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Proto:Mario Kart DS/Japanese Demo

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mario Kart DS.
This page details one or more prototype versions of Mario Kart DS.
To do:
this is post-final so it shouldn't be under "proto" and it doesn't look like there is actually anything to document.
MKDS-Japanese Demo Titlescreen.png

The Japanese demo of Mario Kart DS contains the entire game, so the majority of it is unused. However, this page will only cover the parts that aren't in the final game.

Trial Version

MKDS-Trial Verion Text.png

Present in the top-right corner of the title screen is a small piece of Japanese text that reads "体験版", which translates to "Trial Version"

Instruction Screen

MKDS- Japanese Instruction Screen.png

After selecting Singleplayer (because you can't select anything else) at the title screen, you are greeted with an Instuction screen explaining the controls. This isn't required in the final version since the game comes with a physical manual.

Thank You Message

To do:
Someone needs to properly translate the Japanese text, considering that the translation below doesn't make much sense.

MKDS-Japanese Thank You Message.png

After beating one of the cups or the first level of Mission Mode, you will see this message in Japanese that reads "マ リ オ カ ー トDSた い け ん ば ん を プ レ イ し て く だ さ り あ り が と う ご ざ い ま し た 。 つ づ き は せ い ひ ん ば ん で お た の し み く だ さ い 。" which roughly translates to " Thank you for playing Mario Kart DS kancaband. Please enjoy it at the same time. " (according to Yandex Image Translate). This doesn't appear in the final game nor any of the other demos, as they just return you to the title screen.


Thankyou.carc is exclusive to this demo, as are the seven files inside it.


MKDS-ThankYou s b.png

A palette file for the two below files. That's pretty much it, really.


MKDS-ThankYou s1 J.png

Part of the Thank You message. It can only be seen properly when ThankYou_s_b.NCLR is used.


MKDS-ThankYou s2 J.png

An image that is used as the background of the Thank You Message seen above. It can only be seen properly when ThankYou_s_b.NCLR is used.


MKDS-ThankYou m b J.png

Another pallet file, used with ThankYou_m_J.NSCR to depict the Mario Kart DS logo on the top screen of the Thank You message.


MKDS-Thankyou s b J.png

Appears to be a corrupted/messed-up section of the Thank You message. The image above is as seen with the ThankYou_m_b_J.NCLR pallet; if the other pallet is used, it looks practically the same but with a different color scheme.


MKDS-ThankYou m b J (NGCR).png

Just the Mario Kart DS logo. The image above is the file paired with the ThankYou_m_b_J.NCLR pallet.


MKDS-ThankYou m J.png

The file that depicts the Mario Kart DS logo seen on the top screen of the Thank You message. It can only be seen properly when ThankYou_m_b_J.NCLR is used.