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Fallout 3/Mothership Zeta

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This is a sub-page of Fallout 3.

Unused NPCs

Andrew Endicott


Dr. Morrison Rand


Madeline Wallace




While all these characters do not appear in the flesh, they are tied to the Alien Captive Logs you could hear on board the alien mothership.

Unused Items


Fallout3-Zeta AstronautHelmet.png
  • Astronaut Helmet: 500bb63
  • Colonel Autumn's Uniform: 500c96d


  • Katana: 50080b5
Fallout3-Zeta Spanner.png
  • Portable Cover: 1003326
  • Spanner: 5003c52
  • Unused Weapon Copies: The Drone Cannon, Alien Atomizer, Disintegrator and Shock Baton all have unused identical copies, possibly intended as unique weapons at some point. Atomizer: 100a9a8, 100a9a9 Drone Cannon: 100a9ac, 1009a9ad Alien Disintegrator: 100a9aa, 100a9ab Shock Baton: 100a9a6, 100a9a7

Cryo Weapon Comparisons

Mothership Zeta's cryo weapons have scraps of remaining resources in the base game's files.

Cryo Grenade
Base Game (Unused) Mothership Zeta
FO3cryogrenade.png Fallout3-Zeta dlc051stpersoncryogrenade.png

The Cryo Grenade was simply reskinned to fit the weapon's change in theme from post-war to alien/futuristic.

Cryo Mine
Base Game (Unused) Mothership Zeta
FO3minecryo.png Fallout3-Zeta dlc051stpersoncryomine.png

The Cryo Mine's texture is irreconcilably different, however.

Misc. Items

  • Appliance: 500a856
  • Contraption: 500a858
  • Crystal: 500a9e5
  • Device: 500a85a
  • Doodad: 500a852
  • Gemstone: 500a9e0
  • Gizmo: 500a84e
  • Imager: 500a9e3
  • Large Gemstone: 500a9ed
  • Mechanism: 500a85e
  • Small Gemstone: 500a9ed
  • Thingamabob: 500a854
  • Tool: 500a850
  • Unidentified Material: 500a85c
  • Widget: 500a84c


Unused Quest

  • Death Ray: 50049fa

Unused Actor Effects

  • Face Smash: 5003c55
  • Paralyze: 5001f4b
  • (no name): Editor ID: FaceSmashEffect. 5003c56