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Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X)/Prototype

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This is a sub-page of Proto:A Hat in Time (Windows, Mac OS X).

The prototype build of A Hat in Time was distributed to a select few streamers and YouTubers to promote the game's Kickstarter and Steam Greenlight page. The build is not available to the general public, and contents varied from person to person. The build documented here is labeled "Prototype 0.0.1 vCosmo" and was compiled on June 25th. One can access the act "Say Hi to Mafia Town" and Challenges 1, 2, and 3 though the main menu, with the acts "Mafia on Fire" and "Dweller Drought" locked.

Inaccessible Acts

Opening the developer console, and using the command "setact" followed by a number, it is possible to access two of the normally inaccessible acts for Mafia Town. Act 2 does not appear to be present in any form.

Mafia Town Act 3

This act starts with an opening cinematic: a panning shot of Mafia Town, before zooming in on Mustache Girl who is near the Mafia Town construction site. Upon approaching her, two timers appear. One for Mustache Girl, and one for Hat Kid. Both have 160 seconds on the clock. The act works like a cross of the game "Tag" and "King of the Hill". Hat Kid starts as "It", and can use her umbrella to tag Mustache Girl. Time counts down on Mustache Girl's timer until she is tagged, then the roles are reversed, and Hat Kid's timer starts counting down and Mustache Girl's stops.

If Hat Kid's timer counts all the way down, Mustache Girl disappears, and a victory jingle plays, though no Time Piece will appear. If Mustache Girl's timer counts all the way down, Mustache Girl will simply disappear.

Mafia on Fire

This act starts with an opening cinematic that is identical to the final game's. The act starts with Hat Kid talking to Thor, who explains the situation. He then gives Hat Kid the "Hookshot Upgrade" and the "Pogo Upgrade". Hat Kid must use the ground-pound ability of the Pogo upgrade to seal three of the four cracks. The fourth crack is sealed with a 2-button timing puzzle. Upon completion, most of the lava disappears, and a Time Piece appears by Thor.

Unused Graphics

Fire Ball

Hatintime Fire ball tex New-01.png

Used in the inaccessible act "Mafia on Fire", and is used to indicate where the cracks are that need to be sealed.