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Matrimelee (Neo Geo)

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Title Screen

Power Instinct Matrimelee

Also known as: Shin Gouketsuji Ichizoku: Toukon Matrimelee (JP), Power Instinct Matrimelee
Developer: Noise Factory
Publisher: Playmore
Platform: Neo Geo
Released in JP: May 27, 2003
Released in US: May 29, 2003

DebugIcon.png This game has debugging material.

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One of the last games released for the Neo Geo. Also the first Power Instinct game to be developed by Noise Factory (earlier games were developed by Atlus).

Debug Tools


By modifying the word to 0x0005 at region 0x10b920, you can get two more options on the AES menu. Slot 0x04 leads to another menu that includes some tests and one editor. Slot 0x05 leads to a quick fight which includes a background test and sound test.

Object Test

Standard Sprite Test.

Script Editor

This editor is to setup the background animation to go along with the music.

Sound Test

Demo Test

A test to the various screens, endings, results, and opening.

Background Test

This test is different then the one in quick fight. As this one is to look at the various pieces that make the backgrounds.

Quick Test

An easy way to test the AI and look at complete backgrounds.

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