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Proto:StarCraft/StarCraft beta 12.24.97 D

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StarCraft is a really, really successful PC real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. This prototype is dated about four months before the final release and contains an assortment of differences. The prototype's version is beta 12.24.97 D, and it was the first Battle.net prototype sent to testers.

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General Differences

  • The beta's map editor (Staredit) is not included in the beta and would have been received through a patch, however as we have no beta patches we cannot access it.
  • The map format is different from the final one and incompatible with the final map editor.
  • The beta had an observer mode which was removed from the final game, each game has two observer slots, and upon losing a game, a player could originally become an observer.
  • The beta has a cut voice chat mode which was removed from the final.

Gameplay Differences

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