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GameCube Service Disc v1.0/03

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Title Screen

GameCube Service Disc v1.0/03

Developer: Nintendo
Publisher: Nintendo
Platform: GameCube

GraphicsIcon.png This game has unused graphics.
ModelsIcon.png This game has unused models.
MusicIcon.png This game has unused music.

GameCube Service Disc v1.0/03 was once used by Nintendo World Class Service to test and diagnose problems with the console, Memory Cards, controllers, and can even check the currently-inserted Game Boy Advance game through the GameCube-Game Boy Advance Cable. Nintendo 64 controllers can also be detected, suggesting this is from earlier in the console's development.

As with all Nintendo testing software, the Service Disc contains a plethora of Nintendo-themed content, both used and unused. Bizarrely, there are also respectable logos from the automotive industry, such as Tamiya and Goodyear.

Console revisions post-2003 will boot the Service Disc to an indefinitely-hung black screen, likely done to prevent further servicing after the demise of the Nintendo World Class Service. Remaining copies were taken back by Nintendo and presumably destroyed; as such, few copies saw the light of day.

To do:
  • Add unused code.
  • Figure out the .gpl model format.

Unused Music

Loads of unused music is present on the Service Disc.


Contains a song that was used for testing, sab32.pcm, which is a sped-up version of Otis Redding's Sittin' on the Dock of the Bay.


Two unused songs are present in this folder. They appear to be the same track played at different speeds.

Car3230.adp - Could have been intended for the car demo intro.

Car4830.adp - Also could have been intended for the car demo intro.


Duplicates of "Car3230.adp" and "Car4830.adp" are present in this folder.

cardemoA.adp - Also could have been intended for the car demo intro.


For some reason, there are a couple of songs from Nintendo albums in this folder.

Epona 04.adp - Track 4, Lon Lon Ranch, from the Ocarina of Time Re-Arranged album.

Spmario.adp - Track 6, Super Mario Bros., from the Super Mario World jazz album.

Unused Bitmaps

The images folder contains several bitmap images that don't seem to be used anywhere.

It's a me, Mario!

A picture of good ol' Mario. It's a cropped version of this image of Mario leaning on the IBM logo, as it made the Gekko microprocessor for the console. You can see a smaller version of this picture in the game's banner.

!oiraM ,em a s'tI

A picture of good ol'...inverted Mario. It is the inverted image of the bitmap shown above.

Genesis of the Nintendogs.

A small picture of...dogs? It's a little hard to tell. The texture was made to tile seamlessly, so it may have been used as a background image.

♫ All in all, it's just another brick in the wall... ♫

Colorless bricks.

Because "Art Y" and "Art Z" were out of town. GC-Artx2.png

The logo for "Art X", who developed the graphics chip for the GameCube.

(Source: NintendoWorldReport)

Made in MS Paint!

A crudely-drawn smiley face with stars and text saying "Dolphin", the original codename of the GameCube.

Stereoscopic 3D

According to Nintendo, the GameCube was meant to support stereoscopic 3D output, but cost and lack of consumer interest led to the feature being shelved. However, the Service Disc still contains some remnants of this planned support in the form of stereoscopic test images.

Gcnservice ImagingL.pngGcnservice ImagingR.pngGcnservice KA27L.pngGcnservice KA27R.png
Gcnservice RobotL.pngGcnservice RobotR.pngGcnservice WalkL.pngGcnservice WalkR.png

Bizarrely, there's also a few images from Quake:

Gcnservice Quake013L.pngGcnservice Quake013R.pngGcnservice Quake024L.pngGcnservice Quake024R.png
Gcnservice Quake029L.pngGcnservice Quake029R.png

Unused Textures

Textures for a car model can be found in gxDemos/CarTex.tpl. It has an associated .gpl model. Both this and "MechaTex.tpl" below are used in the smp-gxmodels demo that was included in the GameCube SDK.

Texture Model
Gcnservice mariocar.png GameCube Service Disk TooncarModel.jpg

Textures for some kind of mecha found in gxDemos/MechaTex.tpl. It also has an associated .gpl model.

Texture Model
Gcnservice MechaTex.png GameCube Service Disk MechaModel.jpg

gamecube.tpl has the background to the menu, but it also has textures for a GameCube, specifically the DOL-001 model (as indicated by the presence of the Digital AV port on the back):

Gcservice gamecubesides.png