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Proto:Sonic 3D Blast (Genesis)/814 Prototype

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File: Sonic 3D Blast (814 Prototype).bin (4 MB) (info)

Prototype 814 of Sonic 3D Blast, dated August 15, 1996, was released by drx during the February 23, 2008 proto release. It is the first prototype to contain all seven zones.

General Differences

  • The Sega logo still has the old "Sega" sound, and still shatters at the end.
  • The intro movies are not yet implemented.
  • No level select is available.
  • No game demos play. The game attempts to play some, but is unable to.
  • Still no 1-up sound.
  • Each level now has its own music track, but some music tracks haven't been put into any of the levels yet.
  • Knuckles and Tails are present and will take your rings, but the Special Stages have not yet been implemented.
  • Pressing A when the game is paused will skip to the next level.
  • The level complete screen is very basic, with no final score tally.
  • Losing all of the player's lives results in getting sent back to the Sega logo.
  • All bosses play the Final Fight music.

Aesthetic Differences

Prototype 814 Final
Sonic3dE3 814screen.png Sonic 3D Blast-title.png
  • Title screen is the same as Prototype 73, albeit with the "Press Start" text flashing present below the logo.
  • The font uses a thicker stroke for the title cards and the "Press Start" text:
Prototype 814 Final
Thick... ...and thin

Level Differences

Green Grove Zone

  • As with Prototype 73, the floor tiles are brighter.

Rusty Ruin Zone

  • Ballerina spinning thing still doesn't make you invulnerable against enemies.
  • Act 2 plays Act 1's music.
  • Act 1's music seems to be shorter than in the later prototypes and final version.
814 Prototype 825 Prototype onwards

Diamond Dust Zone

  • Act 2 plays Act 1's music.

Volcano Valley Zone

  • Uses the music from Gene Gadget Act 1.

Panic Puppet Zone

  • Both Acts use Act 2's music.
  • After beating the boss, a screen saying "To Be Continued..." appears and the game resets.
(Source: Sonic Retro)

Leftover Development Text

  • At 0x3F00FE, there is a string that says "NOSEGAY is a word (c)T-SN1993MARPSY-Q TARGET"
    • "Nosegay" is in fact a word; it's defined as "a small bunch of flowers, typically one that is sweet-scented."
    • "NOSEGAY" contains "SEGA" as a substring and this string is aligned to be used as a ROM header. Someone's joke, presumably. (Psy-Q was a development kit.)
  • In addition, some development text can be found at 0x3F0871:
Cannot detect SCSI interface
Scratchpad RAM is faulty
Emulation RAM is faulty

Press RESET on console to restart

SCSI Interface:
Scratchpad RAM:


...and at 0x3F1DE2:

Quick RAM test : 
Emulation RAM  =
Testing Emulation RAM...$
Emulation RAM failed at $
RAM refresh failed at $
SEGA Genesis Development Interface
Rev. 68000