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Burnout Paradise: Remastered (Windows)

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Title Screen

Burnout Paradise: Remastered

Developers: Criterion Games, d3t Ltd., Stellar Entertainment
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: Windows
Released internationally: August 21, 2018

DevTextIcon.png This game has hidden development-related text.

To do:
  • There exist unused but playable Sponsor Vehicles and graphics for ones that aren't playable.
  • Executable text can be found, just like in the non-Remastered version.
  • The Switch version is also worth documenting.

Text Display Test

There's quite a bit of unused text in the release build, presumably from the devs trying out their text display system, starting at 0xA0645D. If some of it sounds familiar, it's probably because a number of these lines were in the original game as well. Lines appear to be separated by a null value; line breaks have been added for readability:

Director people
Fiona and alex
A load of badgers
badger.badger.badger badger badger.badger.badger.badger.badger
Word wrap test
word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing word thing
Coolest person
Steve but not as much as Chris
Tall people
Scott and Andy
Some other people
A load of badgers
badger.badger.badger badger badger.badger.badger.badger.badger
Short person

These messages are repeated four times in the executable.



In the original versions of Burnout Paradise, the unlockable Nakamura FV1100-T1 and Nakamura Firehawk GP Competition motorcycles arrived wrecked like normal cars. Since Auto Repairs don't work for motorcycles, this had the side effect of making their paint jobs and finishes (and for the former, the rider's gender) uncustomizable, but the game was later patched to put them in a repaired state, which enabled the customization function for them. However, in Remastered, the bikes arrive wrecked again, and this time that oversight wasn't fixed on consoles, though it was properly addressed on the PC release.

According to the VEHICLELIST.BUNDLE, a massive bunch of cars have Carson as their manufacturer. This is true for the traffic cars and vehicles which were released after the Burnout Bikes' addition, and has remained as such in Remastered.

Work-in-Progress (WIP) Vehicles


The VEHICLELIST.BUNDLE also lists two unused finishes for both the Hunter Annihilator Street Rod (which is internally called the Extreme Annihilator) and Montgomery Hawker Mech (named as belonging to Hunter instead of Montgomery), plus an Aston Martin... oddly. These items are flagged as being work-in-progress. Their default colors indicate them as being black, black, and red respectively. The Aston Martin car lacks files for it however, and is set not to appear in any of the vehicle categories.