brenner: Can we move this along, Doc? What is it you want to tell us? O'Brian: And what exactly was your point again?
Dr. Morris: Yes, of course. Meteors...dinosaurs...cockroaches... Oh yes! The clouds of ash! That's it. The ash blocks out the sun, which of course means that plant life withers and dies. Some may say the fate of the dinosaurs was sealed by similar sunlight-blocking clouds. Dr Moritz: Let's get serious for a moment. As you know, there is a huge dust cloud above us. Without sunlight, humans cannot grow crops. Plants wither and die with no energy source. It may be that it was the cloud of dust and ash which actually caused the end of the dinosaurs.
Brenner: So you're saying we're going to share their fate? Is that it? O'Brian: So what can we do?
Dr. Morris: No need to panic, Captain. Unlike the luckless dinosaurs, we possess knowledge and science. If we can get the automated crop factory running, we'll have as much grain as we want. Dr Moritz: There's no need to panic. We are humans and are blessed with knowledge and science. We are nearing completion of our research into Bio-Crops. They will give us plenty of food.
Brenner: Automated what? O'Brian: Bio-Crops?
Dr. Morris: A factory with an environmental system designed for the cyclic cultivation of genetically... Dr Moritz: Bio-Crops were developed after research into anaerobic and non-photosynthetic catalytic...
Brenner: Whoa! Spare me the scientific mumbo jumbo. You're giving me a headache. Cut to the chase, and tell me what I need to know--no jokes, no science. Clear? O'Brian: Dr Moritz, I'm starting to get a headache. Your explanations are worse than your jokes. Could you get straight to the point?
Dr. Morris: Yes, of course. Ahem. If we can get the systems running, we can produce food. We won't be able to sustain a population of millions, but we'll be able to feed New Wolfington. I trust that was clear enough. Oh, but there is one thing I worry about... Dr Moritz: If we can grow Bio-Crops successfully, we will have enough to eat. Simple, right? We won't be able to feed millions of people, but we can produce food for Lotra's citizens. But there is one thing I worry about...
Will: What's that, Dr. Morris? Ed: What's that, Dr Moritz? What are you worried about?
Dr. Morris: Hmm, I wonder... Yes. Let me ask you a question, young man. Do you believe in evil? The kind that revels in the destruction of the world and of mankind with it? The kind of evil that thrives on the pain, suffering, and sorrow of innocents? Dr Moritz: Let me ask you a question, young man. Do you believe in demons? Do you believe there are those who are glad that our world - our way of life - was destroyed? Do you think there are people who thrive in this devastation and chaos?
Will: Uh...what are you talking about? Ed: Wh-What do you mean?
Dr. Morris: Oh, I'm just thinking out loud. Pay me no mind at all. I've actually forgotten what it is I asked you. Ho ho! Dr Moritz: No, it doesn't matter. Forget I said anything! In fact, I've forgotten what I was saying myself! Ha ha ha!!!

Middle of Chapter

US Europe
Brenner: Status report, Lin. O'Brian: Lin, talk to me!
Lin: Unidentified units in the field, sir. They're ignoring all communications. Lin: This is strange. There is no response to our calls to identify themselves...
Brenner: They're advancing on our positions! Move out! O'Brian: They don't look friendly... Let's move!
Penny: Tee hee hee! Is it OK, Daddy? Lili: Tee he he!!! Daddy, is it really okay?
Caulder: Of course, little one. Play to your heart's desire. Do remember to record the battle, though. I must know how each soldier fights... and how each one dies. Stolos: Of course it's okay! Enjoy yourself! But remember to record the battle. I want to see how the soldiers fought... ...and how they died!
Cyrus: Father, I cannot condone this. I can see no reason for us to attack these people. It is meaningless-- Cyrus: ...I am sorry to speak out of turn, but I simply cannot agree, Father... Why must we start this fight? What meaning does it have? What necessity is there to inflict this suffering? It's a terrible waste...
Caulder: Meaningless? Whatever are you babbling about? Is there a more meaningless expenditure of energy than life itself? I think not! Stolos: Waste? You talk to me about waste? What greater waste of resources is there than people themselves?
Penny: Get 'em! Get 'em! Boooom! Tee hee! Lili: Tee he he!!! Here I go!
Caulder: What's wrong, pumpkin? Did those bad people blow up alll your toys? I suppose you'll be wanting more. Well, what's the magic word? Stolos: What's wrong, sweetheart? They blew up your toys already? It would be a shame to end the battle so soon. Let's spice things up a bit!
Penny: PLEEEEEEEASE! I wanna big BOOOOOM! Lili: Daddy, can I use that new toy now? Tee he he!!! This is so fun!
Caulder: How could I deny such a well-mannered little girl? I look forward to seeing how they respond to the world's mightiest tank. This should prove to be most enlightening. Stolos: Anything you want, my dear! Let's observe how they respond to the world's most powerful tank... This is most interesting!
Will: Look! Reinforcements! And... Ohmygosh! Th-that tank! It's enormous! Ed: The enemy has sent in reinforcements! Th-That tank...it's enormous!
Brenner: Bring us to speed, Lin! Give us what you have on that monster. O'Brian: What is it?! Lin, any information?
Lin: I'm sorry, sir. Our database has no intel on that tank. Lin: No, that tank is not listed in the database...
Isabella: That is a...war tank. Catleia: That is known as a... Mega Tank.
Dr. Morris: A war tank? Dr Moritz: A Mega Tank?
Isabella: Compared with standard tanks, it has vastly superior armor and firepower. It is currently the most powerful ground unit in the world today. Catleia: It has vastly superior armour and weaponry compared to regular tanks. It is the most powerful ground force unit in the world today...
Dr. Morris: And how are we supposed to stand against it? It's too darn big! Dr Moritz: What are we supposed to do gainst it? It's too big!
Isabella: ...I don't know. Catleia: I-I don't know...
Isabella: Oh... Catleia: ... ... ... ...
Will: Isabella! What is it? What's wrong? Ed: Catleia! What's wrong? What's the matter?
Isabella: It's...nothing. I'm fine. The factory... Its systems have been updated. It can now produce anti-tank units. Catleia: My head hurts... The factory systems have been refined and can now produce Anti-Tank units.
Will: What? Ed: B-But how did you know...?!
Dr. Morris: She's right. The system just rebooted. Dr Moritz: She's right! The Error Message is gone from the factory computer...
Isabella: Anti-tank units will prove to be very effective against the war tank. Catleia: Anti-tank units will prove extremely effective against the Mega Tank.
Dr. Morris: I think she may be right. Amazing! We may have a chance after all! Dr Moritz: She's right! She's right! We can do it!
Lin: Isabella, I want an explanation. Now. How in-- Lin: Catleia, I want you to explain right away...
Brenner: Later, Lin. We've got a battle to fight. Anti-tank units, huh? Let's see how tough that war tank really is. O'Brian: Lin, we need to focus on the battle. We'll use Anti-Tank units to destroy that Mega Tank.
Isabella: Yes... Catleia: Yes...

End of Chapter

US Europe
Brenner: What's the word, Doc? You and Lin give that system the once-over? O'Brian: Dr Moritz, Lin - how are you progressing with the Bio-Crops? Do you think we can grow them?
Dr. Morris: Yes, well, hmm... I've got some good news, and I've got some bad news... Dr Moritz: Captain O'Brian, I have some good news and I have some bad news...
Lin: The system's useless. The factory has been destroyed. Lin: The Bio-Crop Research Facility is destroyed.
Dr. Morris: What are you doing, Lin? I had a joke I wanted to tell first! Dr Moritz: Wait! I had a joke I wanted to tell first!
Brenner: Save your jokes for when I'm not around. What do you mean destroyed? Do you mean we can't repair it? O'Brian: Save your jokes for when I'm not around. What do you mean destroyed? Can't we repair it?
Dr. Morris: That would be quite difficult, I'm afraid. The factory was extremely sophisticated. The components needed to repair it are not likely to be found at the corner grocery. Not that we have one anymore! Oh ho! Oh ho ho... You're not laughing. Dr Moritz: That will be quite difficult, I'm afraid. The factory was extremely sophisticated. Its components are not the kind of things you can just pick up at the supermarket.
Will: That's terrible, Dr. Morris. What are we supposed to do now? Ed: What are we going to do, Dr Moritz?
Dr. Morris: I'm afraid I don't know. And to tell the truth, there's something else that truly disturbs me... Dr Moritz: I really don't know. This is a most alarming development...
Will: There is? What? Ed: Alarming?
Dr. Morris: It appears the enemy's goal was to destroy the factory all along. If we had gotten the factory up and running, we could have solved our food-shortage problem. We could have lived here peacefully. What did they gain by destroying our factory? It's as if... Dr Moritz: The enemy did not come to invade this city. Rather, they came to destroy the Bio-Crops. If we had successfully grown the Bio-Crops, we could have lived in peace with ample food. What did they have to gain by destroying them? It's almost as if...
Lin: It's as if they wanted us all to die. Lin: It's almost as if there is someone who desires the complete destruction of mankind...
Will: Well, look at this... Ed: What is this?
Lin: Flowers. They're quite beautiful, aren't they? But there's something odd about them... Lin: It's a field of flowers. They're beautiful. But there's something strange about them...
Dr. Morris: Whatever you do, don't touch those flowers! Dr Moritz: Whatever you do, don't touch those flowers!
Will: Dr. Morris? Ed: Dr Moritz?
Dr. Morris: Pardon me, Lin, but I must ask you a personal question. Are you over twenty years of age? Dr Moritz: Lin, I will have to ask you a personal question. Are you over 20 years old?
Lin: ...Maybe. I'm not as young as Isabella, but... Are you implying something, Doctor? Lin: I beg your pardon! Why are you asking me that? I may not be as young as Catleia but... What business is it of yours anyway?!
Dr. Morris: No, of course not! And there's no need to glare at me so. It's quite unsettling! I only ask because these flowers have yet to infect anyone over the age of twenty, and... Dr Moritz: Don't look at me like that! You're scaring me! I didn't mean to sound rude... The thing is, these flowers have only ever infected people under the age of 20...
Lin: Infect? What are you talking about? Lin: Infected? What do you mean?
Dr. Morris: Have you heard of Endoflorescens terrbilis virus? It's common name is Creeping Derangea. Dr Moritz: Have you heard of Parasiticum Floritis, more commonly known as the Floral Virus?
Lin: Oh. Look at that. How pretty. Lin: ...Flowers?
Dr. Morris: This young man was about your age, Will. Dr Moritz: This is a victim of the Floral Virus. He was around your age, Ed.
Will: ...He WAS my age? Ed: B-But... This can't be!
Dr. Morris: The flowers aren't decorative. They're the result of a parasitic virus. And there is nothing beautiful about them, Lin. This boy is dead. Dr Moritz: The flowers are not for decoration. They take root in the human body. The flowers then bloom, leaving the victim in this pitiful state...
Lin: Wait, so the flowers...came out of his body? Lin: Flowers...? Growing from a person...? But how can this be possible?
Dr. Morris: It acts like a parasite, but it spreads like a virus. I don't claim to know how it works, I just know that it does. Since the meteors fell, I've buried many victims of this scourge. Dr Moritz: I would love to tell you it's impossible. Parasitic growth of plants on mammals is very rare. This is quite exceptional. I have seen too many young people fall victim to this since the meteor strike.
Lin: He had roots and leaves growing under his skin... In his ears... In his eyes... Little roots creeping behind the eyes... ...What if you could hear them...? Ed: This is too much!
Dr. Morris: Lin, please! Stop talking about it! Curiously, the virus seems to only infect young people. You're in the right age range, Will, which means you're at risk. If you meet anyone suffering from this, you must stay away! Is that clear? Dr Moritz: Curiously, this virus only seems to spread among young people. You are still young, Ed. Which means you are still at risk. If you meet anyone suffering from this sickness, stay away from them.
Will: Oh yeah. It's clear... Ed: I understand...
Lin: Starvation, raiders, and flowers that kill you. Gotta love this place. Lin: So we aren't only threatened by starvation, but also by a mysterious virus?
Brenner: The world's certainly not making it easy for us, is it? But we can't give up. O'Brian: Sometimes it is hard to remain positive about things... But we cannot give up...
Will: As long as there's life, there's hope. Ed: Where there is life, there is hope...
Brenner: Exactly. O'Brian: Exactly.

Miscellaneous Text


US Europe
Will: That's it! All enemy units have been defeated. We won! Ed: We did it! We won!
Brenner: It wasn't a walk in the park, but you're right. We won. O'Brian: That wasn't easy... But we did it.
Will: And it was all thanks to Isabella! If it hadn't been for her... Ed: It was all thanks to Catleia! We owe it to her!
Isabella: No...I didn't do anything. Catleia: No, no! I didn't do anything...
Dr. Morris: Don't be modest, dear. Now let's check on those crop-growing systems! Dr Moritz: We did it! Now let's check on things at the Bio-Crop Research Facility...


US Europe
Will: They're too strong. Who are they? Ed: The enemy is too strong... Wh-Who can they be...?
Caulder: his will never do. I'll get no useful data from such paltry foes. Come now! I require an enemy that will satisfy my intellectual curiosity. Stolos: I am afraid this enemy is far too weak to even arouse my curiousity. At least put up a fight, will you!

Victory Page

US Europe
Will: Now if we can just find that factory... Ed: Now we just need those Bio-Crops...