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Kirby's Adventure/Debug Rooms

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This is a sub-page of Kirby's Adventure.
To enter these rooms, use a code to change 0562-0563 to the room value of your choice. Then, enter any arena (the level 6 arena works best) and lose a life. You'll be taken to the room you specified after you die.

Room 0007

This is a multilevel hub! 7 of the doors take you to level hubs. The top four from left to right go to hubs for Levels 1-4, the bottom 3 from left to right take you to the Level 5-7 hubs. The last door at the bottom right doesn't function. It probably lead to the main debug room during the game's development.

Room 0013

A copy of the Fountain of Dreams room used after the credits have finished. Most likely used for testing purposes. The ending music plays here. This room can be accessed from the main debug room.

Room 00A8


The main debug room! The first 5 doors from the left at the bottom lead to various testing rooms. The 6th and 7th doors don't work. The door at the top leads to the multilevel hub.

FUN FACT: The ladder pieces above each door actually represent binary numbers. Unsurprisingly, they're numbered (from left to right) 1-7.

Room 0138

This is the room from the game tutorial! While not technically a debug room, it is accessible from the main debug area for easy testing access. It's fully functional as a stage, though some of the enemy graphics don't load properly. This is because the game can't load different enemy graphics within a room in normal play. The demo is hard-coded to load different enemy graphics starting with the Pengi enemy.

Rooms 0139-013C

Miniboss test rooms. Not just any minibosses, though -- these rooms have the faster, more difficult versions of Bugzzy, Poppy Bros. Sr., Rolling Turtle, and Mr. Tick Tock that are found in stage 7-2's hidden route. The scrambled backgrounds seem to indicate that the tileset was changed after the room layouts were made.

Rooms 013D-0141

Accessed from the main debug room, these are tests for the various Meta Knight battles in the game. The first five correspond to the Meta Knight room layouts that were used in the final game.

Rooms 0142-0144

These rooms, however, weren't used. Meta Knight battles for the layouts of rooms #142 & #144 still exist in the game, but not for room #143.

(Source: Original TCRF research)