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Proto:Tetris (Tengen, NES)

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This page details one or more prototype versions of Tetris (Tengen, NES).
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Tetris (Tengen, NES)-proto1-title.png

A prototype of Tengen's version of Tetris for the NES was recently discovered in a storage unit, and later dumped. It appears that this version was very late in development, so only minor visual differences are present.

Download.png Download Tetris (Tengen) Prototype
File: Tetris (USA) -Tengen- (Prototype).zip (49 KB) (info)

Visual Differences

Prototype Final
Tetris (Tengen, NES)-proto1-title.png Tetris (USA) (Unl)-title.png

"Tengen Presents" is absent from the title screen in the prototype.

Prototype Final
Tetris (Tengen, NES)-proto1-menu.png Tetris (Tengen, NES) Menu.png

The prototype's menu proudly proclaims that it's licensed by Nintendo. However, the final version says that it's licensed by Mirrorsoft LTD.

Prototype Final
Tetris (Tengen, NES)-proto1-gameplay.png Tetris (Tengen, NES) Gameplay.png

Blocks on the prototype's playfield lack any detail. In the final version, the blocks are embossed and overall more appealing to the eye.

(Source: pirategamer_goldstripe)