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Proto:Age of Empires/Version

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Age of Empires.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.

The game reports itself as a later build (the build, which incidentally also exists) for some reason.

Just so you know, the game is incredibly crashy and will crash itself and take the operating system with it if you're using Windows 9x.

General Differences

Corrupted terrain generated by the random map generator.
  • Your progress in the campaign is not actually saved, so if you want to play that, play it in one playthrough.
  • The random map starts you off with a whopping 500 wood, 500 food and 100 stone.
  • There is no minimum range for units yet. Catapults can attack units right in front of them.


While the runtribe.bat skips straight to the game, if you start it directly, it starts in an intro that is only half-finished: half of the prerendered scenes are there, the other half is an apparent in-game render with LEGO guys against a blue background. These also show a frame counter at the top left.


Most of the building prices and HP are different:

To do:
Finish up.
Building Prototype Final
  Price HP Price HP
Town Center 150 wood 500 200 wood 600
House 15 wood 60 30 wood 75
Storage Pit 120 wood 300 120 wood 350
Dock 100 wood 300 100 wood 350
Barracks 100 wood 300 125 wood 350


  • The villager's spear does only 2 damage instead of 3, making it significantly harder to kill animals for food.
  • Villagers themselves cost only 40 food as opposed to 50.
  • There is no Stone Thrower; instead you get a Catapult with an absurdly low range that gets outranged by bowmen. However, you can upgrade it to the Heavy Catapult, which works more or less like the Heavy Catapult in the final game except for its upgrade being much cheaper.


  • The leather armor for soldiers can be built from Stone Age on provided you have the Barracks, whereas the final version allows this upgrade only from Tool Age on. It also uses a dummy symbol.
  • The Baptism upgrade is misspelled as "Baptisim".


Rise of Egypt

The scenarios only have a short description of what you need to do, though they helpfully explain to you the game's controls. Their names are also in all caps.

  • In Hunting, you start out with 50 wood and nothing else.
  • In Foraging, there's an alligator on the way to the berry bushes that you will most likely die to (thus losing the mission as you lose your only villager with no food to build more) if you're not careful. Also, since the game doesn't actually check for the Granary despite the mission instructions, building seven villagers is sufficient to win.
  • In Discoveries, you start out with no resources. Also, you are the only player on the map, so you can just let your villager die by having him be killed by a lion to win instantly.