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Proto:Doom (PC, 1993)/Doom 0.4

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Doom (PC, 1993).

Dooma 03 title.png
Funny thing is that iD doesn't care, anymore!
Download.png Download Doom 0.4
File: Doom0 4.zip (950 KB) (info)

Compiled on April 2nd, 1993, there are many changes to the engine, though the game is still very different. It should be noted that there is no sound at all.

To do:
Document the hi-color mode. Maes at Doomworld wrote an excellent post about this: [1]

Changes from Doom 0.3

  • Doors are finally present, and they can be opened.
  • This build only has two usable weapons, the bayonet and the rifle, as the shotgun and machine-gun are no longer selectable.
  • Enemies still cannot be damaged, and they still walk in place.
  • Items are still non-functional, but now appear correctly on the floor.
  • Some further work is done for the hi-color mode, but it does not switch to that mode properly.


When you press the R key, you experience a totally gnarly acid trip.

1 to 9 (at the main menu) - Select a level.
Esc - Main Menu.
Q (at the main menu) - Quit.

Arrow keys; Number Pad (2, 4, 6, and 8 keys) - Move.
Control/Pause - Shoot.
Right Shift - Run.
Alt - Use; Strafe.
1 (in-game) - Use Bayonet.
2 (in-game) - Use Rifle.

Q - High Quality.
W - Medium Quality.
E - Low Quality.
R - Glitchy Mode (Presumably high-color mode).
T - Causes the player to turn in order to measure the rendering frame rate ...and crash the game after five seconds.
P - Start a profile (written to profile.dat); pressing it a second time causes Doom to crash.

Z - Render Ceiling, Wall, and Floor textures.
X - Render Wall and Floor textures.
C - Render only the Wall textures.
M - Causes the player to shrink down to floor level. Attempting to climb something while in this mode will crash the prototype.

S and ~ (In order) - Takes a screenshot in LBM format.


Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 03 HUD.png Dooma 04 HUD.png Doom HUD.png

The helmet HUD has been entirely removed, and an equally non-functional status bar with various empty fields is present. This does mean this build entirely lacks an automap.
This build no longer has the reduced view mode, or an alternative HUD.


Weapons cannot be picked up at this point of development.


Alpha 0.4 Final
Seems more effective. Doom_fist.png

The bayonet is visually identical to the previous prototype. It still replaces the fists as your only melee weapon.


Alpha 0.4 Final
Doom 0 4 PCSAW.gif Doom SAWG.gif
Alpha 0.4 Final
Doom 0 4 PCSAWA2.png Doom SAWG fire.gif
Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4/Final
Dooma 03 chainsaw pickup.png Doom Chainsaw.png

The chainsaw's view sprites are here, though the view idle animation was updated in the final game to animate more, the attacking frame was animated, and the chain was made more clear.
The chainsaw also now has its final pickup sprite.


Alpha 0.4 Final
Why would a Space Marine carry around a WW2 Rifle? A little better, but this gun is a piece of garbage.

The rifle is also visually identical to the previous prototype and still replaces the pistol in this build.


Alpha 0.4 Final
Could be a little bigger. That's much better!
Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 03 SHOTA0.png Doomshotgunalpha.png Doomshotgunfinal.png

The shotgun's view sprite remains visually identical to the previous build. The pickup sprite on the other hand, has completed half of its remodel towards becoming the final game's chunky shotgun, though the stock is still shaped similarly to the 0.3 pickup.

Title Screen Ch4 End
Doom-TITLEPIC.png Doom ENDPIC.png

This pickup sprite seems to be where the shotgun design for the final game's title screen and episode 4's ending picture were drawn from.

Machine Gun

Alpha 0.4 Final
Looks like it is from WW2. Doom_Chaingun.png
Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 03 mg pickup.png Doommachinegunalpha.png Doommachinegunfinal.png

The Machine Gun's view sprite has remained the same as in the previous build and it still takes the place of the chaingun.
The pickup sprite is the same silhouette from the 0.3 build, but now fully drawn.

Missile Launcher

Alpha 0.4 Final
Because gradients look so cool...not. Holy crap, that is so awesome! I want it for Christmas!

The missile launcher is still not implemented, and the placeholder gradient silhouette remains until the next alpha.

BFG (2704)

Alpha 0.4 Final
Amazingly detailed GFX, eh? Now THIS is what I am talking about.

The BFG is also still not implemented yet, and still has its placeholder pickup graphic.

Dark Claw

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4
Dooma 03 claw pickup.png Doomaweap2.png

The Dark Claw is still not implemented, but it has had its pickup sprite completely redrawn.



Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
ARM1A0.png ARM2A0.png ARM3A0.png ARM4A0.png FinalARM1A0.png Doomalphamegaarmor.png FinalARM1A0.png Doommegaarmorfinal.gif

The four colored armors are out and we have the final assortment of Regular and Mega Armor. The Regular Armor sprite is identical to the final, but the Mega Armor is nothing more than the Regular Armor sprite with a pair of boots at this stage.


Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 03 STIMA0.png Doomalphastimpack.png DoomSTIMA0final.png

The stimpack is still a syringe, though the sprite has been modified and the syringe body now matches the handles and plunger.


Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 03 MEDIA0.png Doomalpha04healthkit.png DoomMEDIA0final.png

The 'X' on the medkit has been colored red, otherwise it remains the same, and still very different from the final design.


Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Doom 0.3-CLIPA0.png Doomalpha04clip.png DoomCLIPA0final.png

The clip has been redrawn to a different and slightly distorted angle in this build.

Box of Bullets

Alpha 0.4 Final
Doomalphalotsofammo.png DoomAMMOA0final.png

The larger bullet pickup appears for the first time in this build, using 3 pistol clip sprites stacked on each other.


Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Spear of Destiny Final
Dooma 03 SHELA0.png Doomalphashells.png Spear of Destiny Ammo Box.png Doomfinalshells.png

For some reason, the smaller shell pickup in this build uses an edited version of the ammo box sprite from Spear of Destiny, which makes no sense given it does not portray shells. The loose pile of shells was used for the larger pickup instead.

Box of Shells

Alpha 0.4 Final
Waste of ammo! Now neatly packed!

The large shell pickup is a temporary pile of shells. The final game would pack these neatly into a box.


Alpha 0.4 Final
Is it just me or is the box empty? Doom Rocket.png I wonder what's inside here.

The rocket pickup appears, has no top, and is less detailed overall. Both the small and large pickups use the same box sprite.


Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 04 CELLA0.png Doom CELLA0.png Doom CELPA0.png

All cell pickups use an early version of the large cell pack graphic.

Soul Sphere

Alpha 0.4 Final
Demoalphasoul.png Doom SOUL.gif

The Soul Sphere remains a jar for now, identical to the last build.


Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4
Dooma 03 POWAA0.png Dooma 03 POW1A0.png Dooma 03 POW2A0.png Dooma 03 POW3A0.png Dooma 03 POW4A0.png Dooma 03 POW5A0.pngDooma 03 POW6A0.png Dooma 03 POW7A0.png Dooma 03 POW8A0.png Dooma 03 POW9A0.png Doomalphaberserkpowerup.png Doomalphaspeedpowerup.png Doomalphavampiricpowerup.png Doomalphainvulnerability.png Doomalphapartialinvisibility.png

The jar-based powerups have been pruned from 10 to 5 in this build. They've also had their symbols redrawn in red.

Light Amplification Visor

Alpha 0.4 Final
Looks like a grey Atari controller. It's a Virtual Boy!

The light amplification visor was redrawn as a single unit and given an animation frame in the final.

Shield Generator

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 03 SHI1A0.png Dooma 03 SHI2A0.png Dooma 03 SHI3A0.png Dooma 03 SHI4A0.png Dooma 03 SHI5A0.png Doomalphashieldgenerator.gif Doom CELLA0.png

The various shield pickups had at this point been replaced with a singular animated shield generator.
This item was cut from the final game, and the sprite was later reused for the small cell pickup, without its animation.


Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4
Doom 0.3-DAGGA0.png Doom 0.3-RECEA0.png Doom 0.3-BIBLA0.png Doom 0.3-CGEMA0.png Skulls, a diamond... Who put this here? Yummy blood! Who bets the Cross would have been removed before release?A chest! Oh my!

The treasures have all been redrawn, with the dagger and candle being replaced with a soul jar and chest respectively.



Alpha 0.4 Final
Doomtechdemodemon.png Doomfinalversiondemon.png

Most of the Demon's sprites remain the same as in Doom 0.3.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 02 SARGA5.png Dooma 04 SARGA5.png Doom SARGA5.png

Their back sprites have been flipped and redrawn.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 02 SARGA6.png Dooma 04 SARGA6.png Doom SARGH6.png
Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 02 SARGA7.png Dooma 04 SARGA7.png Doom SARGH7.png
Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 03 SARGA8.png Dooma 04 SARGA8.png Doom SARGH8.png

And some of their side sprites have also been redrawn.

Baron of Hell

Alpha 0.4 Final
Doom 0 2 BOSSA1.png Doom BOSSA1.png

The Baron of Hell's graphics have still yet to be updated since 0.2.

Lost Soul

Alpha 0.4 Final
LostSoul04.png Doom 1 1 SKULA1.png

The Lost Soul's sprites are identical to the last build, and they're still the only monster who has a full sprite set in the .WAD.


Alpha 0.4 Final
DoomPOSSA0temp.png Doom POSSA1.png

The Zombieman's first sprite appears in the files for 0.4, though it is an obvious placeholder drawn from the player sprite.


As the Imp's sprites were completed in the last build, they are identical to the final game here as well.

General Artwork


Alpha 0.4 Final
Doom 0 4 BBARA0.png Doom 0 4 GBARA0.png Doom 0 4 RBARA0.png Doom BAR1.gif

Barrels of various colors. Replaced by the singular explosive barrel in the final game.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Whoa thats large : O Smaller? Why not bigger?

This tech pillar was shortened in the final game.

Dooma 04 Chair.gif
A nice rotating, decorative, office chair.

Doom 0 4 GLIT.gif Doom 0 4 RLIT.gif Doom 0 4 YLITA0.gif
Unused and unfinished warning lights in various colors.

Doom 0 4 LAM2A0.png Doom 0 4 LAMPA0.png Doom 0 4 BLMPA0.png Doom 0 4 ZLMP.gif
Unused floor lamps, including breaking frames for one of them.

Doom 0 4 CANIA0.png Doom 0 4 CANIB0.png Doom 0 4 CANIF0.png
A storage canister that is mentioned in the Doom Bible, with incomplete shading and a temporary breaking animation. Removed in the final game.

Doom 0 4 ZAPR.gif
A zapper thing that would be mounted on the ceiling.

Doom 0 4 MOON.gif
An unused hologram of the moon of Tei Tenga.

Doom 0 4 WIREA0.png
Unused wires dangling from the ceiling.

DoomEQU1A0alpha.png DoomEQU2A0alpha.png These sprites were cut out from some of the tech wall textures. It's likely they were used as decorations.


Alpha 0.4 Final
DoomDOOR2 1alpha.png DoomDOOR2 1final.png

DOOR2_1 is completely different in the alpha version; even the UAC logo was changed.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 04 DOOR2 3.png Doom DOOR2 3.png

DOOR2_3 had its gradient cleaned up a bit.

Alpha 0.4 Final
DoomDOOR2 4alpha.png DoomDOOR2 4final.png

DOOR2_4 was re-drawn a little bit, and extended vertically.

Alpha 0.4 Final
If you use your imagination, it looks like you could eat it! I wish those were chocolates.

WLA128_1 was changed completely from a perforated gradient to a more generic tiled wall piece.

Alpha 0.4 Final
DoomCYL1 1alpha.png DoomCYL1 1final.png

CYL1_1 also had its UAC logo changed.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 04 W16 1.png Doom WALL79 1.png Doom SW2 1.png

W16_1 was expanded for the final game's WALL79_1. It's also the source for the SW2_1 graphic.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 04 W18 1.png Doom W94 1.png

W18_1 is the source for the final game's W94_1 wall.

Alpha 0.4 Final
DOOR2 3doomalpha.png DOOR2 3doomfinal.png

The gradient was altered here to seem a bit less jagged.

Alpha 0.4 Final
It needs something... Much better.

The exit sign was given a gradient.

Alpha 0.4 Final
DoomEXIT2alpha.png DoomEXIT2final.png

This bezel has slightly more subtle shading in the final.

Alpha 0.4 Final
WALL00 1doomalpha.png DoomWALL00 2alpha.png DoomWALL01 7alpha.png DoomWALL01 8alpha.png DoomWALL01 9alpha.png DoomWALL01 Aalpha.png DoomWALL01 Balpha.png DoomWALL01 Calpha.png DoomWALL00 3alpha.png WALL00 1doomfinal.png DoomWALL00 2final.png DoomWALL01 7final.png DoomWALL01 8final.png DoomWALL01 9final.png DoomWALL01 Afinal.png DoomWALL01 Bfinal.png DoomWALL01 Cfinal.png DoomWALL00 3final.png

Several of these walls will have tiny little alterations, mostly to remove green and white spots.

Alpha 0.4 Final
DoomW13 8alpha.png DoomW13 8final.png

The wall is slightly wider in the alpha, but is identical to the final version, otherwise.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 04 TTALL1 2.png Doom TTALL1 2.png

TTALL1_2 was shortened.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4
Dooma 03 BCAB 1.png Dooma 03 BCAB 2.png Dooma 03 SCAB 2.png Dooma 03 SCAB 1.png Dooma 04 BCAB 1.png Dooma 04 BCAB 2.png Dooma 04 SCAB 1.png Dooma 04 SCAB 2.png

The cabinets from the last alpha have been completed here, though this is the last build that has these textures.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 0.3 WALLBC 2.png Dooma 0.4 PLAT1 1.png Doom PLAT2 1.png

WALLBC_2 has been removed and repurposed as part of PLAT1_1, which would be further modified into the final game's PLAT2_1.

Dooma 04 LABWAL1.png Dooma 04 LABWAL2.png
LABWAL1 and LABWAL2 appear only in this prototype.

Dooma 04 W20 1.png
W20_1 is another wall exclusive to this build, and a trippy one at that.

These walls appear in future prototypes starting here, but not in the final game.


Alpha 0.4 Final
Blue eyeball? Blue techyness!

FLAT22 is quite different, with an uglier gradient and less embellished border.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 04 TLITE6 5.png Dooma 04 TLITE6 6.png Doom TLITE6 5.png Doom TLITE6 6.png

TLITE6_5 and TLITE6_6 both had their lights redrawn into a smoother gradient.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4
Dooma 03 FLOOR5 8.png Dooma 04 FLOOR5 8.png

FLOOR5_8 has had its brown square reduced in size.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4/Final
Dooma 03 FLOOR5 1.png Dooma 03 FLOOR5 2.png Dooma 03 FLOOR5 3.png Dooma 03 FLOOR5 4.png Doom FLOOR5 1.png Doom FLOOR5 2.png Doom FLOOR5 3.png Doom FLOOR5 4.png

The rest of the FLOOR5 set has been replaced entirely, with the exception of FLOOR5_7.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4/Final
Doom 0.3-CONS1 1.png Dooma 03 CONS1 3.png Dooma 03 CONS1 5.png Dooma 03 CONS1 7.png Doom-CONS1 1.png Dooma 04 CONS1 3.png Dooma 04 CONS1 5.png Dooma 04 CONS1 7.png

The consoles are complete as of this build, with a new gradient, more generic screen, and less colorful lights.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4
Dooma 03 CONS1 2.png Dooma 03 CONS1 4.png Dooma 03 CONS1 6.png Dooma 03 CONS1 8.png Dooma 04 CONS1 2.png Dooma 04 CONS1 4.png Dooma 04 CONS1 6.png Dooma 04 CONS1 8.png

The rest of the flats for the console set have also been completed in a similar manner, though these would be excluded from the final game.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Doomsewagealpha.gif Doomsewagefinal.gif

The green NUKAGE flats are the same as in the last build.

Alpha 0.4 Final
Dooma 04 BLOOD.gif Doom BLOOD.gif

The BLOOD flats are still named NUKAGE, and are just a recolor of the green NUKAGE flats.

Alpha 0.4 Doom 2
Dooma 04 SEWAGE.gif Doom 2 SLIME.gif

There is also a set of brown SEWAGE flats, reminiscent of the SLIME flats from Doom 2.

Alpha 0.3 Alpha 0.4 Final
Why does he get all the cards? Any new games tonight? They're all too busy on the BBS anyway.

FLAT20 has been updated, giving the cards far more detail and spreading them around the texture. Still bearing no resemblance to the simple pattern this slot was later used for.

Dooma 04 CONVNA.gif Dooma 04 CONVSA.gif
CONVNA and CONVSA are a set of animated flats that appear exclusively in this build (they're in 0.5 by name, but the flat is dummied out).

The rest of these flats begin to appear in later builds starting here, but not in the final game.


To do:
Map captures and descriptions, with comparisons between the alpha and the final.

Levels 12 and 13 are mentioned in the readme file, but they are completely absent, here. Also, by default, you can only access the first nine levels. In order to access levels 10 and 11, you need to type DOOM E1Mx, with 'x' being any number between 1 and 11.

Level 1

There are a couple of marines sitting around a desk, playing some cards. It's an early version of "Spawning Vats".

Level 2

An early version of E2M2.

Level 3

Became E2M3; has some temporary textures.

Level 4

Became E1M7; it's mostly a layout of how the level might look like.

Level 5

Became E1M6; it is largely identical to the final version, but there is some octagon structure that mostly got cut out.

Level 7

This eventually became E1M4; however, this version has showers with demons hiding in them.

Level 11

This level did not make it into the final game.

(Source: ToastyTech)