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Eberouge (PlayStation)

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Title Screen


Developer: Japan Media Programming
Publisher: Takara
Platform: PlayStation
Released in JP: May 30, 1997

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.
SoundtestIcon.png This game has a hidden sound test.

Eberouge is a dating-sim in a magical academy.

Debug Menu

Eberouge PS Debug Menu 1.pngEberouge PS Debug Menu 2.pngEberouge PS Debug Menu 3.pngEberouge PS Debug Menu 4.pngEberouge PS Debug Menu 5.png

Apply the following GameShark codes. This will replace the "Start Game" option with a series of debugging functions.

D01B56F8 6562
801B56F8 6564
D01B56FA 6967
801B56FA 7562
D01B56FC 006E
801B56FC 0067
(Source: Original TCRF research)

戻る (Exit)

Exits the debug menu.

BG 選択 (Select Background) アイテム見る (Watch Item) ステータス表示 (Display Status)
Eberouge PS Debug Menu BG.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Item.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Status.png
Displays the game's backgrounds. Displays the game's items. Allows one to change status levels.
アイコン入力 (Input Icon) 週間予定入力 (Input Week Planning) キャラクタ表示 (Display Character)
Eberouge PS Debug Menu Icon.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Week Plan.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Character.png
Input course planning. Input week planning. Displays character sprites.
BGキャラ表示 (Display BG Character) ちびキャラアニメ (Display Mini Character Animation) BGM選択 (Select Music)
Eberouge PS Debug Menu BG Character.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Sprite.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Music Test.png
Displays the game's CG images. Display the game's pixel art animations. A music test.

音声再生 (Play Voice)

Eberouge PS Debug Menu Voice.png

A voice test.

タイトル選択 (Title)

Switches to the title screen.

効果音再生 (Play SFX) スクリプト実行 (Execute Script) ムービー再生 (Play Movie)
Eberouge PS Debug Menu Sound.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Script.png Eberouge PS Debug Menu Movie.png
A sound effect test. Displays the game's scripts. Displays the game's videos.

音量設定 (Setting Volume)

Eberouge PS Debug Menu Volume.png

Changes the volume of many of the game's aspects.

Text Translation
全体 Master
効果音 SFX
曲演奏 Music
波形再生 Wave
音声 Voice
ムービー Movie

データセーブ (Data Save)

Saves the game.

データロード (Data Load)

Loads the game.

カード初期化 (Initialize Card)

Formats the memory card.

カード未初期化化 (Uninitialize Card)

Unformats the memory card.

ディスク交換 (Exchange Disc)

Switches to the Disc Change menu.

おまけ画面 (Bonus)

Bonus test.