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Proto:Mega Man 8 (PlayStation)/Prototype 2

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Mega Man 8 (PlayStation).

General Differences

  • No bolts in this build. However, you can set the amount of bolts through hacking. Doing this also shows that the maximal amount of bolts hasn't been finalized yet.
  • No cutscenes.

Aesthetic Differences

  • The Capcom logo is the one from the PS1 version of Rockman X3. Strangely, it is followed by a soundless version of the Capcom logo from the final version.
  • The main menu's background is blue, since the animation from the main menu is missing.

Audio Differences

  • Rockman's voice is different and only has one voice clip when selecting a stage.

Debugging Features

  • Both of these modes can be initiated anywhere in the game, even the title screen and level select screen.
  • Pressing Select in either of these modes exits them and returns you to the spot where you initiated them.
  • Pressing Circle on Controller 2 resets the stage.

Pressing L2 + R2 + Circle allows you to look all around the map, even outside of boundaries.


Pressing L2 + R2 + Circle again displays tile data.

To do:
See if that mouse cursor is controllable somehow. It is! Now to document it.

Pressing L2 + R2 + Triangle brings up the sprite table.


  • Left/Right: Change page.
  • Up/Down: Scroll up/down the sprite page.
  • X: Jump between the top row of pages and the bottom? (The red vertical bar signifies which page you're on.)
  • Circle: Jump between the very top and bottom of the sprite page.
  • Square: Turn grids on and off.
  • Start: Switch transparent background between black and gray.
  • L1 + Up/Down/Left/Right: Change palettes.