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Proto:.flow/Version 0.07

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This is a sub-page of Proto:.flow.

The most recent prototype recovered, Version 0.07 of .flow was created January 27, 2010, and is the first appearance of the Reverse Apartments, the Orange Laboratory, and the Rainbow Maze.

General Differences

  • Most sound effects are placeholders from RPG Maker 2000's RTP.
  • Collecting an effect displays a normal text box with no sound or visual elements.
0.03-0.07 0.194
.flow-0.03 get effect.png .flow-get effect.png

Map Differences

16 maps have been added since 0.06 to give 103 maps, compared to 0.194's 296. 1 new effect, Whistle, was added to give 9 effects, compared to the 24 in final.

Sabitsuki's Room

0.03-0.07 0.194
.flow-0.03 real room.png .flow-real room.png
  • The Verdana does not exist yet, so there is no screen door.
  • Shinsoku Neko is now playable, including the cheat code to enable "True Shinsoku Neko" (真・神速猫) by press left, left, right, right, up, down, up, and down on the title screen. Different from final though is the lack of a splash screen before starting the game proper, differences in sound effects and music, and only being able to make one mistake before dying instead of three. New to this version is the backing track when playing the game proper.
  • Interacting with the door lets you directly access the Debug Room while awake, rather then needing to modify files.
  • Beginning flow is the same as the prior builds.
0.03 0.04-0.07 Final
.flow-0.03 beginning flow.png .flow-0.04 beginning flow.png .flow-beginning flow.png

Debug Room

To do: