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Cave Story/Windows vs. Wii

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This is a sub-page of Cave Story.

The Wii release of Cave Story is the same game, but with some big changes. Internally, the gameplay, maps, etc. are still the same. Only the following has been changed:

  • The graphics have been updated.
  • The music has been, to put it nicely, remade.
  • New game modes have been added.
    • Curly Mode
    • Boss Rush
    • Sacred Grounds time attack.
  • Selectable difficulty modes.
  • Alternate character costumes, depending on the time of year and difficulty.

Additionally, the text is not the same as the official fan translation's. This is because the game has been translated from scratch on the Wii version. This translation is a bit more literal than the fans'.

Other than that, it's the same game. This means that, unless noted otherwise, unused content in the Windows version is unused in this port. However, there are a few changes...

Noteworthy Changes

To do:
Are the map issues an emulation problem?

Compared to the original Windows version, the file naming system and file formats are relatively the same, and several files (the credits images, music files, font) were also separated from the executable. The individual files are compressed, which works well for the raw bitmaps. However, quite humorously, the compression makes several smaller files larger.

  • Although most dialogue box face graphics were merely upscaled, Toroko's were completely redrawn.
  • The map doesn't render all the way, and is hence useless when in:
    • Yamashita Farm.
    • The Reservoir.
    • Curly's room.
    • The dark house in the Sand Zone.
    • Arthur's House.
    • The First Cave (loads more than halfway, though).
    • Start Point.
    • Hermit Gunsmith.
    • Side Room (Egg Corridor).
    • Storage Room (where Ma Pignon is).
    • Jail #2.
    • Statue Chamber.
  • The inclusion of Curly Mode has made use of the previously unused portrait of Sue as a human.
  • You don't get different title screen songs depending on your Sacred Grounds' completion time in the Wii port.
  • The Sacred Grounds are called the Blood Stained Sanctuary, possibly in order to remove religious references.


Due to the script being re-translated, some story details are different from the official fan translation.

  • It's assumed there is only one red flower, whereas there are numerous in the Windows version.
  • Balrog's catchphrase has been turned from "Huzzah!" to "Oh Yeaaah!!", a rather blatant and controversial reference to the Kool-Aid Man, who also has a penchant for busting through walls unannounced.
  • Jenka is Balrog's aunt in the Wii version.
  • Misery volunteers to eat a red flower in the Windows version, but offers it to the Doctor on the Wii.
  • The Gaudi (roach-like enemies in the Labyrinth) were meant to protect the Core. They forgot about it in the Windows version, but they don't even mention protection in the Wii version.

Unused Content

To do:
Complete me. I know that, at least, there are still graphics for the people credited in the original game.

There are things in the Wii versions that came from the Windows version, but are still unused. Some of them have been updated, as if they were meant to be used in any point, while others are still exactly as they are in the original game.

Updated Content

Could have done the blue eyes better...

To the right are the unused sprites that have been revamped: the bladeless Polish, the "Points" HUD item, the winged puppy, and the blue-eyed Skullhead/Skullstep. The fact that the enemies are all from Sand Zone would imply that the team that revamped that sheet was not aware the sprites were unused, unlike those working on the others. The shading on the blue-eyed Skullstep is very ugly and pixelated, implying that whoever revamped its sprites didn't get far before realizing it's unused.

We still don't know if it can be found in the same place.
It's bigger than the regular life capsule.
From the side, the pincers look like lips puckered up.

To the left is the beast fang and the item for the life capsule. To the right are graphics for a Gaudi flying sideways and crouching.


An older version of the title spritesheet. Found in the original graphics folder (ogph), but nonetheless, is unused due to the new title screen. Seems to be taken from the AGTP translation, except the actual title logo is all stretched vertically...

Not Updated Content

  • Graphics.
    • The unused enemy of the Droll family in the Plantation.
    • The owl in the Egg Corridor.
    • The frog with the sword in Grasstown.
    • "PUSH JUMP KEY!".


Inside the game's .wad, a folder under the name of "Org" can be found. Inside are numerous .wav, .xm, and .org files.

A fan-made ORG to XM converter (Org2XM) released in 2008 was apparently used for these files: decompressing an .xm and opening it in a hex editor will reveal the string "Org2XM by Rrrola".

Some might recognise the org files as the Windows version's sequenced music. The Windows version's soundtrack is available in the Wii version as the 'Original' soundtrack. Despite this, these files are unused. For whatever reason, Nicalis chose to replace the space-efficient sequenced .org files with .ogg files, these being responsible for the Wii version's massive size (the .oggs alone take up 14.8 MB!). Why the .xms were ignored is a mystery, as .xms are self-contained, containing the sequences, instruments, and samples. All that had to be done was have an interpreter programmed.

This would later be rectified in Cave Story+, where they fixed the .org playback... and broke the MIDI playback, resorting to .ogg files once again. Whoops!

Early Ending Illustrations

To do:
Check the Wiiware and 1.2 Switch versions for these pictures.

Somehow, for some, unfathomable reason, the Steam version of Cave Story+ shipped with rough versions of the final ending illustrations. One plausible explanation is that the source tree for Cave Story simply had these versions so they went with them. The original North American release of the WiiWare port uses these rough graphics as bases - this can be most well noticed with Curly in the Labyrinth Clinic. The European versions seem to have used the final versions as bases for their improvements, however.

Filename Rough (Steam) Final (Freeware)
CREDIT01 CS-CREDIT01early.png CS-CREDIT01final.png
CREDIT02 CS-CREDIT02early.png CS-CREDIT02final.png
CREDIT03 CS-CREDIT03early.png CS-CREDIT03final.png
CREDIT04 CS-CREDIT04early.png CS-CREDIT04final.png
CREDIT05 CS-CREDIT05early.png CS-CREDIT05final.png
CREDIT06 CS-CREDIT06early.png CS-CREDIT06final.png
CREDIT07 * CS-CREDIT07early.png CS-CREDIT07final.png
CREDIT08 CS-CREDIT08early.png CS-CREDIT08final.png
CREDIT09 CS-CREDIT09early.png CS-CREDIT09final.png
CREDIT10 CS-CREDIT10early.png CS-CREDIT10final.png
CREDIT11 CS-CREDIT11early.png CS-CREDIT11final.png
CREDIT12 CS-CREDIT12early.png CS-CREDIT12final.png
CREDIT14 CS-CREDIT14early.png CS-CREDIT14final.png
CREDIT15 CS-CREDIT15early.png CS-CREDIT15final.png
CREDIT16 CS-CREDIT16early.png CS-CREDIT16final.png
CREDIT17 CS-CREDIT17early.png CS-CREDIT17final.png
CREDIT18 CS-CREDIT18early.png CS-CREDIT18final.png

An asterisk indicates no difference between the rough and final versions. Interestingly, "CREDIT13" is absent from all releases of the game, meaning Pixel may have cut it in favor of another illustration.

Mimiga Mask Ending Alternative Images

While CREDIT02b is identical to its final counterpart and the only difference in CREDIT03b to the final is a brick is not detailed directly behind Quote (although this may have simply been an artist's mistake) CREDIT01b is completely different from both the rough and final. Not only is the image overall rougher, but it uses an entirely different palette.

Filename Rough (Steam) Mimiga Mask (Steam) Final (Freeware)
CREDIT01b CS-CREDIT01early.png CS-CREDIT01b.png CS-CREDIT01final.png
CREDIT02b CS-CREDIT02early.png CS-CREDIT02b.png CS-CREDIT02final.png
CREDIT03b CS-CREDIT03early.png CS-CREDIT03b.png CS-CREDIT03final.png