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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Unused Mission-Related Text and Audio/Return to Los Santos

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This is a sub-page of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas/Unused Mission-Related Text and Audio.

Note:Used text may be used for additional context, in which case it will be in italics.
All text taken from the american.gxt file is from the original PS2 release, the audio is ripped from the Windows version.

Vertical Bird

Some unused subtitles for the opening cutscene.

~z~That's my Dogg!

~z~What's this?
~z~Hold up, mate, look, hold up one second.

Dialogue for the guards on the aircraft carrier.

Clip Subtitle
~z~All hands on deck!
~z~Sound the alarm!
~z~He's stealing a Hydra!
~z~Who is that guy?
~z~Somebody stop him!
~z~Hey, he ain't the pilot!
N/A ~z~Intruder!
~z~Get him out of there!
~z~He can't fly that!
~z~Some ghetto boy stealing the Hydra!
~z~What do we do?
~z~Who is that idiot?
~z~Is this a prank?
~z~Should we shoot?
~z~He's going to crash for sure!
~z~Man, he won't last long!
~z~We're gonna get the shit for this!

Additional dialogue for CJ.

Clip Subtitle
~z~I can't believe I let that maniac talk me into this...
~z~Deep in the shit now, deep in the shit...
~z~Man, I must be crazy...
~z~How he expect me to fly one of them things.
~z~Man, I'm screwed, totally screwed...
~z~I just got to concentrate on getting through this alive.
~z~Man, go out like this?
~z~Can't go out like no bitch.

You were at one point meant to drive to the aircraft carrier yourself.

~s~Make your way to the ~y~aircraft carrier~s~ in San Fierro.
~r~Toreno's car destroyed.
~r~Toreno dead.

The guards and mechanics do not seem to react to bodies in any way that affects the mission.

~s~A mechanic has found a dead body. He is running to trigger the alarm.
~s~A mechanic found a dead body. The Aircraft Carrier is now on alert.
~s~The ~r~guards~s~ have found a dead body. The Aircraft Carrier is now on alert.

The mechanics always run off to sound the alarm. Being spotted by a guard will always cause the carrier to go on alert.

~s~You've been detected by a mechanic. The Aircraft Carrier is now on alert.

Alternate objectives and failure states. Oddly, the used ones refer to the Hydra as a jet or a military jet instead.

~s~Find a Hydra Jet.
~s~Take the Hydra to the ~y~airstrip~s~.
~s~Get back in the Hydra!
~r~You destroyed all the Hydra's!
~r~Your Hydra is toast!
~s~The ~r~Hydra's~s~ are on your tail. Take them out!

Some miscellaneous differently worded objectives.

~s~Get in the boat
~s~Be careful not to be spotted by the ~r~guards~s~!
~s~Find a way to switch off the SAM sites
~s~You've made too much noise entering the Aircraft Carrier. The ~r~guards~s~ are now on alert.
~s~Destroy the flotilla of ~r~spy ships

Home Coming

Dialogue for Sweet attacking the drug dealers that have taken over Grove Street.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Punk ass yay whores!
~z~Base pushing ass pussies!
~z~Punk crack bitches!
~z~Crack-a-lack-a ass!
~z~Get outta this neighborhood!
~z~I'll kill all you motherfuckers!
~z~Y'all going down, motherfuckers!
~z~This was my mom's house!
~z~Crack hos!

Two alternate prompts for getting a bigger vehicle to pick up Sweet. Also included is text for a timer, but the mission has no time limit of any kind.

Sweet's out of jail, he's going to need a ride.
~s~Get a bigger vehicle!
Time Left

An odd unused failure state.

~r~You missed the bus.

Cut Throat Business

An unused subtitle for Maccer doing his thing during the opening cutscene.


Some unused and unvoiced dialogue. Unclear where it might have been used, but it would fit in when first getting to OG Loc's video shoot.

~z~Yo. There he go, right there.
~z~Hell, yeah - get that nigga, man.
~z~Please - just don't hit me!
~z~Motherfucker, I'll bust your ass...

A single unused line of dialogue for Madd Dogg.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Let's go hit those life-or-death busters.

Two alternate objectives as well as an unused failure state for losing both Madd Dogg and Loc. You can only lose OG Loc during the mission.

~s~You need to bring ~b~Madd Dogg~s~ to the ~y~video shoot~s~.
~s~Follow ~b~Madd Dogg~s~ and help him chase ~r~OG Loc~s~.
~r~You lost Madd Dogg and OG Loc.

Beat Down on B Dup

Some unused and unvoiced lines, unclear where they might have been used.

~z~Come on, Sweet.
~z~Yeah. Damn. What was I thinking?
~z~Well, B DUP said that crack had to get smoked,
~z~so I guess I'm on my own.

Additional dialogue while heading over to B Dup's old place.

Clip Subtitle
~z~That bitch B Dup got a shit load of pain comin' his way.
~z~Let's head over to his crib, see what that fool's been up to.
~z~Dude, get a grip, we can't take that!
~z~No way, hell no!
~z~Here we are.
~z~Hope that fool's home.

Additional line for CJ after taking over Glen Park.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Check that place over there.

~z~That's it, I know it!

Unused subtitles for the cutscene of Big Bear confronting B Dup.

~z~I'm tired of smoking, I'm tired of crack
~z~Bear, what the fuck you doing? Come on, man. I take care of you!
~z~and I'm tired of doing your fucking housework.
~z~Oh, shit! Man, what the fuck you do that for, man?
~z~I'm free!

You were originally supposed to drive Big Bear to rehab yourself.

Clip Subtitle
~z~CJ, you take care of Bear, OK?
~z~Yeah, for sure. C'mon Bear, time for a little detox!
~z~Oh man, do I have to?
~z~Have you looked at yourself in the mirror lately?
~z~Most successful diet I ever been on!

During the drive he would tell CJ what happened while he was gone.

Clip Subtitle
~z~How'd B Dup get his claws into you, Bear?
~z~Man, Grove Street Families used to be tight, man.
~z~Then Li'l Brian caught it, you ran off.
~z~I don't mean to dis you, man, but you did.
~z~I know, but I'm back now.
~z~True, homie, that's real speed.
~z~Anyways man, Sweet, he just became a hard man to deal with, you know?
~z~Then we got bad blood with Seville Boulevard Families and
~z~they split from the Grove. Then Temple, hell,
~z~they went loneranger too
~z~Sweet, man, he did absolutely nothing.
~z~Next thing I knew B Dup's, he's making money, Grove Street, they set tripping.
~z~Streets ain't no place to be when every fool is trying to make a move.
~z~So I tried my first blast - see what the fuss is all about, right?
~z~Now look at me, a rockstar...
~z~Ain't nothing to be proud of, man.
~z~We gonna put all this behind us, Bear.
~z~Grove is coming back and the OG posse is on the bounce!
~z~Go on in, Bear, you know we're here for you, a'ight?
~z~For life, CJ.

Of course, when driving Big Bear around there was the possibility of him getting killed.

~r~Big Bear is dead!

Grove 4 Life

An additional cut line for Sweet in the opening cutscene.

~z~You gotta love your hood like you love your homies
~z~It's always been that way, and ain't nothing ever gonna change, I done seen it all.
~z~I mean, I seen it all. And that's the one thing I know.

You were originally given the choice to recruit some backup instead of only going out with Sweet.

Clip Subtitle
~z~You wanna get some homies together or just me and you roll?
~z~Hell yeah, good idea, I'll gather some OGs up.
~z~Nah, let's do this Johnson style, you and me.

Unused and unvoiced lines for Sweet. There are multiple changing lines for first attacking the Ballas in Idlewood, heading to take over another hood and getting back to Grove Street, these may have been placeholders for them.

~z~OK, dog, let's cap some Ballas!
~z~Which Ballas turf we gonna take next, CJ?
~z~C'mon, let's go back to Grove Street


Unused subtitles for the opening cutscene, mostly for the news report on the TV. Some lines can be heard in the background, while others are completely cut.

~z~Hey, be quiet, be quiet.
~z~C'mon you bunch of wankers, this is unbearable!

~z~But these charges pale in comparison to the core allegation;
~z~... conspired to kill fellow officer Ralph Pendelbury
~z~who had threatened to turn state's evidence
~z~and who was then found shot dead
~z~in a supposedly unrelated gang incident...
~z~...to deal with lost evidence,
~z~...retracted witness statements
~z~including fellow officer Jimmy Hernandez,
~z~and Officer Pulaski himself, believed to be on the run.

~z~I hope we can draw a line under this whole sorry affair
~z~and leave officer Tenpenny to do what he does best;
~z~Protect and serve!
~z~Thank you.
~z~You see? You can't trust the system, man.
~z~If the reaction of the crowd behind me is anything to judge by,
~z~...Los Santos will burn tonight!

Additional dialogue for Sweet on the way back to Grove Street, seems there were more obstacles to be encountered during the drive.

Clip Subtitle
~z~They coming after us!
~z~Ain't this Ballas turf?
~z~Ain't this Vagos country?
~z~Back up, CJ, back up!
N/A ~z~Man, most these roads are blocked with shit!
~z~The road's blocked! Back up!
~z~They've barricaded the road!
~z~Stay away from the National Guard!
~z~Stay away from those soldiers, CJ!
~z~Can't see shit through this smoke!
~z~Shit don't look too bad...
~z~It only takes one fool to spread this shit to the Grove.
N/A ~z~You be careful out there, CJ.

~z~Yeah, I heard that.

A slight variant of the main objective, instead you're told to drive Sweet to Grove Street.

~s~Go back to Sweet's house.

Los Desperados

A shorter variant of the first objective.

~s~Go and meet up with the ~b~veterano's~s~.

A different line for Cesar's plan when meeting up his homies at Unity Station.

Clip Subtitle
~z~We will approach from the rear alleyway, OK?

Additional lines for Cesar throughout the shootout with the Vagos.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Everybody OK? Let's hit 'em!
~z~Vagos fools didn't stand a chance!
~z~Follow me!
~z~Vagos boys!
~z~Up ahead!
~z~Nearly there!
~z~Careful, we are close!
~z~Behind us!
~z~Watch our backs!
~z~Watch your backs!
~z~On the rooftops!
~z~They're on the roofs!
~z~Watch that alleyway!
~z~Vagos to our left!
~z~Northside on our right!

End of the Line

Part 1: Getting to the Crack Palace

A slight variant of one of the lines in the first cutscene, with 'Grove style' added to the end.

~z~take that fat fool down, Grove style.

An extra 'yeah' for the conversation on the way to the crack palace.

Clip Subtitle
~z~So this is it, huh?

~z~Johnson boys sorting shit out

Two short, unused subtitles for the cutscene when you get to the crack palace.

~z~Look, I know you down for this, but I gotta go in there alone.

~z~For sure. You've always been there for me, man.

If you try to get back into Sweet's car after the cutscene in front of the crack palace, he will berate you. These may have been placeholder lines for that, as the audio doesn't match up with the subtitles.

Clip Subtitle
~z~What's the problem, CJ, you backing out?
~z~Don't back down now, CJ, get in there and face Smoke!

An additional prompt to get on with the mission and find a way into the crack palace.

Yo! Quit foolin' around and find a way in there!

Part 2: Getting to Big Smoke

Floors 1,2 and 3 are all named when you first enter them but when you enter the 4th and final floor, the cutscene with Big Smoke starts instead.

Floor 4: Smoke's Suite

Similarly, when you enter floors 2 and 3, the game tells you to make your way to the next floor. The 1st instead tells you that Big Smoke is on the top floor and to make your way through the other floors to get to him.

~s~Make your way to ~y~Floor 2~s~.

Some early dialogue for the shootout with Big Smoke.

Eat Grenade, CJ!
Studio lights off!
Ahh Im blinded!
Don't just stand there Get him boys!
Good shot but let's see if you're that good in the dark!

Another bit of early dialogue for Tenpenny setting the building on fire.

Burn, CJ!

Part 3: Chasing the Firetruck

This section of the mission has a fair amount of extra dialogue that goes unused, some of it hinting at cut obstacles such as barricades, the National Guard, a SWAT tank, and the firetruck dropping oil and water on the road.

Rescuing Sweet.

Clip Subtitle
~z~You ain't getting away with this!
~z~Almost got you!
~z~Nearly there!
~z~I can't hang on much longer!
~z~I'm gonna let go!
~z~Fuck that was close!
N/A ~z~Get out there and finish the bastard!
~z~This is a requisitioned police vehicle!
~z~You're headed for a fall!
~z~You ain't long for this life!
~z~Bleed motherfucker!
~z~Give in, it's over!
~z~Fuck you, pig!
~z~Get offa me, you psycho!
~z~Sick bastard!
~z~CJ, shoot this motherfucker!
~z~Oh shiiiiit!
~z~Fuck, NOOOO!
~z~Now, Sweet, let go!

Unused alternate objective.

~b~Sweet ~s~is about to lose his grip get your car directly underneath the end of the ladder and catch ~s~Sweet ~s~before he loses his grip!

Sweet takes the wheel.

Clip Subtitle
~z~Rioters up ahead!
~z~Ballas up ahead!
~z~Varrios rioters!
~z~Rioters out to cause trouble for anybody!
~z~Look out, barricade!
~z~Oh shit, on coming traffic!
~z~Shoot that bastard!
~z~Oh fuck, oil!
~z~Shit, water all over the road!
~z~That thing's dropping water!
~z~Firetruck's dropping oil!
~z~National Guard!
~z~National Guard road block!
~z~Up ahead, Carl, up ahead!
~z~Eyes front, CJ!
N/A ~z~It's over, Tenpenny, OVER!

~z~Oh no, this is just the beginning!

N/A ~z~I'm buying myself a new life, asshole!
~z~Motherfucker , SWAT tank!
~z~Shoot out the tires!
~z~He's trying to ram us!
~z~Brace yourself!
~z~He's trying to run us off the road!
~z~He's lost control!
~z~He's losing the truck!
~z~He lost control!
~z~Hey, pigs ain't supposed to fly!

A cut line for Tenpenny after the chase.

~z~Assholes! You never understood what I did!
~z~I bought order to the fucking chaos!
~z~Fifty of me and this town would be okay.

An unused bit of conversation.

~z~Let's go get something to eat.
~z~See you around.
~z~Enchiladas! Everybody dig in.
~z~Yeah, I usen't to like Mexican food, but I love this shit now.
~z~Yeah, we know about that.
~z~Eh, forget you, holmes. We got the best food.
~z~It tastes spicy!

A few unused subtitles for the final cutscene.

~z~Come in.
~z~I come in peace with Mr Dogg here who has an announcement.
~z~My, I mean OUR first gold record.
~z~You know what I'm talking about. Yeah, they heard about it.