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Proto:Bug Fables/Prototype (v0.1)

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Bug Fables.

To do:
  • Add image comparisons

General Differences

  • There is no music.
  • There are a minimal amount of sound effects. Only dialogue, dialogue choices, and moving the cursor in battle will emit sound. There are a total of 12 in comparison to the final game's total of 300+.
  • The art is lower quality and mostly pixelated.
  • Total time elapsed is shown in the file select screen but not in the pause screen.
  • Instead of portraits, the pause menu displays full body drawings of the characters.
  • Bestiary entries show enemies' elemental weaknesses.
  • The party members learn their skills by collecting a key item.
  • There are only 3 maps: Test Room, Outside Snakemouth's Den, and Snakemouth's Den: Room 1.
  • Dialogue boxes have the name of who is speaking in a smaller, colored box at the top of the dialogue box. Many NPCs don't have their proper names and instead are described more generically.
  • Food items restore different HP and TP amounts.
  • Overworld abilities do not share the same button as the cancel button (default X). Instead, they have their own button (default D).
  • Vi, Kabbu, and Leif are referred to as Bee, Beetle, and Moth, respectively.
  • While Vi and Leif look almost exactly like their final versions, Kabbu looks a bit different. He has light gray shoulder pads and has more edges.

In Battle Differences

  • Turn Relay doesn't exist and its button is replaced by something called "Tri Attack", but pressing it does nothing.
  • There is no EXP reward for killing enemies, and therefore no rank
  • If someone dies during battle, they are not resurrected to 1 HP when the battle is over
  • Vi uses needles in her normal attack
  • Kabbu will dash through an enemy in his normal attack
  • Spuder is encountered by running into a generic Jellyshroom