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Notes:Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge

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This page contains notes for the game Bad Rats: the Rats' Revenge.

Console Commands

  • The console code "go*" where * is any number between 1 and 44 will load that level.
  • The console code "kill" or "killme" will kill the player(?).
  • The console code "sol" will show the solution.
(Source: EntranceJew of Something Awful)


  • The "Super Nail" earned after completing the campaign is a Steam exclusive bonus.
  • The End and Delete keys change the FOV or zoom of the camera. If the player zooms in too far it will zoom out again but with the playing field mirrored horizontally.
(Source: EntranceJew of Something Awful)

Bad Code

  • Every single time the code needs to figure out what level it is dealing with, it performs 44 consecutive IF statements instead of using a SWITCH or calling a function with an argument. This is a coding pattern that appears in the code a lot.
  • None of the custom functions use parameters.
  • In spite of most of the rats being numerically ID'd, they are all accessed by names like "rato1" instead of on a lookup.
  • The code is littered with GOTOs -- usually to escape a function, in spite of RETURN being available.
  • When Bad Rats exits, it launches a program called "ratsend.exe".
  • Bad Rats uses the RANDOM() function 206+/-2 times, 98 of which are in the rats' physics definitions.
  • The cat's ("gato") 'will die' ("vaimorre") animation consists of 4 frames, using the engine's morph function (similar to a tween) to blend between them.
(Source: EntranceJew of Something Awful)