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Ballz 3D (SNES)

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Title Screen

Ballz 3D: Fighting at its Ballziest

Also known as: 3-jigen Kakutou Ballz (JP)
Developers: PF Magic, Cave Logic
Publishers: Accolade (US), Media Rings (JP)
Platform: SNES
Released in JP: April 28, 1995
Released in US: November 1994

CopyrightIcon.png This game has hidden developer credits.
RegionIcon.png This game has regional differences.

Like the Genesis version, but with a theme song featuring women moaning presumably in pleasure. And it was brought over to Japan by the same people who brought us Toilet Kids.

What a game.

Hidden Credit

Present at 0xF6 in the ROM.

Ballz (SNES Version) Copyright 1994 Cave Logic Studios.  All Rights Reserved.

Regional Differences

Main Menu

US Japan
Ballz3d-snes-title.png Ballz3d-snes-titlejp.png

The main menu for the Japanese version adds a Japanese translation of the title, as well as a copyright notice for said version's publishers, as the logos for Accolade, Cave Logic and PF Magic remain identical to the US version, complete with "Licensed by Nintendo" text.


This version also adds a "One Player Free Play" option, which is essentially a 1P vs. CPU mode. This mode, under the same name, would also be seen on the 3DO version, Ballz: The Director's Cut, in both the US and Japanese versions.

Character Names

US Japan

Some of the characters had their names changed for this version, presumably to make them more acceptable for the Japanese audience. These changed names were also kept on the Japanese version of The Director's Cut, although it oddly misspells Tsunami's/Gohriki's name as Gorhiki.