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Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2/Text

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Daikatana (Windows)/Milestone 2.

The .dlls have a ton of plain ASCII text that is likely from the code used to compile. These give insights into things like the entities in the game at the time the prototype was made, unused console messages and features that weren't properly programmed in at the time.

deco_barrel deco_chair deco_trashbag deco_trashcan deco_vase dll_ClientConnect

dll_ClientDisconnect dll_ClientKill dll_ClientTest dll_Load dll_LoadLevel 

dll_PutClientInServer dll_Query dll_Version effect_fog effect_rain effect_snow 

func_button func_debris func_door func_door_rotate func_door_secret func_floater 

func_plat func_rotate func_train func_wall func_wall_explode info_null 

info_player_deathmatch info_player_start info_teleport_destination 

info_warp_destination light light_spot light_strobe light_walltorch 

monster_blackprisoner monster_buboid monster_centurion monster_chaingang 

monster_crox monster_doombat monster_dragonegg monster_dwarf monster_femgang 

monster_ferryman monster_fletcher monster_froginator monster_gang1 monster_gang2 

monster_griffon monster_harpy monster_inmater monster_lycanthir monster_path_corner 

monster_plague_rat monster_priest monster_prisoner monster_rocketdude 

monster_rotworm monster_skeleton monster_slaughterskeet monster_sludgeminion 

monster_spider monster_squid monster_tarantula monster_tentaclor 

monster_thunderskeet monster_whiteprisoner path_corner_train sound_ambient 

trigger_changelevel trigger_console trigger_counter trigger_fog_value 

trigger_multiple trigger_once trigger_push trigger_relay trigger_secret 

trigger_setskill trigger_teleport trigger_warp worldspawn

This looks like a list of entities, but there are quite a few discussed in world.dll that do not appear on this list.

is a cheating loser.

This looks like it'd be used if the player inputted a cheat code, but this never appears in neither the prototype or the final version, no matter how many cheats are used.

artifacts\oxylung\oxylungfade.wav death_msg suicide_msg I'm dying, I'm dying!!

This looks like it's describing a message that appears for a death message regarding the Oxylung, but there is no way to die that will satisfy the conditions for this message to appear.

Your vita boost is running out.

White men can't jump.

Your speed boost is running out.

Your attack boost is running out.

You are becoming a girly man.

Descriptions for the stat boost items wearing off. The “White men can't jump” comment is for the Acro Boost, as Acro determines how high you jump, while the “You are becoming a girly man” comment refers to the to Power Boost, as “girly man” is an old insult for a man that isn't strong.

You got a Couldn't put backpack item in inventory

invItem is %s

Console messages for an inventory system that doesn't work in the proto.

info_player_start info_player_deathmatch restart
misc\warpend2.wav models\player.mdl %i HEALTH %i ARMOR %i FRAGS %i H\R %i K\R AMMO %i %i FATIGUE %i VEL

This looks like code for player stats. It lists three variables, H\R, FATIGUE and VEL, which never appear anywhere in the final version.

prisonerSludge minions reaching this path corner will scoop	action2

	interrogate	action1	scoopactions on a path corner, for instance:ignore 

the scoop command.  You can have multiplesludge at that path corner (other monsters 

will'action scoop' will make a sludge minion scoopspecific action at the path 

corner.  For exampleUse the action field to make a monster perform aaction1 - 

action4: from those available.the monster will randomly choose the next targetto 

travel to.  If there is more than one targetCan have up to 4 targets for the 

monsterremtarget1 - target4: A path corner for a monster to travel

A description for some sort of special action system the Sludgeminion and other enemies use. This is never used in the prototype, and there is little sign of it in the final version either.

monster_priest I beat the dictionary out of your filthy mouth!

Joke description for the Priest.

monster_rotworm I broke you!

A broken enemy; a sign of things to come in Daikatana's development.

monster_siren Dumbass.

The only reference to the Siren enemy in the prototype and a random insult from one of the coders!

Where's he at?  Ahh!  He's in me! monster_skeleton

Joke description for the Skeleton.

monster_thunderskeet A big thing with a big beak.

High-quality description for the large robot mosquito.

monster_whiteprisoner monster_blackprisoner You're fucking dumb!  Suck it down. Less than half a fucking man. monster_dragonegg

A joke description for one of the prisoners, featuring a cameo of old Romero classic “Suck it down”.

One day I will read the spec and know what this 

This is sandwiched in between comments about a monster wandering system.

A realistic representation of your mother monster_crox

Robot crocodiles are not representative of anyone’s mother unless you’re Crocodile Dundee.

oneWOOD_CHUNKS - makes wood chunk wall-gibs flyROCK_CHUNKS - makes rock chunk

wall-gibs flymodel_3 - I wouldn't bet on it, but this is probably the name of the

3rd modelmodel_2 - the pathname of the second modelif model_1 is set then 

spawnflags ROCK_CHUNKS and WOOD_CHUNKS are overriddenmodel_1 - the specific 

pathname of the first model to throw when killedmessage - this prints out when wall 

go boomthe wall can only be exploded by targetting it health - ummm... this would be 

the health of the wall, if it is 0

Entity descriptions for the exploding walls that appear throughout the prototype.

You suck, you suck, and you suck again! %s came through tele last

Found at the start of messages regarding the teleport system.

Death Messages

Multiplayer death messages for each weapon can be found in the weapon .dll files.

%s shoves a (item) up %s's yam! (and he likes it! HEHE) .
%s takes %s's (item) to the head.

These are the generic death messages. Unique ones are listed below.

%s makes change on %s's head.
%s drops a dime in %s's slot.

Discus of Daedalus death messages.

%s becomes %s's mouthguy.

Dragon death message.

%s sucks %s's glock.
%s deep throated %s's glock.

Glock death messages. The first one appears in the final game.

%s burns himself to a crisp.

Sunflare suicide message. The death ones are the same as the default ones.

%s burns himself a new anus.
%s burns %s a new anus.

Ion Blaster suicide and death messages.

%s burnt himself a new hole.
%s's maser splits %s down the middle.
%s gulps down %s's beam.

Metamaser suicide and death messages.

%s's own cordite smacks him down!
%s sucks down some of %s's lead!

Pulse Rifle suicide and death messages.

%s got caught playing with his snake.
%s go boom.
%s rides %s's winder.
%s's snake struck %s down.

Sidewinder suicide and death messages.