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Proto:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/May 26, 2004 build/Differences by level

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal/May 26, 2004 build.

This article is a work in progress.
...Well, all the articles here are, in a way. But this one moreso, and the article may contain incomplete information and editor's notes.


Nitro Launcher Enemy


This enemy takes 3 hits of the Nitro Launcher in the prototype, compared to the final version where he takes 1 hit.

Crate Placeholders

Prototype Final
RC3 344.0 level1 CoverCrates.png

The crates you can take cover behind on Planet Veldin are different from those in the final game.

Prototype Final
Metal crates from Ratchet & Clank
The final crates used instead.

They used the stronger crates from the first game as placeholder for the crates they use for cover in the final game. The rocks on the ground also seem to be placed differently.

Prototype Final

The dropship has the Q-Force logo on it compared to the final version where this is not present at all.

Freefall Sequence


It is possible to walk a bit inside the dropship before you get forced into the battlefield sequence.

Prototype Final

The Veldin freefall sequence is missing missiles in the final version and the fog is also significantly more dense in the prototype version with it being present throughout the entire sequence.

Prototype Final
The prototype is missing structures.
While the final has them.

The end of Veldin is missing the structures that you can hide and strafe behind.

Music Differences

In the prototype, Veldin shares the music of the Phoenix Rescue section in the final game as a placeholder. The track used here is also present on Tyhrranosis. However, the final version has 3 dedicated tracks for the 3 different segments of the planet: Start, Freefall and Battlefield.

Prototype Final


Turboslider Room

This room was originally supposed to hold the Turbosliders as a Garage. In the prototype, a Refractor gadget is placed there as a placeholder since the race wasn't properly implemented yet at this point in development. Since the race was cut, the Refractor was moved to Marcadia and this room was filled with a bunch of crates and a multiplier crate.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-1.png UYA-Retail-differences1.png UYA-Retail-differences2.png


There are more breakables like those below in the retail version while there are none to be seen in the prototype.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-2.png UYA-Retail-differences3.png

Path of Death

Some very obvious differences in lighting with the prototype version being a lot more blue-tinted while retail is a lot more orange-red tinted. This was probably changed to reflect how the rest of Florana looks considering how different it is in comparison.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-3.png UYA-Retail-differences4.png

This comparison shows some differences in platforms. The prototype is all falling platforms that you need to jump across with nothing else added to it, while the final has a platform that doesn't fall, a fire trap and falling platforms.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-4.png UYA-Retail-differences5.png

The vendor before the boss fight is not present in the prototype.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-6.png UYA-Retail-differences6.png

Qwark's Health bar is placed in the middle of the screen in the prototype, and to the right in the retail version. There is also no icon for Qwark's bossfight in the prototype.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-7.png UYA-Retail-differences7.png

Starship Phoenix

There is no ship customization available and the surroundings around the ship are a lot more empty in the prototype as it is just flying there while the retail version has more going on.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-8.png UYA-Retail-differences8.png

This dropship also features the Q-Force logo as seen on Veldin in the prototype.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-9.png UYA-Retail-differences9.png

There is a claw holding the dropship. This was most likely supposed to move it to the empty room right below it.

Prototype Final
RC3 344 Claw.png RC3 Retail NoClaw.png

The armor vendor has green mega-corp text and seems to be just using the regular vendor as the model. The vendor menu seems to hold a lot of similarities to the one from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-11.png UYA-Retail-differences10.png
Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-12.png UYA-Retail-differences11.png

This room features no trophies and the teleporter to Insomniac Museum is absent.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-13.png UYA-Retail-differences12.png

The VR simulation area looks very different and unfinished in the prototype.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-17.png UYA-Retail-differences13.png

The prototype has two menus. One for selecting VR Training and one for selecting VR Arena. The final shares the menu for VR Arena with VR Training being added in once you're finished with Tyhrranosis. In the prototype, this VR Training area can be accessed at any point.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-18.png UYA-Build344-differences-22.png UYA-Retail-differences14.png
To do:
Note down mission differences with descriptions etc.

An example of VR Arena. The lighting is very different, texture choice is slightly different and the walls spin a lot while in the final the walls are completely static.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-23.png UYA-Build344-differences-27.png UYA-Retail-differences16.png

The VR Training area has a lot of things to cover.

  • Lighting is very different and seems to not work properly in the prototype. It also seems to have a weird side-effect upon exiting VR training that also messes with fog/lighting in certain parts of the Phoenix.
  • Fog seems to be a lot more near-focused in the prototype, while you have a decent view of what's going on in retail.
  • Textures are wildly different.
  • Hacker puzzles do not work and will crash the game, however the HUD is wildly different. (get later)
  • The Hypershot seemed to have changed a bit with how it works and looks in the final version compared to the prototype.
Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-15.png UYA-Retail-VR-Training-differences1.png
Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-16.png UYA-Retail-VR-Training-differences2.png
Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-21.png UYA-Retail-VR-Training-differences3.png
Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-20.png UYA-Retail-VR-Training-differences4.png

An example of opening the Vendor while having the VR Arena menu open.

Opening the vendor in the VR menu.

The Vid-Comic game system is the Insomniac Pyramid from Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando in the prototype, while they replaced it with a different model in the retail version of the game. The floor also has a different color with it being more blue-ish.

Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-14.png UYA-Retail-differences17.png

The area where you usually recieve information and generally encounter a lot of cutscenes has some differences. Like the railing not being present at all, floor having a more blue color. And being able to see VR Arena & training from the window.

It's possible to see the VR arena and VR training course from here.
Prototype Final
UYA-Build344-differences-29.png UYA-Retail-differences18.png