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Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix Append Club Version Vol.1

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Title Screen

Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix Append Club Version Vol.1

Developer: Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
Publisher: Konami
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: November 25, 1999

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

The first of two Append releases for Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix, and contender for most obnoxiously-long BEMANI game title. It mostly includes songs from beatmania IIDX.

"Give it to me, give it to me..."

Unused/Leftover Graphics

Unused Songs

Graphics for three unused songs: been so long, The rhyme brokers and YOU MAKE ME. All of these later appeared in the second Append Club Version release.

Ddr2ndAPPEND1-beensolongBN.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-beensolongCD.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-beensolongBG.png
Ddr2ndAPPEND1-rhymebrokersBN.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-rhymebrokersCD.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-rhymebrokersBG.png
Ddr2ndAPPEND1-youmakemeBN.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-youmakemeCD.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-youmakemeBG.png

(Source: tikal.)


Placeholder banner and CD graphics. The text on them translate to "Stay tuned!" and "Intense production", respectively.

Ddr2ndAPPEND1-placehBN.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-placehCD.png

(Source: tikal.)

Edit Mode

Two unused graphics for the guide screen in Edit Mode, leftovers from Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix.


(Source: tikal.)

Leftover Music

Elementary, my dear Cactus.
This needs some investigation.
Discuss ideas and findings on the talk page.
Specifically: The audio for the opening music of beatmania IIDX can also be found in XA.STR. Is it unused?

Three leftover tracks from Dance Dance Revolution 2nd Remix can still be found in XA.STR.

Audio Notes
The Select Mode screen's background music.
The Endless Mode screen's background music.
The Name Entry screen's background music.
(Source: tikal.)

When Booted Without Disc Changing

Since this disc is an Append Disc, booting it up will cause the following screens to appear:

Ddr2ndAPPEND1-error1.png Ddr2ndAPPEND1-error2.png