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Only You: Rebel Cross

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Title Screen

Only You: Rebel Cross

Developer: Sea's Splash[1]
Publishers: GeneX, CyberFront
Platform: PlayStation 2
Released in JP: October 31, 2002 (with Drama CD), April 24, 2003 (standalone), October 20, 2005 (Best Hit Selection)


If you haven't unlocked any special menu items in the "Options" screen (such as gallery images, and bonus content), there's button combination cheats to bypass this. Over a locked menu item, press and hold one of the following buttons depending on the highlighted menu item to temporarily unlock that item:

Cheat Effective Inputs
Art Gallery (画廊) Select + L2 + R2 + Circle
Romance Scenes (回想浪漫) Select + L1 + R2 + Circle
Opening (オープニング) L1 + R2 + Circle
Bonus Scenario (おまけシナリオ) Select + L1 + R1 + Circle
Fighting Memories (闘いの記憶) L1 + R2 + Circle

Additionally, if you unlocked the opening movie already, you can input the cheat button combo to play all movies in order before playing the movie.

(Source: Original TCRF research)