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Catwoman (GameCube)

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Title Screen


Developer: EA UK
Publisher: Electronic Arts
Platform: GameCube
Released in US: July 24, 2004
Released in EU: August 6, 2004

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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Catwoman on the GameCube isn't as bad as the movie it's based on, though that really isn't saying much.

Debug Stuff

There are a few debug things left behind in the game. All of these can be activated with cheat codes, though the codes listed below are for the PAL European version and are to be used with an Action Replay.

Pause Menu

The most notable thing left behind is a pause menu with many options available.

Version Encrypted Decrypted
US/Europe 7R2A-9FYG-EEJ2Q
05AA4F64 18000000
04020750 60000000
04020820 60000000


They also left behind some code to display the player's coordinates within a level.

Version Encrypted Decrypted
05AA1629 18000000
041C4170 00000001

Debug Info

And lastly, some miscellaneous debug info.

Version Encrypted Decrypted
US/Europe UMDV-U011-2BNW7
05AA42EB 18000000
041C48CC 00000001
(Source: Ralf (GC Forever))