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Proto:The Lion King (SNES)/Version 0.48

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This is a sub-page of Proto:The Lion King (SNES).

Hiddenpalace.org logo.png  This prototype is documented on Hidden Palace.

Barring a few oddities here and there and a few level design changes, this is largely the same as the final version. Since some levels lack an exit, it still cannot be completed without the use of a hacking device.


  • Simba doesn't exclaim his signature "Cool!" at any point.
  • Bugs that usually fly to part of the screen disappear.
  • Level music doesn't restart properly after dying in a level.
  • Cub Simba grunts like an adult (like he does in the Genesis version).
  • Titles don't fly in.
  • Roar and health bars switched (in colours only).
  • "Level Complete" displays after completion of a level.


  • Cutscenes leave quicker.
  • When Simba is defeated, his death animation plays wherever he lost instead of in the center.

Title & Options

  • The bottom text on the Westwood screen has been switched around.
Prototype Final
  • Title music starts at the title screen instead of the publisher screen.
  • Easy is still known as Practice.
  • Neither the final code for the level select ("B A R R Y") nor the other prototypes' level select code ("Left + Select") work.
  • Sound Test doesn't work. The same text from the other prototypes is used:

Level Differences

The Pridelands

  • The hyena is faster to leap down.

Can't Wait to be King

  • The level title is displayed first, then the Roar at Monkeys hint follows.
  • The colors are already transformed, save for the background.
Prototype Final
  • A rather awful glitch can occur during the ostrich ride - if Simba pushes too far forward, he'll go underneath it. Simba can move around as usual, and even avoid the obstacles, but he'll never get over the double jump section. After getting hit, he'll flash and fall to the floor, and the game softlocks. If Simba runs back left, the game will loop a blank stretch of land.
  • No arrows showing the way across the logs back.
  • One of the monkeys near the end is blue instead of pink. Since the pink monkeys are the ones you can roar at, this can be confusing for beginners.
Prototype Final

The Elephant Graveyard

  • There's a halfway marker just after the hyenas instead of a DX health bug.
  • Strange glitch - when the two bones break off on the lower level, the game crashes completely a lot of the time.


  • First wall jump can be completed by just leaping. In the final, Simba won't make it without pressing right at the same time.
  • The vulture above here will disappear in the retail version if you wait on the ledge at the top left. Here, the vulture remains.

Simba's Exile

  • Ed's laugh is still present.
  • Halfway marker is pushed down a little more. When returning here, Simba falls through the platform.
Prototype Final
  • The game "ends" once you hit the end of this level, since the exit hasn't been programmed, nor has the mini-cutscene. Due to this and the lack of a level select, other levels require hacking to get into.

Hakuna Matata

  • There's a piece of ground near the start which has no collision. Both one of the frogs and Simba will fall straight through it.


  • In the next area, the frog is on a platform in the center, rather than at the end with the other frog.
  • Another change to the bottom left of the level. There's a spider pickup here, and the the hanging rock is still shorter compared to the retail version.
.21 Prototype .48 Prototype Final Game
LionKing21-TwoFrogsWC.png LionKing-Proto48-Corner.png LionKing-HMCorner.png
  • After the halfway marker and just past the two frogs, the third frog is at the very end with the spider instead of on the next platform.
  • One frog at the bottom is absent.
  • There's an actual platform for the spider and beetle pickups, and a different arrangement and pickup selection here.
Prototype Final
  • There's a slightly different layout at the top right of the waterfall.
Prototype Final
Prototype Final
  • A leaping spider is here due to this change, and the two frogs that usually resides here are missing.

Simba's Destiny

  • Uses cub Simba's health marker.
  • The first monkey you encounter doesn't get as close to the edge.
  • Part of the cheetah cave cannot be seen until Rafiki removes the layer before it.
Prototype Final
  • When Simba hits the cheetah, he'll get pushed back. In the retail version, this never happens.
  • The second boulder places itself further in.
  • On the upper left platform just after the second boulder, the vines are missing.
  • There's only one monkey in the next area, instead of the four found in the retail version.
  • The halfway marker is just above in this prototype whereas in the final it's just beneath, possibly to compensate for the extra monkeys.
Prototype Final
  • There's a design difference in one of the platforms.
Prototype Final
  • The boulders have also been moved a little, and the ledge nearby has been raised for the final.
Prototype Final
  • A monkey that appears shortly after this has been moved up a platform.
  • This area has a minor change. Simba will fall through the platform if he doesn't jump. There's also a monkey here.
Prototype Final
  • There's a graphical error on the boulder.
  • Continue is hidden by the vines in the retail version, but it's easily viewable in the prototype.
Prototype Final
  • Some of the foliage is missing underneath the platform leading to the final area.
Prototype Final
  • Another minor design change.
Prototype Final
  • The entrance to the cheetah cave has slightly different shading below.
  • There's a monkey on the middle platform leading to Mufasa.
  • The level cannot be completed. Simba will fall to his death should he enter the water.

Be Prepared

  • Bats react slower than they do in the retail version.
  • The lava drip just after the secret area doesn't work until you look up.
  • The two bats just after that area have a different behavior to the final.They'lll fly away from Simba instead of directly towards him. Shortly after, they return with three friends! Probably removed because trying to swipe five bats at a time can be frustrating.
  • There's a gap here where Simba can fall through.


  • There's a patterned bug just past the halfway marker. This was removed in the final and replaced with a regular health bug.
  • The cheetah error from Simba's Destiny makes a return.


  • There are no lava drips leading to the final area.
  • The lava doesn't spout when Simba leaves the level.

Simba's Return

  • Level title appears lower.
  • A health beetle is missing from one of the sets of three ledges.
  • Hyenas are unaffected by the spikes. Considering you need to defeat all hyenas in a room before you exit, this can make it incredibly difficult at points.


  • In the third room (taking the far right cave), there's a hyena here that is absent in the final.
  • There's a gap in one area where Simba can jump through.


  • Small platform difference. It was removed in the final, leaving a bit of a weird graphic effect. A hyena stands on the platform instead of on the ground.
Prototype Final
  • The hidden ladybug area hasn't been implemented yet. Simba appears over the layer instead of behind it.

Pride Rock

  • Uses cub Simba's health icon.
  • Uses The Elephant Graveyard's track.
  • Scar is on the screen as soon as the level loads! He gets a little stuck trying to move towards Simba.


  • Although Scar can't, Simba can actually move past the fixed camera to the left of the screen. You won't lose a life until you make your way back to the fight, and even then that's only if you fall down the gap.
  • There's another glitch that can occur due to Scar's brashness at the start - he can leap over Simba and fall through the floor on the right. When this happens, you need to use the above glitch to restart the level.
  • Also, at the beginning of the level, you can stand still and defeat Scar without getting hit if you time the attacks right. There's a small area between Simba and Scar that dips a little, so Scar's attacks continuously miss Simba. This was fixed in the retail, so that the pathway is consistent.
  • Some of the background rocks in the lowest level have been moved around.
  • There's a missing health beetle just before the second fight with Scar.
  • Like in the previous prototype, you can skip the second fight by leaping up on the ledge at the top right from the platform just before the second fight.
    • Unlike the previous prototype, however, performing this skip has a consequence - Scar will remain in the pose below at the top of Pride Rock, with no collision. Since you can't actually fight him yet, you'll be forced to fall below and engage in combat with him down there before the final fight "unlocks". This was fixed entirely in the final by altering the platforms so that the player can't reach this area beforehand.


  • At the top of the ledge jump in that same area (just underneath the top of Pride Rock), there's a health bug and a continue. In the retail, these are replaced by a DX health bug.
  • This area suffers from the same problem as the first fight - Simba and Scar can leave the area.
  • There's also another bug where Scar won't move past the little entrance into Pride Rock (but he will leap in there). When he gets too close, he'll freeze. Whenever Simba swipes him, he'll go further back, but still freeze. Doing this enough can push Scar over Pride Rock (but it won't count as a defeat). Getting too close snaps him back to reality.


  • At the end of this path there are only two hyenas instead of three, and one of them is closer to Simba as he approaches.
  • There's a lone hyena on the uppermost center platform that was removed in the final.
  • One of Scar's panting graphics is glitched.


  • Simba uses a unique roar when Scar has been defeated.
  • The camera (or perhaps Pride Rock) appears to be moved one pixel over the left at the end.
  • Pride Rock's palette doesn't change at the end.
Prototype Final
  • The game soft locks at this point, with Simba staring out over Pride Rock.