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Prerelease:Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3

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This page details prerelease information and/or media for Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario Bros. 3.

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To do:
  • Check if any of the unknown levels are used or are still present somewhere.
  • Check this footage.[1]
  • Aren't there any screenshots?
  • There was a demo playable / video shown at ECTS in London in August 2003

E3 2003

General Differences

  • The "WORLD" text is lower than the world number, unlike the final.
  • All levels are depicted as being part of World 1.
  • All World-e levels seem to have five Advance Coins.

Graphical Differences

  • The snake block is different.
  • The ice underground theme is less blue.

Level Differences

Vegetable Volley

  • A block was added after the gap.
  • Two vegetables were moved to after the gap.
  • The mushroom was moved.

Vexing Doors

  • The part with the snake block was changed.

Sea to Sky

  • Blocks were moved.
  • A Boo was removed.

Unknown Level 1

  • The player needs to break blue blocks with a Hammer Suit to obtain an Advance Coin.

Unknown Level 2

  • The player needs to activate a P-Switch to collect an Advance Coin.

A Musical Trek

  • The layout is different.
  • Galoombas are falling from the sky instead of Para-Goombas.

Ice Dungeon

  • The layout is different.
  • Instead of an Advance Coin, Paratroopas, and blue blocks there is only a spring in the final.

Unknown Level 3

  • Might be an early version of Piped Full of Plants.

Slidin' the Slopes

  • The level was originally set at daytime.

Unknown Level 4

  • The player needed a Raccoon Leaf to collect an Advance Coin.

Unknown Level 5

  • The player needed a Cape Feather to collect multiple Advance Coins.