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Bugs:Project I.G.I

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This page details bugs of Project I.G.I.

Careful, you'll lose an eye.
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To do:
  • Add the chopper clipping in mission 6 glitch.
  • Add the jumping over the fence in mission 11 glitch.
  • Add the castle clipping in mission 12 glitch.

Jumping over the fence in mission 1

Climb up the ladder and then jump on the top of the fence. Walk and jump at the same time while looking at the mountains and you will land outside the Trainyard. You can walk around and walk into some noncollision models but that's pretty much the only thing you can do there.

Getting stuck in the warehouse roof in mission 1

Climb up the green sniper tower and then jump off it aiming for the warehouse roof and you will get stuck in it. If you mess with it some time you can fall into the floor but you still will be stuck.

Clipping inside the jet garage model in mission 2

Keep walking to one of the edges of the jet garage and eventually, you will get inside it. You can get back out by crouching and strafing against the back wall. There's nothing much you could do there.

Clipping inside the jet model in mission 2

Crouch-jump onto the nose of the jet and you will clip inside of it. As always there's nothing much you could there.

Clipping underground in mission 5

Jump from the balcony and try to jump to the light that's there (you don't have to), and when you land keep strafing into the wall and eventually, you will fall to the underground "hospital".

Clipping out of bounds in mission 5

Do the same thing as in the previous bug but try landing on a bunk bed when you fall into the hospital and walk to the wall and you will fall out of the bounds. Fortunately falling out of bounds in I.G.I doesn't kill you, you can walk around but be careful because if you walk in some places out of bounds the game will teleport you back to the ground.

Clipping inside walls of a building in mission 7

In one building there is a hole in the wall and if you try to walk into the sides of the hole you will clip inside the walls of the building.

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