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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Console Commands

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2.

A large amount of interesting commands are in the prototype, but most of them don't work.


Imputing Llama into the console activates “Llama mode”, which makes the player invincible. Typing it in again turns it off.


Typing in “rampage” will activate something called “Rampage Mode” that does nothing. As with Llama mode, it can be shut off by typing in “rampage” again.

This code does exist in the final version.


Typing in “freeze (monster class)” will freeze all monsters of that class in place and makes them unable to attack. For example, if you want the Inmaters in E1M3 to stop stomping around, type in “freeze monster_inmater”.


Typing in “massacre” will remove all monster entities from a map.


Typing in “stats” will show the current memory size.


Typing in listsurf while in a map will cause the game to display a message about being unable to find something called a “viewthing 1” in the map.


Typing in viewsurf does nothing, but it is assumed to be related to “Listsurf”.


Typing in greyskull x (where x is either acro, attack, power, speed, vita or all) will boost the given stat by one. The stat system doesn't seem to be functioning in this prototype, so it does nothing.


Typing in breakme x (where x is either acro, attack, power, speed , vita or all) will reduce the listed stat by one point. Like it's cousin, greyskull, this code does nothing because the stats system is not implemented in the protoype.


Typing in use in front of either a door or a switch will activate this. This is bound to the Alt key in the default config file.


Typing in c4_detonate after firing a few bombs from the C4 Vizatergo while holding the gun will cause the bombs to explode. This is bound to the Enter key in the default config file.


Typing in view_weapon_model will crash the game. Based on the name, this was for debugging a weapon's view model.


Typing in superfly in the console will cause a very early version of Superfly Johnson to spawn and “Goo” to be printed in the console. He will spawn exactly where the player is, so the player must noclip in order for Superfly to move. Superfly tends to crash the game as soon as he hits the ground, making it impossible to see him in action.


Typing in “mikiko” will cause a very early version of Mikiko to spawn and print “Ha Cha Cha!” in the console. Unlike Superfly, the game will crash as soon as the code is typed in.

Weapon summoning

it is possible to summon any weapon in the prrototype by typing in “weapon_x”. The variables for “x” are as follows:

  • ionblaster
  • c4viz
  • shotcycler6
  • sidewinder
  • discus
  • midas
  • greekfire
  • axe
  • crossbow
  • dragon
  • barrier
  • wyndrax
  • glock
  • pulserifle
  • tazerhook
  • metamaser


Typing in select_x, with x being one of the weapons listed above, will cause the player to switch to the weapon if they have it.


Typing in showstats doesn't do anything, but it is listed as a valid command in both Romero's readme and world.dll.


Typing in god states you have activated God Mode, but it doesn't work; the player can still be killed.


Typing in noclip will let you fly through the level and walk through walls, just like in Quake 1.


Typing in notarget will make enemies unable to detect you.


A crosshair not seen in the final version of Daikatana can be activated by typing in crosshair 1. To deactivate it, type in crosshair 0.