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Prerelease:Crash Nitro Kart

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Crash Nitro Kart.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

Removed Racer


Concept art from the game's development shows Nina Cortex, a character who was cut from the final game. The game was originally going to be developed by Traveller's Tales Oxford Studios and introduce Nina Cortex to the series. After development was passed to Vicarious Visions, Nina's introduction was pushed to Twinsanity (which, ironically, was beaten by Purple's earlier release).

Early Press Images

CNK Early Proto.jpg CNK Early Proto-1.jpg

Screenshot of Android Alley (left) and Tiny Temple (right). Probably the earliest build to be featured in official screenshots. Several differences and oddities can be found:

  • The words "TIME" and "LAP" aren't present in the HUD.
  • The speedometer looks different. It also seems to go below zero and above the top speed.
  • The exaust pipes are all golden and look different from any used in the final version. Smoke doesn't come out of them.
  • The anti-gravity knobs don't emit electricity.
  • Pura is never controlled by the CPU in the final version.
  • In the second screenshot, the corkscrew has a stone texture instead of the final version's metallic one.
  • The lighting is much darker.
  • The character icons are smaller and have a low-res.
  • In the second screenshot, the "? crates" are absent, and there's a Turbo Pad that was removed in the final version.

CNK Early Proto 2.jpg CNK Early Proto 2-1.jpg

This seems to be a bit of an improvement over the previous build, though it has a bunch of quirks of its own:

  • The start banner is missing in the first screenshot.
  • It shows that the total amount of laps is 0.
  • The character lineup on the left doesn't match the current standings. Probably there are more than 1 player with the same character, or the position of the characters hasn't yet been properly implemented.
  • Dingodile, Polar, and Pura are all racing in the same track. In the final version, no more than 2 CPU characters from the same team are ever found in races.
  • Pura is never controlled by the CPU in the final version.
  • Power Shield's icon is blue despite the player only having 8 Wumpa Fruits, instead of having 10.
  • Power Shield's icon is the exact same icon used in Crash Team Racing, meaning that some icons from that game were possibly used here as placeholders during development.
  • When used, the Power Shield looks slightly different and apparently harmless (or the Shield's hitbox hasn't been properly implemented yet).
  • In the second screenshot, there's a CPU player using the Power Shield, something that never happens in the final version.
  • The skid marks look different in the first screenshot.

CNK Early Thunder Struck.jpg

  • The anti-gravity knobs are emitting smoke instead of electricity.
  • The waterfall on the right isn't present in the final version.
  • There's no rain on the track.

Trailer 1

Unknown Build

CNK Early Clockwork Wumpa.jpg

Screenshot of Clockwork Wumpa:

  • There's an unused horizontal version of the speedometer here. The box art screenshots are the only ones to feature it.
  • There are only 2 character icons on the left, with the other 2 slots empty, and possibly only 1 CPU player on the race. Probably for debug purposes.

CNK Early Multiplayer 4P.jpg

Screenshot of Android Alley:

  • Each player's screen has a different color at the edges.
  • The HUD position in Multiplayer has a very similar layout to the Crash Team Racing one.
  • The character icons, lap counter, item icons, Wumpa counter and the positions are larger.
  • Cortex has a different in-kart model.
  • Crash has a different jumping animation.
  • The karts are emitting smoke, which was disabled in the final version.

IGN Previews

This seems to be the same build used in the Trailer 1 and early press images.

  • There is no music.
  • Two Crash are present in the first clip, as the player is in 7th place.
  • The turbo pads are static.
  • Meteor Gorge has a completely different design in this build.
  • Zem's icon is very different.
  • The item roulette sound effect is different.
  • The lap completion sound effect was later used for the unlock messages.
  • Cortex's model is smaller and his head is bigger.
  • The freezing mine icon is just a text written Freezing mine with a blue font.
  • The wumpa pickup sound effect is different
  • The player got 8 Wumpa fruits breaking only one crate. In the final version, the max Wumpa per crate is 4.
  • The multiplayer HUD resembles the Crash Team Racing design.
  • The graphics are corrupted in 2P Meteor Gorge, as noticed in the background, Tiny's icon inside the item slot for the player 1, and a corrupted icon for the player 2.

  • Single Race is called Arcade here.
  • The Team Mode icons are present in 2P mode and are covering the vision of the players.
  • Out of Time is called Lost Earth, which is the original name for Terra.
  • The team is linked to the CPU. In the final version, both players will be the team instead.
  • There is a removed X crate at 0:19.
  • The unused height meter is present here.
  • The karts are emitting smoke, which was disabled in the final version for multiplayer.

  • Most of the level previews have different start points.
  • The Wumpa crate is in a different position at 0:09.
  • Thunder Struck uses Out of Time theme here.
  • Another Wumpa crate is in a different position at 0:20.
  • The early Static Shock Orb icon is used.

Gamekult Preview Build

A prototype version for Xbox was sent to a French website before the game's release. It contains an interesting number of differences.

CNK Beta Team Evil.jpg

  • The original name for the Team Cortex was Team Evil.
  • There is a blue outline in the menu layout.

CNK Beta Adventure Hud.jpg

  • The prizes order are different in the HUD. The trophy has a different design and the gems are untextured.
  • Krunk's text is misplaced. In the final version, the boss race is called Terra's Championship.
  • The speedometer is present in the world maps. It was removed in the final version.
  • Some debug coordinates are present in the build.

CNK Beta Teknee Icon.jpg

  • Teknee's uses a futuristic building design for the icon. It was later changed to an Atom.

CNK Beta Aku Uka Hints.jpg

  • The masks never spawn in Velo's Citadel.
  • The camera position is very similar to the mask hints in Crash Team Racing.

CNK Prerelease Velos Vault.jpg

  • Velo's Vault requires 3 keys instead of 4.
  • The number of keys needed is shown in the locked portal.

CNK Prerelease Race Standings.jpg

  • The game uses the A letter instead of an icon to represent the button as placeholder.
  • The red position numbers are in the right corner of the icons. In the final version they are in the middle.
  • Notice how the player has 42 points, which is impossible to achieve in the final version.


CNK Beta Early Freeze Mine Icon.jpg

Krunk Battle

  • Cortex and Krunk spawn much further ahead of the finish line.
  • The powerslide bar has the colors reversed.
  • Some debug coordinates appear below the time.
  • The HUD doesn't display the player's position number.
  • The lap counter doesn't have the "LAP" text.
  • The lap times for each lap are disabled in the boss race.
  • Krunk doesn't have animations.
  • The boss kart has a black color and a different engine sound.
  • There is no X Crates in the boss race.
  • Some power-ups have different icons.
  • The item roulette gives an item too early.
  • Krunk's hazards are very different.
  • Krunk doesn't have voice clips.
  • The minimap is larger and higher on the HUD.
  • There is a height meter that would pop up every time the kart was lifted from the ground.
  • Krunk's icon on the minimap is black.
  • The boost counter appears on the right and over the minimap.
  • The start banner has a totally different texture.
  • Jungle Boogie uses Tiny Temple's theme.

Tiny Temple

Barin Ruins

Visual Development for CNK

A document containing sketches and early designs was released at the end of 2003. Some early screenshots of the game were used to showcase how the artworks looked in-game. CNK Early Velo Challenge.png

  • Debug coordinates are present.
  • The character icons are placed very near to the timer.
  • The lap times for each lap are disabled in the boss race.
  • The HUD doesn't display the player's position number.
  • Hyper Spaceway minimap is present here. It was disabled in-race in the final version.
  • There are a lot of TNTs in the track, so it's likely that was one of the Velo's traps in this build. The bosses never throw TNTs in the final version.
  • There are two crates instead of three in the final version.
  • The fire hazards are missing.

Trailer 2

A near-final version of the game was used on this trailer. The debug coordinates are still present, but the freeze mine already uses the final design, however there is a white square around its model when the player throws it at 0:15. The boost counter also appears in the upper right corner, just like how it was in Crash Team Racing.

Interestingly, the player automatically loses Wumpas while falling off the track at 0:38. This seems to be added later into the development and quickly removed it, since older builds didn't have this feature.