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Bully (PlayStation 2)/Unused Dialogue/Mission Dialogue

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Chapter Subpages

BullySE-HUDIcon Earnest Calm.png
Chapter 1
"I've been kicked in the balls, reported to the principal, and now you guys are messing around with dog shit?!"
BullySE-HUDIcon WindowEgg.png
Chapter 2
"Good riddance to you and your cheap shoes."
BullySE-HUDIcon Lola.png
Chapter 3
"The risk-reward ratio only adds to the enjoyment, my young poor friend."
BullySE- HUDIcon Bull Piss.png
Chapter 4
"Are you lost? Maybe this is a good time to make out with someone...or murder them."
BullySE-HUDIcon BoltCut.png
Chapter 5
"Slow as always, eh, Jimmy?"



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Earlier in development, in the "Challenge" missions (once called Vendettas) where the player can earn Safehouses, Jimmy was supposed to do various odd jobs for some characters so he could get the hideouts in return instead of doing them by himself.

Greaser Challenge

For the first part of this mission, Damon was supposed to tell Jimmy to beat up some Greasers in Old Bullworth Vale. As evidenced by the dialogue, Damon was supposed to be a Prep rather than a Jock. The mission apparently took place during Chapter 3, although important to note is the fact that all challenges are grouped with this same ID.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, peasant. Want to make a bit of money?
Some undesirables have wondered into Bullworth Vale. Our neighborhood.
Must be awful for you.
Indeed. Be a good boy and get rid of them. I'll make it worth your while.

After that, Jimmy was supposed to beat them up in New Coventry, near the closed-down Chinese restaurant.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, Jimmy. I have another job for you.
Let's hear it.
I don't think they've got the message. I'd like you to bring it to them.
You mean, beat them up?
Yeah, they usually hang out by the Chinese restaurant in New Coventry.

Lastly, like the final version, Jimmy would beat up the Greasers in the Blue Balls Pool Hall so he could have the hideout, but before that, Damon explained to him how to do it.

Filename Audio Transcript
Good to see you, Jimmy-boy. Seems like those greaseballs have taken their loitering in an abandoned pool hall.
Maybe they like Pool?
Perhaps. Either way, it belongs to my daddy and I won't have those freeloaders, uh...freeload!
Lemme guess, you want me to drive the Greasers out.
Very good, Jimmy. That's exactly it, a matter of principle. I'll pay you well.

Prep Challenge

Instead of beating some Preps in a boxing match in the Glass Jaw Boxing Club, Jimmy would do some jobs for the Greaser Peanut.

First, he would tell him to beat some Preps in New Coventry, near the Yum Yum Market.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey man, look. I got a job for you.
Keep talking.
Bunch of privy posers are hanging out by the market. Probably looking for a property to buy.
I bet you don't like that.
No, we don't need no gentrification around here. Run them off, and I'll pay you.

Then, he ordered him to beat up some more Preps, who were partying around the Old Bullworth Vale Gardens.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, why so glum?
Those Preps are having a party in the park in Old Bullworth Vale, and they didn't invite me.
Can you blame them?
No, they're afraid I'll get with their girls. Still, go kick their butt for me, would ya?
Sure thing, as long as you pay.

And after that, he would tell Jimmy to go end another Prep party, located at the abandoned beach house near the lighthouse.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey Jimmy. The Preps got themselves a house. Just for partying. ...Bunch of spoiled brats!
And you want me to ruin it for them, just like the park party.
Yeah, I'm very jealous of rich kids.
You don't say. Where's this house?
Down by the beach.

When entering the house, the Preps would be having a conversation, which would be interrupted by Jimmy and then he would get rid of them to obtain the hideout.

Filename Audio Transcript
My trust fund is bigger than your trust fund.
Maybe, but my daddy has more mistresses than yours.
Hello, gentlemen. Mind if I join you?
You?! Yes, we do mind, as a matter of fact!
Well, I'm staying, so you better get the hell out of here then!

Nerd Challenge

The Nerd Challenge was different. Instead of beating Fatty's ConSumo high score, Jimmy was supposed to get rid of the acquaintances for Zack Owens because they got hold of the basement in his comic book shop after being invited by him to a Nerd club meeting.

First, Jimmy would come across Gloria who told him that Zack needed someone, then he met with him, and had a conversation explaining the different plot.

Character Audio Transcript
Gloria Hey, Jimmy. The comic shop owner's looking for a tough kid. Like, maybe you?
Jimmy Thanks, I might check it out.
Jimmy I understand you need help?
Zack Yes, indeed! Ah, very much so... I invited some..eh..heh...acquaintances! In for a game of Grottos and Gremlins..
Jimmy ..And?
Zack And it was last week! and they're still in my basement making bad jokes and eating all my junk food! Can you please get rid of them for me?
Jimmy Hahahahah! ...Okay.

While the first part of the dialogue is used, the last two lines, referencing to fighting off the Nerds instead of beating Fatty's high score in ConSumo go completely unused.

Character Audio Transcript
Jimmy Don't worry, I'm not going to. I am, however, kicking you out of here!
Fatty ..Never! Malcolm the brute will NEVER allow it!

Jocks Challenge

Originally, Jimmy had to work for Melvin, who would ask for help in getting rid of some Jocks causing trouble for the Nerds, rather than beating them in a game of dodgeball.

Character Audio Transcript
Melvin E-excuse me, sir... might I solicit your aid in a quest?
Jimmy You may, IF you pay me.
Melvin Bruteless Jocks have started loitering about the comic book shop!
Melvin These wandering monsters are preventing me from purchasing the most recent Grottos & Gremlins expansion sets!
Jimmy Don't worry, I'll drive them off.
Melvin Thank you! I will reward you handsomely.

During the second part, Jimmy would have had to defeat Jocks in the football field.

Character Audio Transcript
Melvin Oh, the woe! The Jocks have been persecuting us relentlessly! Relentlessly!
Jimmy I'll exact vengeance, if you like.
Melvin I would, they're congregating by the football field!
Melvin The usual fee?
Jimmy The usual fee.

For the third part, Jimmy was supposed to beat up the Jocks in their clubhouse.

Character Audio Transcript
Melvin I don't understand! Your strike against the Jocks has only incents them! They hurt us more than ever before!
Jimmy I have a suggestion: have me hurt them even more.
Melvin Ahhh, the Chicago way I see! Alright, what do you suggest?
Jimmy How about I drive them out of their clubhouse?
Melvin Yes! Excellent plan! That shall really teach them!

The Jocks would be having a conversation as Jimmy entered and started a fight with them, beating them and gaining their clubhouse.

Character Audio Transcript
Bo Man, she was nice-looking!
Casey Dude, that's my sister you talking about!
Jimmy Sounds good, how about you introduce me sometime?
Casey Hey! What are YOU doing here?
Jimmy I'm about to kick your asses outta here, that's what!

Townies Challenge

Just like the Greaser Challenge, Damon, as a Preppy, would also have given this mission and Jimmy would have to do some jobs for him.

For the first part, Damon would have told Jimmy to beat up some of the Townies in the school's parking lot.

Character Audio Transcript
Damon Those Townie kids are starting to hang around too close to school. We'd take care of them, but we got practice.
Jimmy I'll sort them. If, you cover my expenses.
Damon Sure thing, I'll get some cash from the beverage fund.

For the second part, Damon would have told Jimmy to defeat Townies in Blue Skies.

Character Audio Transcript
Damon You did pretty good with them punks! How about you give them a second lesson?
Jimmy As long as the beverage fund holds up, no problem.
Damon It will, don't worry. This time, take it to 'em. Remind them to stay in their place.

For the last part, just like the final game, Jimmy would beat the Townies in their warehouse hideout, gaining it afterwards.

Character Audio Transcript
Damon Hey, Jimmy. I heard those scumbag Townies got a warehouse they hang out in.
Jimmy So?
Damon ..So? I bet they don't pay any rent. Why don't you evict those squatters?
Jimmy You sure you can afford it?
Damon Yeah, our beverage fund is substanized by the alumni association!

The Paddle

The Paddle is one of the missions that were almost completely cut from the game. Only these voice clips remain. It might have been cut because the Prefects aren't armed with paddles in the final game.

For this mission, Jimmy had to steal a paddle from Dr. Crabblesnitch's office and hide it in Damon's bag, so he could take a photo of him holding the paddle to frame him. Judging from the Holiday Special Trailer, the cutscene was supposed to take place in Chapter 3, but its ID (4_S11) implies it would start being available in Chapter 4 as a side mission.

First, Jimmy had to go into Dr. Crabblesnitch's office to steal a paddle. (During development, the reception was a separate interior and was connected to the principal's office) Miss Danvers would be in her office, probably conversing with somebody.

Filename Audio Transcript
Please take a seat. I'll be with you in a minute.

Edward may have played a role catching Jimmy either with the paddle or sneaking into Dr. Crabblesnitch's office.

Filename Audio Transcript
And what might you be doing?
You're in a world of trouble, young man!
I see you there!

Dr. Crabblesnitch would be in his office and say any of those quotes.

Filename Audio Transcript
Now where did I put my copy of KGB Methods for the classroom?
No expulsions this month. Am I growing soft?
Where is that Miss Danvers with my tea?

If Dr. Crabblesnitch spotted Jimmy in the office he'd say either of these two quotes, failing the mission.

Filename Audio Transcript
Jimmy, what did I tell you about keeping your nose clean?
What on earth are you doing here?

Once Jimmy took the paddle, he would have said this quote.

Filename Audio Transcript
I'll take this bad boy.

If Dr. Crabblesnitch, Miss Danvers, or Edward saw you with the paddle, one of the following lines would be used.

Filename Audio Transcript
Jimmy, what are you doing with the principal's paddle? You're not man enough to handle it.
Jimmy, what are you- what are you doing with my paddle?
Where did you get that paddle?!

When Jimmy arrived at the Football field, some Jocks would be seen practising and then Mr. Burton would say one of these three quotes.

Filename Audio Transcript
Alright, maggots! Gather up!
Listen up, everyone!
Everybody over here.

Jimmy had to avoid being spotted by Mr. Burton, or the mission would fail. If Mr. Burton saw him in the field, he'd say one of these quotes.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hopkins, get off the field! You're not in this class!
Why aren't you in gym clothes?!
You! What are you doing loitering?

Jimmy also had to avoid being seen putting the paddle in the gym bag, otherwise Damon would catch him and say either of these quotes.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey you, Jimmy! What are you doing with my stuff?
Hey, what do you think you're doing?

After Jimmy successfully put the paddle in Damon's bag, a scene would play.

Filename Audio Transcript
Now get back to it!
Alright, everybody back!
We're not done yet! Let me see you sweat!
Filename Audio Transcript
What?! Help!! I-I didn't do anything!!!
Aaah... Boys will be boys.
Someone help me, please!!!
Alright Algernon, Damon, break it up!
Alright coach, but this weirdo was throwing stuff at me.
I didn't do anything!!!
Algernon, if you make any more trouble, I'll have to report you.
Better watch out, Algie!

After this, Jimmy had to talk to Ricky to "cause some ruckus".

Filename Audio Transcript
So, I want you to go talk to Mandy and cause some ruckus.
Sure! No prob.
Hey, honey pie! You look a little sticky. Want me to help clean you?
What is your problem?
My problem is I can't stop thinking about you, baby.
Guys! Ricky's being a pervert, help me!

Then, Damon would notice what Ricky was doing and attempted to get him away.

Filename Audio Transcript
Yo, Ricky! Back off.
Whatever dude, she likes it.
I'm gonna kick your ass.
First, you gotta catch me!
Get back here!

Mr. Burton would notice Damon running away, and at the same time, Mr. Burton would tell the Jocks to "hit the showers". Also, Jimmy had to take a photo of Damon holding a paddle.

Filename Audio Transcript
Hey, Damon! Where you going?
Everyone, hit the showers!
A paddle? Who put that here?
You better hide that, Damon.
Yeah, if anyone sees you, you'll get in trouble!

After that, Jimmy would head back to the main building only to find a couple of Nerds having a conversation. Judging from what they say, it was likely this mission took place before Stronghold Assault because Jimmy had not yet got access to the Spudgun.

Filename Audio Transcript
So like, then I roll a natural 20 and kill the dragon in one blow with my vorpal!
Vorpal blade?
Yeah, better crits than any other enchantment!
Fascinating. Now scram, I've got some business to take care of.
Get lost! You're just after our spudgun!
We should've fallen back to the observatory.

Finally, Jimmy had to bring the photo of Damon with the paddle to Dr. Crabblesnitch, completing the mission.

Filename Audio Transcript
What is this?! A picture of a student with a prefect's paddle?! Insubordination! Miss Danvers!
Yes, sir?
Can you identify the student in this picture?
I believe that's... Damon, sir.
Get him in here, at once!
Yes sir, right away sir!
He's so charismatic when he's angry!