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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive/Unused textures

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This is a sub-page of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.

Unused Textures

These textures can be found in the pak01_dir.vpk's materials directory.

Picture Comments
Cs go team-forces ct.png A picture showing an older design of the counter-terrorist team in "select team" menu.
Cs go team-forces t.png A picture showing an older design of the terrorist team in "select team" menu.
CS GO Duffel-bag.png A duffel bag.
Cs go map-image-placeholder.png A map placeholder graphic.
HeavyAssaultSuithud csgo.png "Heavy Assault Suit" Purchase icon.

'PAX Prime' avatars

Achievements icons



DreamHack Winter 2014 stickers

Unused sticker previews for a few teams that were not present at the DHW 2014 Valve major can be found in the game files, grouped together with ordinary stickers from the tournament. While two of the teams present here (3DMAX and London Conspiracy) played at the "Last Call qualifier" for the tournament and as such had gold stickers available on Souvenir items, the other two were not featured in the event in any capacity.

Prototype weapon skins

Before the existence of weapon skins and cases, Valve started prototyping with custom weapon camouflages. These skins could be found in the 2012 and early 2013 builds of the game.