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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Sound

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2.


About half of the enemy sounds in the prototype use a strange-sounding placeholder sound that can be heard below.

Empty Quake Folder

An empty folder named “Quake” exists. Based on its name, it would have sounds from “Quake” in it, though what use it would have is unknown.

Placeholders folder

A folder named “Placeholders” can be found. It contains a full set of the temporary sound with each named things like “attack2” and “sight1”. This seems to be a generic template for temporary enemy sounds so that all that needed to be done was copy the sounds into the monster's sound folder and place the monster's name in front of each file name.

Backup Folder

A folder named “backup” contains sounds of someone saying “bloop!”, the grenade bounce sound from Quake 1, an explosion named “explodegrn”, a weird sound named “firegrn”, and a silly laugh named “shawn”. Shawn probably refers to Shawn Green, a programmer that worked on Daikatana.

Item Pickup Sounds

Sounds for picking up items, such as ammo, armor and weapons can be found in the sounds\items folder, but none of them play in the game.

Warp Sounds

A series of sounds that start with “warp” can be found in the sounds\misc folder. There is already sounds for a teleporter that are used in the game, so it doesn't fit as sounds for being teleported. It could be sounds for a very early version of the “traveling through time” sequences that play between episodes in the final version.


A sound regarding lava named “inlava” can be found in sounds\misc. These are never played due to the sounds not being cached.


A sound folder named “special” can be found. It appears to be a collection of environmental sounds, such as gears moving or a rope snapping.


A sound folder named “ambiance” is filled to the brim with unused ambient sounds for levels. There doesn't seem to be a way to determine what time period each sound file was supposed to fit in because of how generic they are.

There is an interesting sound mixed with the others named “deathmonk”. It appears that the Priest in Episode 3 was supposed to be killed at one time. Why its in the folder for ambient sounds is unknown.

Door Sounds

A complete set of sounds of doors opening for all the episodes exists in data\sounds\doors. Only a handful of them are actually used in the Pre-Alpha, but more are used in Milestone 2.


There are several early voiceclips of Superfly and Mikiko speaking in levels. All of the voiceclips can be downloaded at File:Predaivoices.rar.

Episode 1

All of the Episode 1 sounds are from Mikiko. They are named “1-2”, likely referring to E1M2 (which can be found in Milestone 2). Most of them seem to be verbal hints for a door, such as her stating that it would open and close. However, some of the later ones mention an “area under construction” and a sewer.

Episode 2

The Episode 2 dialogue features Mikiko and Superfly. A good chunk of the dialogue is just the characters figuring out they are in ancient Greece, but there are a few interesting things in it.

First of them is that it seems you would have Mikiko and Superfly with you at the start of Episode 2. In the final, you start off with none of them, but find Mikiko early on and rescue Superfly at the end of the Episode.

The second interesting thing in the dialogue is that it hints the player is sent to Episode 2 because of a problem with the Daikatana. In the final, Mishima intercepts the characters while they're time traveling at the end of Episode 1 and sends them to ancient Greece instead of San Francisco.

Episode 3

Episode 3 has by far the least amount of dialogue. It seems to be for E3M1, if the dialogues filenames (3-1) are any indication. It consists of two lines from Mikiko and three from Superfly. The only real interesting bit is a line from Mikiko saying “We better watch out for any more avalanches!”. It seems there was supposed to be some sort of avalanche they player would have to get through or avoid at one time in E3M1.

Episode 4

Episode 4 has a fair bit of voice clips that state or hint concepts that weren't used in the final.

One of Mikiko's voice clips has her stating that there was a gigantic earthquake that tore up most of San Francisco during the time the characters were in. This is no sign of this existing in the final version.

A line from Superfly mention an earthquake. This possibly could be the earthquake mentioned earlier, which would fit with one of his later lines about the area looking like a warzone.

Mikiko's lines include talk about “a bridge to the mainland”, which might be a reference to the tram seen in Milestone 2’s E4M2 and the final game’s E4M3 section.