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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha/Enemies/Episode 2

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Pre-Alpha/Enemies.
And you were just a scroll away from being fired too...
Oh dear, I do believe I have the vapors.
This page contains content that is not safe for work or other locations with the potential for personal embarrassment.
Such as: Completely naked women.


The Centurion is one of the few Episode 2 enemies in-game. He has the final's basic design, but has a much lighter palette and has no skulls on his armor, while the final one does.

He behaves the same as the final's, though the melee attack range is longer than the animation indicates. He has a strange AI glitch that causes him to stop chasing the player, stand in place and attack even though the player is not within the Centurion's attack range.

The only Centurion sound that isn't a temporary sound is his attack sound, which sounds a lot different when compared to the final version.

Prototype Final
Make peace with ur GAWD Death to the bla-sphEEM-er!
Prototype Attack Sound Final Attack Sound


The Griffon lacks the ability to fly in the pre-alpha, which essentially makes it a clone of the Centurion. It looks a lot less muscly than the final version and has a completely different head color (grey instead of white).

Prototype Final
I wanna ride him! Those muscles make it hard to get a good grip on him.


The Skeleton looks much blockier and has rougher-looking textures than the final version's, but behaves the same as the final's.

An earlier version of the Skeleton's model exists in skelly.bak, which was last modified on June 1996; two months before this prototype was compiled. It can be viewed by changing the .bak to .mdl. The model is the same as the one seen normally in the pre-alpha, but it has far fewer animations than the later model does and lacks textures.

The Skeleton has a complete set of sounds. The pre-alpha sounds a bit less creepy than the final's. They can be downloaded File:Daiskeleton.rar.

Of note is that the \data\skins folder has a .bmp for the Skeleton that shows a slightly different skin than the one seen in the pre-alpha; the skeleton's shield has a skull in-game, while the .bmp one in \data\skins has seven silver orbs on it. The .bmp shield design also appears in concept art for the Skeleton.

Several pre-release images show the Pre-Alpha Skeleton in a Ancient Greece map that did not appear in the final game.

Prototype Final
Medusa is SO not into this shit Now she looks mean because someone gave her a few extra bucks.
In-Game Model Unused Skin
Look at that grin! He's so happy! Nice glued-on pearls, asshat.
Unused Skin Concept Art
Skin by Jerry, age 17. He looks mean.
Prototype Pre-release image
Predaiskeleton.png DaikatanaprereleaseEdgr6-l.jpg


The Spider is a bit larger in the pre-alpha compared to the final game. The fangs in particular are huge. The 1997 version of the Spider has a light-brown furry texture with black legs, while the final one has a green body with a lot of cracks on it.

A earlier texture for the spider exists in \data\skins. It shows that the Spider was much lighter at one point. It also has a complete set of sounds that sound less vicious than the final's.

The sounds can be downloaded File:Daispider.rar.

A piece of concept art for the Spider is actually the skin used by the Pre-Alpha Spider. The Pre-Alpha Spider also appeared in several pre-release screenshots.

Prototype Final
Dai1997spider.png Daispiderfinal.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997spiderback.png Daifinalspiderback.png
Prototype Concept Art
Dai1997spider.png Daikatanaspider dai.png
Earlier skin Concept Art
God he's cute. He went emo. ;(
Prototype Pre-release image
Dai1997spider.png DaikatanaprereleaseEdgr4-l.jpg



The smaller version of the Spider exists in this prototype under the name "tarantula.mdl", but doesn't have any textures.


The 1997 Harpy keeps the final's shape and weapon, but her details are different. First off, the 1997 Harpy is completely naked instead of having hovering nipple and crotch armor, like the final one does. In addition, she has a helmet and pupils, while the final Harpy has small horns and no pupils. Her legs are covered with feathers in the 1997 pre-alpha, but they aren't in the final game. Her left arm has a very visible texture seam in the pre-alpha.

All of her sounds use temporary sounds.

Interestingly enough, the 1997 Harpy's design matches the Harpy's concept art.

Prototype Final
Dai1997harpy.png Daifinalharpy.png
Prototype Final
Dai1997harpyback.png Daifinalharpyback.png
Prototype Concept Art
Dai1997harpy.png DaikatanaconceptHarpy.jpg


A listing for a “monster_siren” can be found in world.dll, but there is no art nor sounds associated with it. However, there is concept art for a female enemy named Siren. Based on it's being female and it's name being derived from a Greek myth, it is very likely that the Siren would appear in Episode 2.