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Proto:SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (Game Boy Advance)/"Petro Visit" (February 5, 2001 Prototype)

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This is a sub-page of Proto:SpongeBob SquarePants: SuperSponge (Game Boy Advance).

Download.png Download February 5, 2001 Prototype
File: SBSPants_Petro_Visit.bin (5 MB) (info)

The February 5, 2001 Prototype marks the start of the transition from a pure testing phase to an actual game (even if it barely resembles one). The ROM is titled SBSPants_Petro_Visit, hence the nickname of this build. It's worth noting that the word petro pertains to rocks, because it sure shows.


Splash Screens

Copyright Info THQ Logo Nickelodeon Logo Climax Logo
SBSS Petro Copyright.png SBSS Petro THQ.png SBSS Petro Nick.png SBSS Petro Climax.png

Placeholder splash screens have been implemented. However, they would be removed in later builds before being re-implemented closer to the final game's release.

Title Screen

February 5, 2001 Prototype February 26, 2001 Prototype March 12, 2001 Prototype June 6, 2001 Prototype Final
SBSS Petro Title.png SBSS 226 Title.png SBSS 312 Title.png Supersponge GBA Proto Title Screen.png SpongeBob SquarePants - SuperSponge U E GBA Title.png

This is the first build to have a title screen since the November 28, 2000 Prototype. However, it lacks a wave effect and contains no text, both of which would be added by the February 26, 2001 Prototype (before the screen gets revamped altogether).


SBSS Petro Menu.png
SBSS Petro Password.png

The basic layout of the game's menus would carry all the way to the final product. However:

  • The font used for text is completely different.
  • The background uses the water texture from Yoshi Sample, and the menu border is absent.
  • The roles of the A and B buttons have been swapped; B is for selections and A is for returning to the previous menu.
  • The Credits option does not work.
  • The password screen has been implemented, but has an entirely different interface and does not function. It would later be replaced by a level select before once again being re-implemented near the final build.


  • SpongeBob's sprites have been resized from the January 8, 2001 Engine Tests, in order to better accommodate the GBA's small screen size.
  • Turning left does not turn SpongeBob's sprites left, rather it scales them down to a smaller size, presumably to show off the engine's scaling.
  • At seemingly random times during gameplay, SpongeBob will start rotating.



  • Each level of each area contains several spinning objects with "Platform Test" written onto them.
  • Spinning Patrick sprites are a common occurrence throughout the game.
  • You can skip levels using the Select button. This must be done to advance through the game, because there are no exits.

Area 1

SBSS Petro Area1.png

Possibly a precursor to Inside the Whale. Its levels contain non-damaging spikes and purple/pink walls throughout.

Area 2

SBSS Petro Area2.png

A rocky area (aren't they all?) heavily resembling Cavernous Canyons / Acrid Air Pockets.

Area 3

SBSS Petro Area3.png

An unknown area containing ground tiles that look like they would fit in a surface-level setting.

Area 4

SBSS Petro Area4.png

An area reworked into Lava Fields in the final game. It uses textures previously seen in the Graphics Engine Test.