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Proto:Sonic Heroes/PlayStation 2 prototype 9.28

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This is a sub-page of Proto:Sonic Heroes.

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

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SonicHeroes-prototype9.28 TitleScreen.png

The PlayStation 2 prototype 9.28 of Sonic Heroes is the earliest known full prototype, as well as the only available prototype of the PlayStation 2 version. It was released by Hidden Palace on January 1, 2024, having a disc-burn date of October 2, 2003, but whose files are dated September 28.



SonicHeroesPrototype9.28 FMVCorruption.png
Video & Audio
Unfiltered voices. A LOT of unfiltered voice clips...
Objects have funny minor quirks. Some are also old!
A lot of broken textures, oh dear...
They're newer than 10.8... in an older build !?

Unused Content

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General Differences

  • Being made early on in the porting process, the prototype is unstable; Robot Storm crashes the game unless it is the first level entered upon startup, while the Test Level and Metal Overlord similarly lock up. A few assets from other consoles (particularly Xbox buttons in multiplayer) are also present as simple placeholders.
  • While it is possible to start Super Hard mode, it uses the team individual's layouts instead of unique, introduced in the debug build.
  • Omochao’s help button doesn’t work at all in the menus.
  • The audio mixing is pretty rough in this build, as the music and a handful of sound effects is louder than the dialogue.
  • The “NOW LOADING” text from the final game has not been added in yet, so starting a level shows an animation of the game’s icon.
  • The delete option in the file menu does not work properly.
  • Completing any stage boots you back to the title screen.
  • While Metal Madness is present in the game it does not automatically switch to Metal Overlord after finishing Team Dark’s phase.
  • The game’s save icon has a white background with no lighting effects, unlike the final save icon which has a blue background with lighting.
  • “Press START button” is in all caps with a flashing button prompt, just like the E3 demo.
  • The file menu has a “Copy” option, but selecting it softlocks the game.
  • The emblem has a completely different design than in the final game.


  • 'Easy Select', accessible via hacking is complete in this build:

SonicHeroes28.9 EasyMenu.png

Use the following PCSX2 Pnach cheat:

[Heroes 9.28: Boot into Easy Select]
comment=On boot only.

Player 1 Debug

  • Holding L & R shows coordinate data for `X,Y,Z` for the speed character.
  • While L & R are held there are specific debug controls:
 * DPAD UP - Add 1 ring.
 * DPAD RIGHT - Add full team blast gauge.
 * DPAD DOWN - Add 1 life.
  • Holding L&R unlocks the camera, in almost any situation, even if a pre-scripted one is present.

Battle Debug

  • 2P has 'Far' and 'Near' camera debug printouts.

SonicHeroes28.9 FarNearDebug.png

Graphic Differences

  • Frameskip is not on by default compared to the final game. This means the game runs at 50FPS.
  • It is also impossible to switch to 60 FPS, as selecting it still boots the game in PAL mode.
  • Characters' spot shadows on the ground are rendered too low, clipping into the floor and thus often being invisible.
  • Blending flags for many Objects such as formation monitors (RW Clumps) are incorrectly configured.
  • The in-game HUD is closer to the edges of the screen than in the final game.
Prototype 9.28 Final
SonicHeroes28.9 NoShadowsAndBrokenIndirects.png SonicHeroes28.9 NoShadowsAndBrokenIndirects InFinalGame.png
  • All 'indirect shaders' (scrolling textures) are broken in this build, sometimes they don't even render at all.
  • Subtitles lack background, and many of the subtitles are unescaped.

SonicHeroes28.9 UnfinishedSubtitles.png

  • Z-fighting, leading to texture flicker is worse than in the final.

Gameplay Differences

  • Dying does not reset the timer.
  • Game over does not reset lives.
  • Teams share lives.
  • Two Player mode has XBOX HUD Elements, and black bar.

SonicHeroes28.9 2P XboxHud.png

Team Chaotix

  • Espio Shuriken attack hitting wall causes an explosion effect.
  • Vector's bite attack is broken.
  • Team Chaotix has regular goal rings instead of back rings on some stages.
  • Team Chaotix layouts are practically nonexistent, using older Team Sonic layouts instead.
  • Missions which end on being detected, end immediately, rather than with a delay and walkie talkie.
  • Team Blast causes you to be detected instantly.
  • Being caught by a search light is being detected, even when invisible.

Team Dark

  • Chaos Control effect cannot be prematurely canceled by pressing the button again.


  • English event scripts have not been made, so all events follow Japanese timings.
  • Many voice clips for events do not yet use dubbed audio, such as all of Team Chaotix.
  • All Team Rose events crash as soon as the characters are to be rendered.

Egg Hawk

  • Team Chaotix' Egg Hawk has both Eggman and the Team placed in a different position.

SonicHeroes28.9 EggHawk Cutscene 1.png SonicHeroes28.9 EggHawk Cutscene 2.png

  • It's either a placement from an earlier version of the game, or an older experiment.


  • Objects, including Egg Albatross itself are not selectively despawned during the cutscene.

SonicHeroes28.9 EggAlbatrossCutscene.png

  • Team Chaotix' cutscene meanwhile, the characters are standing mid-air.

SonicHeroes28.9 EggAlbatrossCutscene 2.png

Rail Canyon

  • Team Sonic's intro triggers a hint trigger placed in the level's object layout, causing it to play during the intro.

Egg Fleet

  • Eggman uses a Japanese unfiltered voice during the Egg Fleet intro.

Egg Emperor

  • Egg Emperor has no animations, and stands too close to the camera.

SonicHeroes28.9 EggEmperorCutscene 1.png


  • No .ARC archives that are used in the final version to be found. However, this specific build is CPU bound on load screens, not I/O bound.


Team Chaotix

  • Charmy's Sting attack makes no noise.

Team Rose

  • Cannot finish any stages, crash on goal ring collection.
  • Emulator log isn't useful, but suspect it has to do with Cream animation (for 1 frame completion does run, she doesn't display right).


  • No sound effect for starting to fly.

Team Dark


  • Tornado is completely black.


  • Attacking directly after landing in Pinball State will cause your teammates to be bugged out. In this state, they are rendered off-center and don't detach when Omega jumps.

SonicHeroes28.9 Omega Attack Bug.png

  • In this state, Omega cannot fire dunk his enemies.
  • Omega's front glass uses the reflection texture incorrectly:

SonicHeroes28.9 OmegaGlass.png

Glitch Comparisons

Listing only glitches that are prototype exclusive

Glitch Name 9.28 10.8 Final Version Description
Incorrect Hint Speech When both teammates are captured, Team Sonic's hint lines always play.
Hang Glitch Grabbing a pulley after both teammates are captured, teleports the player.
Super Glide Infinite glide at player speed cap. Example, Tutorial 01 2
Ultra Glide ✅ (PC Only) Super Glide but with one time speed boost.
Infinite Tornado Pole Can't immediately homing attack away from tornado pole.
Ghost Tornado Pole Attaching to pole as fly formation when it expires causes you to hang in place.
Klagen Lock Glitch Player can get stuck inside a Klagen.
Cannon Restart Bug Restarting stage doesn't remove cannon 'cannonball' state.
Infinite Flight Glitch (Killplane Edition) Thundershooting speed character into killplane causes flight state reset upon their return.
Enhanced Bop Boost Bop Boost glitch clips through walls and extends further than final version.
High Jumping NPC Characters Team mates will jump extremely high when the main character jumps.